Installing and using Revo Uninstaller


Popular uninstall support app that detects and deletes files that remain after uninstalling

Revo Uninstaller Is a Bulgarian software vendor VS Revo GroupMore The uninstaller support app developed by the company detects and deletes files that remain after uninstalling the app, as well as the uninstall function of Windows Store Apps and unnecessary file cleaners that cannot be deleted by the standard Windows uninstall function. Implements a cleaning tool.

Revo Uninstaller has a free version that allows you to use basic functions and a paid Pro version that greatly improves the functions.

System requirements

Revo Uninstaller Free

Version 2 Currently

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/11
CPU: Compatible with Intel Pentium 500MHz and above
RAM: 256 MB or more
Storage: 65 MB or more free

Revo Uninstaller Pro

Version 5 Currently

OS: Windows Vista / 7/8/10/11
CPU: Compatible with Intel Pentium 800MHz and above
RAM: 256 MB or more
Storage: 25 MB or more free

Where to get the software

Revo Uninstaller official website download page

Install Revo Uninstaller Free

The Revo Uninstaller installer does not include adware or spyware.


On the Revo Uninstaller download page FREE WARE Of FREE DOWNLOAD Click to download the installer.


Launch the downloaded installer and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


Language selection Japanese Then "OK".


Check the license agreement and if there is no problem I agree Check to "Next".


If you are not particular about the installation destination, click "Next" with the default settings.


If you don't need the desktop icon, uncheck it and click "Next".


Now that you are ready to install, click "Install".


Setup is completed with "Complete".


To translate into Japanese when Revo Uninstaller starts Options Click


Current language From the list of Japanese Select and click "OK".


Revo Uninstaller is written in Japanese.

How to use Revo Uninstaller Free

In the free version of Revo Uninstaller Scan and remove after uninstall - Uninstalling Windows apps -Hunter mode-Cleaning tool Is available.


When you start Revo Uninstaller, the User Account Control dialog is displayed, so click "Yes" to allow it.


Select the function to use from the tool icon.


Uninstaller Is the main feature of Revo Uninstaller that detects and removes any remaining unwanted program data or registries after running the uninstaller implemented by the app or the standard Windows uninstaller.


Of the tool icon Uninstaller Click and select the app you want to uninstall.


Of the tool icon Uninstall Click or double-click the app you want to uninstall.


Revo Uninstaller by default Create a system restore point Since it is set, make sure that it is enabled and click "Continue".

Windows System protection If is not enabled, no restore points will be created, soSystem properties It is in System protection confirm.


After creating the system restore point, the uninstaller implemented by the app or the standard Windows uninstaller is automatically executed.


Depending on the app, a dialog may be displayed or you may need to uninstall it manually.


In the free version, if you restart, the process after scanning will end unfinished, so select "No" if you are asked to restart the PC at the time of uninstallation..

Revo Uninstaller Pro Then you can continue the process after restarting.


Run the scan when the uninstall is complete.

Safety mode
The fastest scan scans the registry and storage for unwanted files.
Standard mode
Perform an extended scan in addition to safe mode to inspect the registry and storage commonly used by your app to find unwanted files.
Full mode
Perform a detailed scan in addition to safe mode to remove all app-related files that remain in the registry or storage.
When you run a scan, you will find items Delete Or Left There are only two choices, and you cannot rescan in another mode.


When the scan is completed, the detected registries will be displayed. Select all and execute "Delete".

Even if you select all the detected registriesRegistry not created by the app to be uninstalled is not deleted.
If the "Done" button is displayed at the bottom right, it will be completed automatically and you will return to the home screen, but if there are still files or folders, the registry deletion screen will change to "Next" instead of "Done". Become.


Select the detected files or folders and execute "Delete" to complete the process automatically and return to the home screen.

Windows Apps

Revo Uninstaller for Windows Apps and features You can uninstall Windows Store apps, including some apps that cannot be uninstalled with.


Of the tool icon Windows Apps Click


Select the app you want to uninstall and select the tool icon Uninstall Click or double-click the selected app to uninstall.


