Chrome OS setup and settings

Chrome OS setup


Chrome OS Flex installation and configuration

Chrome OS Flex, a free Chrome OS that can reuse old computers, is Chromium O […] developed by US software vendor Neverware (acquired by Google in December 2020).


Chromebook setup and basics

Chrome OS setup and configuration, basic operation, initialization procedure Chromebook is a general term for devices equipped with the Linux-based operating system Chrome OS developed by Google.


How to boot a bootable USB on your Chromebook

Updating Chromebook firmware to allow access to bootable USB Chromebooks cannot call UEFI/BIOS to change the boot order, and when using bootable USB […]


Bootable USB Terms of Use on Chromebooks

Chromebook firmware and how to check devices that can install firmware Chromebooks are restricted to booting from a bootable USB, and depending on the model, it is physically a bootable USB or […]


ChromeOS recovery and reinstallation instructions

What to do if your Chromebook doesn't start with "Chrome OS is missing or corrupted" and reinstall ChromeOS Recovery if your Chromebook doesn't start due to an OS glitch […]