Android app

home launcher

Neo Launcher icon

Installing and configuring Neo Launcher

A simple and functional open source home launcher for Android Neo Launcher (formerly Omega Launcher) was developed by Saul Henriquez of El Salvador as an open source […]


Install and configure Lawnchair

An open source home launcher that does not display advertisements or collect personal data Lawnchair is an Android home launcher developed open source based on Pixel Launcher.


Install and configure Trebuchet Launcher

Install LineageOS default launcher Trebuchet on Android Trebuchet Launcher is Laun installed in LineageOS ( CyanogenMod) […]


Install and configure Launcher3

The simple Android genuine home launcher Launcher 3 is a raw A […] code provided by Google as AOSP (Android Open Source Project).

File manager


Setting up and using Material Files

A simple and secure open-source file manager for Android, Material Files is developed by Hai Zhang, who is currently working at Google as a senior engineer.



Installing and using Dr.Web Light

Dr.Web for Android, a pioneering free security app for Android that can be used without registration, is a security app developed by Russian security vendor Dr.Web.


Installing and using Sophos Intercept X for Mobile

Sophos Intercept X for Mobile, a free Android security app with high malware detection rates, is an ad-free, completely free security developed by the UK security vendor Sophos […]



Turbo VPN-VPN apps at risk of use

Data such as usage is transferred to China Dangerous VPN app Turbo VPN is a VPN app provided by Singapore-based software vendor Innovative Connecting, Goo […]

VeePN icon

Setting up and using VeePN for Android

Privacy Haven Panama-based simple and secure VPN service VeePN is a VPN service developed and provided by Panama-based VPN provider VEEPN, CORP. It uses tunneling and encryption […]


Setting up and using Private Internet Access VPN for Android

Private Internet Access VPN (PIA VPN), a proven open source VPN service with a no-log policy, is a VPN provider based in the United States Private Inter […]


Setting up and using Surfshark VPN Proxy for Android

Surfshark VPN, a secure and multifunctional VPN service that allows you to use unlimited devices with one account, is developed by Surfshark BV in the Netherlands (Surfshark is headquartered in Lithuania) […]


Install and use Atlas VPN for Android

AtlasVPN, a freemium VPN service that enables the highest level of secure communication, is a VPN app provided by Peakstar Technologies, an American VPN provider established in 2019 […]


Setting up and using NordVPN for Android

NordVPN is a VPN service developed by Lithuanian security provider NordSecurity, which has a no-log policy and a reputation for performance. It uses tunneling and encryption […]


Setting up and using ProtonVPN for Android

A free Android VPN app that enables secure communication ProtonVPN is an open-source VPN app developed by Swiss e-mail/VPN provider Proton AG.


Setting up and using ExpressVPN for Android

ExpressVPN, a simple and secure VPN service verified by a third party for zero logs, is operated by Express Technologies Ltd, which is registered in Tortola, British Virgin Islands (development is Exp […]


Setting up and using VyprVPN for Android

A secure and simple VPN app with a zero-log policy, VyprVPN is a VPN service operated entirely on its own server by Swiss VPN provider Golden Frog.


Setting up and using CyberGhost VPN for Android

A secure and cost-effective VPN service that adopts a zero-log policy CyberGhost VPN is a VPN app developed by Romanian VPN provider CyberGhost SRL […]


Setting up and using TunnelBear for Android

A secure VPN app that applies kill switch and DNS leak countermeasures even on the free plan TunnelBear VPN is a VPN service provided by Canadian VPN provider TunnelBear LLC […]


glass wire-icon

Installing and using GlassWire for Android

GlassWire for Android, a network security app that can block traffic monitoring and communication, is a network developed by US software vendor SecureMix LLC […]


KidsGuard Pro-icon

Installing and using KidsGuardPro for Android

KidsGuardPro for Android, a surveillance app that can monitor Android devices without rooting, was developed by Chinese software vendor Wheatfield Guard Technology […]

Network tools


WolOn – Wake on LAN setup and usage

WolOn, an Android application that transmits WOL magic packets, is a magic packet transmission application developed by Romanian Android application developer BITKLOG SOFTWARE.


How to use DVDFab Remote for Android

DVDFab Remote, an Android app that allows you to check the progress of DVDFab running on your PC and transfer files, is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao So […]


Setting up and using DAVx5

Sync Synology Contacts and Calendar to smartphone apps using DAVx⁵ DAVx⁵ is developed by Austrian software vendor bitfire web engineering […]


Installing and using Splashtop Wired XDisplay

Splashtop Wired XDisplay, a utility app that allows you to use your tablet or smartphone as a sub-display on your PC, is a tablet developed by US software vendor SPLASHTOP INC […]


Setting up and using the Wake On Lan Android app

Wake On Lan, an Android app that sends WOL magic packets, is a simple, easy-to-use, free magic packet sending app developed by Mike Webb that has no ads and minimizes access rights […].



Setting up and using Gmail for Android

Gmail, a standard Android email app with excellent operability and functionality that allows you to directly use Google Chat and Google Meet, is a webmail service provided by Google Gmai […]


How to use Proton Mail for Android

End-to-End Encryptable Open Source Anonymous Email Proton Mail is a free and available anonymous email service provided by Swiss email / VPN provider Proton AG […].

online storage


How to use Google Drive for Android

Default online storage for Android devices Google Drive is a free online storage service provided by Google that is installed as the default app for Android.

Proton Drive-icon

Setting up and using Proton Drive for Android

Secure cloud storage Proton Drive, where all stored data is encrypted with zero knowledge, is an online storage developed and provided by Swiss e-mail/VPN provider Proton AG.


