Android setup and settings




Alternative Store App for Google Play Store

Installing and using unofficial Android store apps such as Aurora Store, APK Mirror, and APKPure Google protects users from potential risks that may be included in apps […]


Android App Data Collection and Privacy

Permissions for Android apps that are important for privacy protection Many apps that are provided free of charge display advertisements, but the collection of personal information is also subject to revenue, so information that is not directly related to the app's functions is not included. […]


How to use Android to Flash Tool

Flashback Google Pixel to factory image Google has released a factory image for devices released by Google after Google Pixel 2, and Lineag […]


Android security issues and support period

Security support for Android, where fragmentation is seen as a problem The Android OS installed in smartphones and tablets is an open source Android OS developed by Google […]


How to set a static IP address for your Android device

Use a static IP in your Android device's Wi-Fi If your Android device cannot connect to a network without Internet access when connecting to Wi-Fi, you can temporarily […]



/e/OS installation and configuration

The open source de-Google OS /e/OS that eliminates Google's surveillance from Android is an open source model that prioritizes privacy protection developed by the non-profit project e Foundation […]


Installing and configuring LineageOS

An open source OS that can reuse unsupported Android devices LineageOS is an Android-based OS developed by the LineageOS open-source community […]


LineageOS upgrades and security updates

LineageOS major version upgrade and security patch update method The LineageOS updater does not support the installation of major upgrades, and the monthly security patch is also available […]


LineageOS setup

Setup procedure after installing LineageOS and Japanese IME installation LineageOS has a slightly different setup depending on whether Google App is installed or not, but Japanese IME must be installed […]

Amazon Fire


Install Play Store on 7th Generation Fire

How to use the Google Play store on Amazon Fire The Fire tablet app store basically provides alternative apps for services provided by Amazon such as browsers and e-book readers […]


Install Play Store on 5th Generation Fire

Install Google Play Store on 5th generation Amazon Fire Fire tablet app store is basically a substitute app for services provided by Amazon such as browsers and e-book readers […]


How to use the Play Store on your Fire tablet

7.3th Generation and Later Fire Tablets with Fire OS 9 on Android Fire Tablet App Store is a service provided by Amazon such as browsers and e-readers […]


How to change the home app on your Amazon Fire tablet

Modify your Amazon Fire tablet home app with Launcher Hijack Launcher Hijack is an open source program developed by Ethan Nelson that automatically […]



ChromeOS recovery and reinstallation instructions

What to do if your Chromebook doesn't start with "Chrome OS is missing or corrupted" and reinstall ChromeOS Recovery if your Chromebook doesn't start due to an OS glitch […]


Chromebook setup and basics

Chrome OS setup and configuration, basic operation, initialization procedure Chromebook is a general term for devices equipped with the Linux-based operating system Chrome OS developed by Google.


How to boot a bootable USB on your Chromebook

Updating Chromebook firmware to allow access to bootable USB Chromebooks cannot call UEFI/BIOS to change the boot order, and when using bootable USB […]


Bootable USB Terms of Use on Chromebooks

Chromebook firmware and how to check devices that can install firmware Chromebooks are restricted to booting from a bootable USB, and depending on the model, it is physically a bootable USB or […]