Resident antivirus / password management

Resident anti-virus / Internet protection

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Installing and using Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Russia's long-established security vendor Kaspersky's free virus software Kaspersky Security Cloud Free is a comprehensive […] developed by Russian security vendor AO Kaspersky Lab.

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Installing and using McAfee Total Protection

McAfee's security software that you can try McAfee Total Protection is a security software developed by the major security vendor McAfee LCC.


Installing and using Sophos Home Free

Sophos Home is a UK security vendor that develops saver security products for enterprises.


Installing and using Panda Dome free antivirus

Panda Dome (Free Antivirus), a free cloud-based antivirus app with little impact on system performance, is being developed by Spanish security vendor Panda Security […]


Installing and using ESET Internet Security

Security software ESET Internet Security, which has a reputation for performance and high detection rate, is a security software developed by Slovak security vendor ESET, which shows the behavior of malware […].


Install and use Avast Free Antivirus

Top-level free security software for both detection rate and false positive rate Avast Free Antivirus is a security software developed by AVAST, a security vendor in the Czech Republic, and even the free version has real-time protection.

Online diagnostics


Overview and usage of VirusTotal

VirusTotal, a free tool for online file and website malware inspection, is run by Irish security vendor Chronicle Security Ireland Limited […]

Password management


Installing and using RoboForm

RoboForm, a high-performance password management app that is secure and easy to use, is developed by US software vendor Siber Systems. Password management that balances security, ease of use, and price […]

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Installing and using NordPass for Windows

NordPass, a password management app that allows you to use basic functions for free without restrictions, is a password manager developed by NordSecurity, a security provider in Lithuania.


Installing and using KeePass for Windows

KeePass Password Safe, an open source free password management app with a wealth of plugins, is an open source password management app developed by Dominik Reichl for data […]


Installing and using Enpass Password Manager

Enpass Password Manager, a highly secure password management software that is essential for securely managing huge passwords, was developed by Indian software vendor Sinew Software Systems […].


Installing and using Password Boss

Password Boss, a powerful security-focused password management app, was developed by US software vendor Password Boss for MSPs (managed services providers) […]