Setting up and using pCloud for Android

pCloud is a secure multifunctional cloud storage that implements functions such as automatic upload of photos and videos and streaming playback of music files. pCloud AG, an online storage provider based in Switzerland, has developed […]

memo note


Setting up and using UpNote for Android

An easy-to-use multi-functional organizer app that is ideal for personal use UpNote is a multi-functional organizer app that supports Japanese, developed by Mr. Thomas Dao ( Dao Xuan Dung ) of Vietnam […]


Installing and using Notesnook for Android

Notesnook, a memo app that supports Markdown notation and can be used for free synchronization, sharing, and backup, is an open source development by Pakistan-based Streetwriters that prioritizes privacy protection.


Setting up and using Simplenote for Android

Simplenote, a memo app that supports markdown notation and allows free synchronization, sharing, and backup, is an open source free memo app developed by Automattic, a decentralized company based in the United States.


Setting up and using Joplin for Android

Joplin, an open-source alternative to Evernote with end-to-end encryption, is an open-source note-taking app developed by British software engineer Laurent Cozic […]


Setting up and using Standard Notes for Android

End-to-end encrypted security-focused personal workspace Standard Notes is a zero-knowledge secu […]


How to use Google Keep for Android

A convenient free cloud-type memo app with a reminder function Google Keep is a cloud-type memo service provided by Google.



Setting up and using Signal for Android

End-to-end encrypted, privacy-focused free messenger Signal is a free messenger developed by the Signal Technology Foundation, a US non-profit organization, aiming for zero knowledge […]



How to use Google Docs for Android

A word processing app that can be used seamlessly from an Android device using a Google account Google Docs is a free cloud-based word processing software provided by Google that allows you to enter text and […].


Install and configure Microsoft 365 for Android

Mobile devices can use the editing function for free Microsoft Office app for Android Microsoft 365 (Office) is the Android version of the MS Office suite, Wo […]

Image editing / ebook


How to use Adobe Express for Android

The Adobe Express graphic design app, an image editing app that allows you to create royalty-free posters and flyers that can be used commercially, is developed by US software vendor Adobe Inc […]


Installing and using Kinoppy for Android

Kinoppy for Android, a cloud-based free e-book app that allows you to use original files, is an e-book reader released by Kinokuniya Bookstore, and can correctly display Japanese-style books such as vertical writing and right-binding […]


How to use Google Play Books for Android

Google Play Books is a free e-book app that allows you to upload up to 1000 ePUB/PDF personal files. Google Play Books is an e-book reader developed by Google.



How to use Notta for Android

AI voice recognition transcription service that can transcribe highly accurate text from recorded data and web conferences Notta is an AI voice recognition transcription service provided by Notta Co., Ltd. It is an AI voice recognition transcription service that can convert audio / video files and web conferences […]


How to use Google Task List for Android

Simple and easy-to-use work efficiency standard tool Google ToDo List for Android is a work efficiency tool app provided by Google that allows you to register and manage tasks, and Google Accounts […]


How to use Google Calendar for Android

Schedule management app that works with other Google services such as Google Meet and Google Map Google Calendar is a free online calendar app provided by Google, Goo […]


Setting up and using Google Contacts for Android

Google's address book app for managing Android contacts Google Contacts for Android is the front end of the Android contacts provider developed by Google and is a device […].


How to use Proton Calendar for Android

Proton Calendar, a secure calendar app that encrypts data end-to-end and emphasizes privacy, is an online calendar provided by Swiss email / VPN provider Proton AG […]

Password management


How to use Enpass password manager for Android

Enpass password manager is an easy-to-use password management app that can be synchronized with a computer. Password management software developed by Indian software vendor Sinew Software Systems […]


Setting up and using RoboForm for Android

RoboForm, a high-performance password management app that is secure and easy to use, is developed by US software vendor Siber Systems. Password management that balances security, ease of use, and price […]

Nord Pass-icon

Setting up and using NordPass for Android

NordPass, a password management app that allows you to use basic functions for free without restrictions, is a password manager developed by NordSecurity, a security provider in Lithuania.

File sync


Installing and using Resilio Sync for Android

Resilio Sync for Android, a P2P synchronization tool for smartphones and tablets that does not use cloud storage, is a P2P type […] developed by software vendor Resilio Inc based in the United States.

Remote desktop


How to use AnyDesk for Android

AnyDesk, a remote control app that can be connected from an external network for free, is a multi-platform remote desktop developed by German software vendor AnyDesk Software GmbH […]


Setting up and using AirDroid for Android

AirDroid is a Singapore-based software vendor SAND STU […], a utility app that enables remote operation and file transfer of Android devices from a computer in a local network.


How to use Splashtop Personal for Android

Splashtop Personal, a remote desktop app that allows you to remotely control your host device, is a remote access app developed by US software vendor SPLASHTOP INC. Splash […]


How to use Chrome Remote Desktop for Android

Chrome Remote Desktop for Android is a remote desktop app developed by Google that allows you to remotely control your PC from your Android device. Chrome Remote Desktop […]

Cloud print

Sharp networkprint icon

Installing and using the Network Print Service app

Printing from an Android device such as a smartphone or tablet using a convenience store copier Network print service is an additional service of Sharp's multi-copy machine that uploads files to be printed to the cloud […].



Install and use StreamFab for Android

Download Amazon Prime Video and Netflix content on your Android device StreamFab for Android is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly […]

ユ ー テ ィ リ テ ィ


Setting up and using Revo Uninstaller Mobile

Revo Uninstaller Mobile, an uninstall support app that detects and deletes files that remain after uninstalling, is an uninstall developed by the Bulgarian software vendor VS Revo Group […]


How to use CPU-Z for Android

CPU-Z for Android, a standard free software that displays system information for Android devices, is a hardware detection app developed by CPUID, a software vendor based in France.