Installing and using Barrier


Free, open-source KVM software for sharing mouse and keyboard between multiple PCs

Barrier is a US software consultant Povilas Kanapickas The open-source KVM software developed by Mr. Kobayashi allows you to operate multiple computers with a single mouse and keyboard. Synergy A fork that utilizes the open source core of .

System requirements

Version 2 Currently

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11 (64-bit only)

For macOS and Linux see the official FAQ See.

An environment in which all PCs used are connected to a LAN regardless of whether they are wired or wireless.

Where to get the software

GitHub – Barrier download page

Installing Barrier

Barrier's installer does not contain adware or spyware.

Barrier requires a PC with a mouse and keyboard to use. server , a PC controlled by the server's mouse and keyboard clientshould be set asserver Set up from the device that becomes.

1 unit serverTo multiple client Therefore, if the server is not running, the client cannot operate, and the server cannot operate the server.


From the download page Latest is in the version of BarrierSetup-2.4.0-release.exe Click to download.


Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


If there is no problem with the license agreement I accept the agreement Check the box and click "Next".


If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Next".


If you want to create a desktop shortcut, check it and click "Next".


Now that the installation is ready, run it with "Install".


Click "Finish" to close the setup wizard and start Barrier.


Since Barrier is localized Language From the list of Japanese Select "Next".


Since the server is set up first, Server (sharing this computer's keyboard and mouse) Check "Finish"


Barrier is Apple's device connectivity program Hi Automatic connection is possible usingHi If is not installed, a dialog will be displayed, so install with "Yes".


When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.


"Allow access" if Windows Defender blocked the communication.


After Barrier starts, install Barrier on all computers operated from the server client Install as


Install it in the same way as the server Client (using another computer's mouse and keyboard) choose.


Bonjour will detect the server and connect automatically.


When the server detects the client, a dialog will appear. Click the position of the client as seen from the server (center).


A connection is established between the server and the client.

If automatic connection fails

For Bonjour, enter the IP address of the server if the client does not autodetect the server.


Check the IP address on the server's Barrier.

If you see more than one IP address, use the address in bold.


on the client's Barrier Automatic configuration Uncheck Server IP Enter the IP address of the server in .

If the cursor does not move

Disable SSL if the server and client can connect, but the mouse cursor does not move from the server to the client.


On the menu bar Barrier から logSelect Show.

check the log ERROR: ssl certificate doesn't exist If there is a description of , there is a problem with the SSL certificate, so disable SSL on both the server and client Barriers.


On the menu bar Barrier から Change settings choose.


network Of Use SSL Uncheck.


'Stop' and then 'Start' the Barrier.

Boot settings

Barrier has autostart disabled by default, so enable autostart if you want to use it all the time.


Configuration Open General Of Start Barrier at boot To enable.

Minimize to system tray-hide on startup Even if you enable , the setting will not be reflected, and Barrier will start and operate in the background.

Special arrangement

Set alignment on the server if you want the cursor to move from client to client instead of up, down, left, and right from the server.


For automatic connection, click "Advanced" in the dialog.


To change the placement, open Barrier and select "Server configuration settings".


Change the placement by dragging.

How to use Barrier

If auto-start is enabled, it will run in the background, so no operation is required after setting.

If you need to reconfigure Program list Start from.


The mouse shared by Barrier can move freely between PCs as if it were a multi-display, and the PC where the mouse cursor is displayed becomes the active PC. to

clipboard is shared is as unstable as Synergy, sometimes I can copy and paste and sometimes it doesn't respond.

Clipboard sharing is paid Stardock Multiplicity KVM is stable.

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