After the confirmation screen Uninstaller Same as.

See below for removing Windows Store apps

Windows Store App Removal and Repair

Uninstalling and repairing unwanted store apps The standard apps implemented by Windows 10/11 were developed on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and some apps were uninstalled […]

Hunter mode

Hunter mode forcibly uninstalls the target program by dropping it on any window, task tray icon, app desktop icon, etc.


Of the tool icon Hunter mode choose.


The home screen disappears and the scope icon appears on the desktop.


Press and hold the scope icon with the left mouse button to change the shape of the icon.


If you drop the changed icon on the window you want to uninstall, the icon on the task tray, or the desktop icon of the app, a menu will be displayed, so select any item.


From the menu Uninstall If you select, the hunter mode scan screen will appear, soScan method Select and click "Next" to start the scan.

Built-in Runs only the uninstaller implemented by the app or the standard Windows uninstaller, and does not perform additional scans such as the registry.


To open the home screen, use the context menu (right-click menu) of the scope icon. Open main window choose.


For tools Startup management - Delete unnecessary files Eight modules are registered.


Of the tool icon tool Click and select any module from the left sidebar.

Startup management

Startup Programs registered in Windows are automatically started when Windows starts and operate in the background. Stopping the displayed apps does not affect Windows, but security apps, online storage services, etc. cannot be automatically started. There are many apps that become inconvenient to use by stopping them, so it is necessary to make settings that consider the importance and frequency of use of the apps.


If you uncheck the checkbox, the shortcut of the executable file saved in the startup will be deleted, and you can leave it in the context menu without unchecking it. Disable automatic startup If you select, the shortcut will not be deleted and the automatic startup will be stopped.

Delete unnecessary files

Detects and deletes unnecessary files such as temporary application files and log files.


The drive to scan is in the right pane Drive scan Check with the tool icon scan Click


If a junk file is detected, the tool icon Delete Execute the deletion with.

Windows tools

Implemented by Windows as standard System restore Shortcuts to access tools such as.

Browser cleaner

Delete web browser history, cache, and cookies.


Check the items to be deleted and use the tool icon Clear Execute deletion with.

Microsoft Office Cleaner

Delete MS Office history.

Windows cleaner

Delete Windows history, temporary files, logs, trash, etc.

Trace removal

Completely erase deleted data from the Trash so that it cannot be recovered.

Complete deletion

Completely erase files and folders so that they cannot be recovered by the Restore app.


Select to add a file / folder from the tool icon or context menu.

Cannot be added by drag and drop.

Revo Uninstaller Pro

Revo Uninstaller Pro has a different user interface and implemented functions, so it is necessary to install Revo Uninstaller Pro separately from the free version.


buy a subscription After that, when you start Revo Uninstaller Pro, the dialog of User Account Control will be displayed, so allow it with "Yes".


Select a color theme and click "Start".


At the first startup, the hamburger button Options choose.


Display language JapaneseSwitch toAutomatically updated in the background と Command display in Windows context menu Check to enable it.

Command display in Windows context menuWhen enabled Program tracking Can be executed from the context menu.


Revo Uninstaller Pro Uses a scan engine with a unique optimized algorithmIn addition, a registry backup function has been added.


From the left sidebar All programs Select and specify the application to uninstall from the application list in the right pane.


Uninstall Click to run.


When the dialog is displayed Create a system restore point-Make a complete backup of the registry -Automatically delete all detected traces Enable and "Continue".


After the system restore point and registry are backed up, the app uninstaller will start, so uninstall it.

Revo Uninstaller Pro can continue the pre-restart process the next time you start Revo Uninstaller Pro, even if you restart your PC when the app uninstall is complete.


When the uninstall is complete, select the scan mode and run the scan.


Automatically delete all detected traces If is enabled, the junk file will be deleted automatically and the result will be displayed, so click "Close" to complete.


Implemented by Revo Uninstaller Pro Log database If there is an app to uninstall in, a dialog will be displayed, so select "Yes".

