MyCommerce payment method and suspension of subscription


How to suspend payments and subscriptions with the global payment service MyCommerce

My Commerce Is widely used in payment services for overseas apps in the United States digital River With the payment agency service provided by, when you purchase the app by online payment, a MyCommerce account is created, and you can check the payment information and license code on the management screen.

Application sales type

There are two types of apps, one is a license that has an expiration date and needs to be renewed regularly, and the other is a purchase-out type that has no expiration date. In many cases, the type that needs to be renewed has automatic license renewal enabled.

Product Purchase-Purchase Out

There is no expiration date for products purchased by the most orthodox sales model as a one-time purchase type.

Sold outBy type 1 year , Indefinite period (Lifetime) is Version upgradeSupport periodSo, you can continue to use it even after the support period ends,Major version up is not applicable even if it is displayed as indefinite (Lifetime) In many cases, it is.

Subscriptions-Subscriptions (purchasing usage rights)

定期 購 読 (Subscription) is Right to use for a certain period In recent years, many apps have been offered as subscription types.

The subscription type always keeps the application up-to-date, while auto-renewal pays regularly unless you stop the contract.

Digital River MyCommerce-034

Subscription auto-renewal is handled differently depending on the vendor, and some can stop auto-renewal when ordering, while others have auto-renewal disabled by default.If auto-renewal is enabled, you will be billed regularly until you stop subscribing..

MyCommerce payment procedure

My Commerce The payment screen is customized for each software vendor that sells online, but basically it supports Japanese and the payment flow is almost the same.

The payment method is mainly Credit cardPaypalButConvenience store settlement-Bank Transfer When possible Paypal There are differences depending on the site, such as not being able to use.

Product purchase

Most product purchases activate the app with a license code.

Digital River MyCommerce-033

After adding the product to the cart, check the product name and price.

Digital River MyCommerce-037

Payment information Select a payment method with and enter the payment information.

WIRE TRANSFER Is a bank transfer, and if you can select it, the transfer destination is Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Hydrangea Branch of Global Collect Japan.
The display of payment methods varies from site to site.

Digital River MyCommerce-004

Billing information often requires your name, address, and email address, and you may not need to enter it if you select Paypal as your payment method.

The license key will be sent to your email address, so enter the correct email address you can receive.

Digital River MyCommerce-038

When the authentication of payment information is completed, the final confirmation screen will appear, so click "Buy Now".

For subscriptions Subscription terms Is displayed.

Digital River MyCommerce-002-1

The order is processed and Order completed The license code and the email address that sent the license code are displayed on the screen.

Cancellation of subscription

Subscription management is not the seller My Commerce You can also stop the subscription on the MyCommerce management screen.

MyCommerce My Account Login Page

Digital River MyCommerce-006

Go to the MyCommerce My Account login page and go toIf you have forgotten or do not know your user data Click the link.

If the page is not in Japanese, select Japanese from the language list at the top right of the page.

Digital River MyCommerce-007

Enter the email address that received the license code and click "Request Data".

Digital River MyCommerce-008

Important: For inquiries regarding user accounts Will be sent, so click the link in the body and set a password.


After setting the password, the login screen will be displayed, so it is stated in the email. USER ID Set as (email address) PasswordEnter to log in.


Valid subscription Since the purchased product is displayed in reference number Click


To unsubscribe Available plans Is under Cancel your subscription Click


A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Click "Yes" to cancel the subscription.


Subscription cancellation Check your email.

If you cancel your subscription, automatic renewal will stop, but the license is valid within the period.

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