Before using free software

Basic knowledge you should know before using free software As smartphones have become widespread and mobile apps can be monetized by collecting advertisements and personal information, the current free software running on Windows is open source [… ]

New Products


Setting up and using TunnelBear for Android

A secure VPN app that applies kill switch and DNS leak countermeasures even on the free plan TunnelBear VPN is a VPN service provided by Canadian VPN provider TunnelBear LLC […]


Install and use Amazon Photos for Windows

Desktop application for uploading/downloading images and videos to Amazon Photo Amazon Photos for Windows is an online photo album provided by Amazon Amazon […]


Install and use StreamFab MGS Video Downloader

Video Downloader StreamFab MGS Video Downloader is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Softwa […]


Install and use DVDFab Photo Editor AI

DVDFab Photo Enhancer AI, which can easily upscale and sharpen by deep learning, is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software ( […]


Installing and using VyprVPN for Windows

A secure VPN service that adopts zero-knowledge VyprDNS and a zero-log policy VyprVPN is a VPN service operated on a completely in-house server developed and provided by Swiss VPN provider Golden Frog […]


Setting up and using VyprVPN for Android

A secure and simple VPN app that adopts a zero-log policy VyprVPN is a VPN app developed by Swiss VPN provider Golden Frog.


How to set up and get Windows 7

Windows 7 ISO file acquisition and setup method Windows 7 will end extended support on January 2020, 1, and on January 14, 2023 Malicious Software Removal Tool – […]


Install and use PassFab for Office

Decrypt passwords for protected MS Office files PassFab for Office is a decryption app developed by Hong Kong software vendor PassFab, which can be used to password-protect Excel and Wo […]


Installing and using UniFab

UniFab, a video conversion app that supports upscaling and upmixing using AI, is developed by Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao Software) […]


Installing and using Synergy 3 Beta

Synergy 1, a utility application that allows you to share one set of mouse and keyboard among multiple PCs, is developed by British software vendor ‍Symless.

Recommended apps


Installing and using RoboForm

RoboForm, a high-performance password management app that is secure and easy to use, is developed by US software vendor Siber Systems. Password management that balances security, ease of use, and price […]


Installing and using AOMEI Backupper Standard

AOMEI's backup support software AOMEI Backupper Standard, which can use the main functions of backup and schedule function for free, is a Hong Kong software vendor AOMEI International […]


Installing and using Deep Art Effects

Deep Art Effects, an image editing software that applies art-level effects to images with deep learning, is an artificial intelligence (AI) […] developed by German software vendor Deep Art Effects GmbH.


Installing and using VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate, a ripping software that converts Blu-ray content to video files and BD folders, was developed by French software vendor VSO Software […]


Installing and using ProtonVPN for Windows

A VPN service that enables the highest level of secure communication even with a free plan ProtonVPN is an open source VPN application developed by Swiss e-mail/VPN provider Proton AG.


Installing and using Stardock Multiplicity KVM

Multiplicity, a utility app that allows you to share a pair of mouse and keyboard across multiple PCs and drag and drop between PCs, is being developed by US software vendor Stardock […]


Installing and using Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus has been upgraded to Movavi Video Editor 2023 and is currently unavailable for download from the official website.System Requirements Version 22. 4. […]

groupy icon

Installing and using Stardock Groupy

Groupy is a utility software that allows you to group folders and apps and switch between them with tabs. Groupy is a file explorer developed by US software vendor Stardock Systems and […].


Setting up and using Proton Mail for PC

End-to-End Encryptable Open Source Anonymous Email Proton Mail is a free and available anonymous email service provided by Swiss email / VPN provider Proton AG […].


How to use mondly Languages ​​Learning

Free game-like online multilingual learning app Mondly is a free basic play language learning app developed by Romanian software vendor ATI Studios in 41 languages ​​including English […]


Installing and using Revo Uninstaller

Revo Uninstaller, a popular uninstall support app that detects and deletes files left after uninstalling, is an uninstaller developed by Bulgarian software vendor VS Revo Group […]