Log databaseIs a database that tracks app installations stored on Revo's servers, and log data can be used for safer and more reliable uninstalls than scans.


Extended uninstall When the dialog is displayed, click "Extended Uninstall" to execute.


Select the detected files and click "Delete All" to complete.

Program tracking

Program tracking Monitors the installation with Revo Uninstaller Pro when installing the app.He can recover the changes made by the app by recording the changes made to the system.

Program tracking The log created in Uninstaller Not used in.


Options で  Command display in Windows context menu If is enabled, select the installer from the context menu Install with Revo Uninstaller Pro choose.

If the context menu is not available, launch Revo Uninstaller Pro and go to the home screen. Install the program via Revo Specify the installer from.


When the Revo Uninstaller Pro user account control dialog is displayed, allow it with "Yes", and when the real-time monitor of Revo Uninstaller Pro is displayed on the desktop, execute the application installation process.

If you are asked to restart after installation, select "No" and exit when the installed application starts.


Once the app is installed, it's in the real-time monitor bar Stop monitoring installation Click the button.


Enter the file name of the log and click the "Save" icon to save the log.

Uninstall from log

Program tracking Uninstalling the logs recorded in will undo all the changes made to the system.

Before performing an uninstall from the logs All programsComplete the normal uninstall process with.


Once the app has been uninstalledProgram tracking Double-click the application you uninstalled in.


"Yes" when the dialog is displayed.


System restore pointRegistry backup Is executed and then the process is performed automatically, and when it is completed, the screen returns to the home screen.

How to Buy Revo Uninstaller Pro

Revo Uninstaller Pro comes in an installer version that licenses the device and a portable version that licenses the user, which can be hundreds of yen more expensive if you own multiple PCs. Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable You can use Revo Uninstaller Pro on all PCs by purchasing.

Revo Uninstaller Pro purchase page


Available for both installer version and portable version Subscription typeAnd the expiration date is 1 year and 2 years.

You can upgrade during the period and continue to use it after the expiration date, but you will need to renew your subscription to upgrade.


If the cart is written in English, use the language list on the upper right. Japanese choose.


 Revo Uninstaller Mobile Revo Permission ManagerIs an uninstaller and permission management app for Android devices, so remove it if you don't need it.


Setting up and using Revo Uninstaller Mobile

Revo Uninstaller Mobile, an uninstall support app that detects and deletes files that remain after uninstalling, is an uninstall developed by the Bulgarian software vendor VS Revo Group […]


Subscription auto-renewal is enabled by defaultSo, if you want to disable it, uncheck it.


Revo Uninstaller Pro uses the global payment agency service 2Checkout, which allows payment by credit card as well as PayPal.

See below for 2Checkout payment methods

2Checkout Payment payment method and suspension of subscription

Global payment service 2 How to stop payment and subscription (subscription) with Checkout 2Checkout is a group that provides a general e-commerce system that is often used in payment services for overseas applications […]


When the payment is completed, the activation key will be sent from "2Checkout Support" to the registered e-mail address.


In addition to the activation key, the email will include a download link for the app, so download and activate the app.

Revo Uninstaller Pro version history

Activate Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable

The Revo Uninstaller Pro Portable, which is licensed to the user, is distributed as a Zip file and cannot be used without activation because the trial period has not been set.


2Checkout support With the subscription information provided in the email from Name confirm.


Select the downloaded Zip file from the context menu Expand all .


In the unzipped folder RevoUPPort.exe open.


Enter User Name Confirmed by email Name , Enter Serial Number Enter the activation key in and click "Activate online".


Once authenticated, "Finish" will exit Revo Uninstaller Pro.


Unzipped revouninproport In the folder Revo Uninstaller Pro_Portable To any storage location.

If you want to use Revo Uninstaller Pro on another device, copy the activated Revo UninstallerPro_Portable folder.


Revo Uninstaller Pro_Portable In the folder Revo UP Port Opens Revo Uninstaller Pro.

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