How to use Notta for PC

AI voice recognition transcription service that enables highly accurate transcription from voice files and web conferences Notta is an AI voice recognition transcription service provided by Notta Co., Ltd. Recorded data, web conferences, You […]


How to use Google Tasks for PC

A simple work efficiency standard tool that can be used seamlessly from Gmail and Google Calendar Google ToDo List is a free cloud application provided by Google, which can be used with Gmail and Google […]


Installation and configuration of Google Japanese Input for Windows

Free kana-kanji conversion program developed by Google with high conversion accuracy Google Japanese Input is a Japanese IME (Input Method Edi […] developed by Google whose official version was released in 2010.


Setting up and using Google Contacts

A free cloud-type address book that can be used with a Google account Google Contacts (contacts) is an online address book service provided by Google.


Setting up and using Google Calendar

Online calendar linked with other Google services such as Google Meet and ToDo list Google Calendar is a free online calendar provided by Google, Google Meet […]


Installing and using Proton Calendar

An online calendar that encrypts data end-to-end and protects data from external access Proton Calendar is an online calendar provided by Swiss e-mail/VPN provider Proton AG.

memo note


Installing and using UpNote for Windows

An easy-to-use multi-functional organizer app that is ideal for personal use UpNote is a multi-functional organizer app that supports Japanese, developed by Mr. Thomas Dao ( Dao Xuan Dung ) of Vietnam […]


Installing and using Nimbus Note for Windows

Nimbus Note, a multifunctional organizer app that allows you to manage your notes in a separate workspace, is an organizer app developed by US software vendor Nimbus Web Inc.


Installing and using Notesnook for Windows

Notesnook, a zero-knowledge secure note-taking app that is end-to-end encrypted even in the free version, is an open-source, privacy-preserving note-taking app developed by Pakistan-based Streetwriters.


Installing and using Standard Notes for Windows

End-to-end encrypted security-focused personal workspace Standard Notes is a zero-knowledge secu […]


Installing and using Simplenote for Windows

Simplenote, which supports Markdown notation and can be used to synchronize, share, and back up notes for free, is an open-source free memo app developed by Automattic, a decentralized company based in the United States.


Installing and using Joplin for Windows

Joplin, an open-source alternative to Evernote with end-to-end encryption, is an open-source note-taking app developed by British software engineer Laurent Cozic […]


Installing and using AllMyNotes Organizer

A secure organizer app that can be used without using the cloud AllMyNotes Organizer is a cloud organizer app developed by Ukrainian software vendor Vladonai Software.


Installing and using Evernote for Windows

Multi-functional all-in-one note-taking cloud application Evernote is a cloud-type organizer app provided by Evernote Corporation, which is headquartered in the United States.


How to use Google Keep for PC

A convenient free cloud-type memo app with a reminder function Google Keep is a cloud-type memo service provided by Google.

Office software


Setting up and using Google Docs

Free cloud-based word processing app with high compatibility with MS Office Google Docs is a free cloud-based word processing software provided by Google, which is based on MS Word and LibreOffice […].


Installing and using LibreOffice

Microsoft Office Alternative Open Source Free Office App LibreOffice is an International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredited open format that is independent of specific companies such as Microsoft (Fa […]

PDF editing

PDF24 Creator-icon

Installing and using PDF24 Creator

PDF24 Creator, a free PDF total solution that implements functions such as PDF creation, editing, splitting, combining, and reading, is being developed by German software vendor Geek Software GmbH […]


Installing and using Bullzip Free PDF Printer

Virtual printer that creates PDF files in the same way as printing Bullzip PDF Printer is a virtual printer software that outputs PDF files developed by Danish software vendor BioPDF. 1 […]


Installing and using Foxit PDF Reader

Foxit PDF Reader is a free PDF viewer developed by the US software vendor Foxit Software, which is a multi-functional PDF viewer that allows you to add text and comments.


Installing and using PDF Shaper Free

PDF Shaper, a free PDF tool that allows you to split and combine PDFs, extract text, and convert to image files, was developed by software vendor BurnAware (based on the electronic certificate in Russia) […].


Installing and using PDFSAM Basic

 PDFsam Basic (formerly PDF Split and Merge), an open source free PDF tool that allows you to split and merge PDF files, is an Italian software vendor SOBER LEMUR […]


Installing and using PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Editor, a free PDF creation and editing software that allows you to add text, shapes, and balloons, is a PD developed by Canadian software vendor Tracker Software Products […]


Install and use Wondershare PDFelement

Wondershare PDFelement is a PDF total solution application that allows you to view, edit, create, merge, and convert PDFs.



How to use mondly Languages ​​Learning

Free game-like online multilingual learning app Mondly is a free basic play language learning app developed by Romanian software vendor ATI Studios in 41 languages ​​including English […]