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Installing and using Amazon Drive

Amazon Drive will end its service on December 2023, 12 (uploading will stop functioning at the end of January 31), leaving only Amazon Photos, which specializes in video and image files. Amaz […]


How to use Amazon Photos for the web

Amazon Prime members can store unlimited image files in an online photo album Amazon Photos is an online photo album provided by Amazon, and Amazon Prime members can store image files […]


Install and use Amazon Photos for Windows

Desktop application for uploading/downloading images and videos to Amazon Photo Amazon Photos for Windows is an online photo album provided by Amazon Amazon […]


Installing and using the Dropbox desktop app

Dropbox is an online storage service operated by US online storage provider Dropbox, Inc. […]


Installing and using Google Drive for PC

Google Drive desktop app with automatic backup function PC version Google Drive is a sync app for desktop provided by Google, and Google Drive and Street in the cloud […]


How to use MultCloud

MultCloud is a Hong Kong software vendor AO, a cloud storage centralized management service that enables file transfer, synchronization, and version control backup across over 30 online storage services.


Installing and using Cyberduck for Windows

Cyberduck, an open source free cloud storage browser with access to major cloud storages, is an open source cloud store developed by Swiss software vendor iterateGmbH […]


Setting up and using the OneDrive desktop app

Windows standard online storage service that reduces local storage consumption with Files on Demand OneDrive is an online storage service provided by Microsoft, Windows 8. […]


Installing and using NetDrive 3

Utility software that turns online storage into a virtual drive NetDrive is a utility software that mounts cloud storage developed by Korean software vendor Bdrive Inc. Cloud strike […]


Setting up and using Google Drive for the web

An online storage service provided by Google that enables version control Google Drive is an online storage service provided by Google that supports multiple devices.


How to use pCloud for web

Multifunctional cloud storage that supports restoration from version control, streaming playback of music files, etc. pCloud is an online storage provider based in Switzerland developed and operated by pCloud AG.


Installing and using pCloud Drive

Secure and functional cloud storage that supports zero knowledge pCloud is an online storage service developed and operated by pCloud AG, an online storage provider based in Switzerland.


How to use the web version of OneDrive

OneDrive, a standard Windows online storage service that implements the album function, is an online storage service provided by Microsoft, and Windows 8.1 or later is available on Windows […].


How to use the web version of Dropbox

Dropbox, an online storage service that can use workspace tools and digital signatures, is an online storage service operated by the US online storage provider Dropbox, Inc.


Comparison of free cloud storage services

Compare the storage capacity and available features of free cloud storage services The domestic share of online storage services is 2022 According to a survey by ICT Research Institute, Google Drive is the top, followed by iClo […]

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Installing and using Sync for Windows

End-to-end encrypted secure online storage service Sync is a privacy-focused online storage provider operated by Canadian online storage provider Inc. […]



Installing and using Signal for Windows

End-to-end encrypted, privacy-focused free messenger Signal is a free messenger developed by the Signal Technology Foundation, a US non-profit organization, aiming for zero knowledge […]

Web browser


Installing and using Brave Browser for Windows

Brave, a Chromium-based open source web browser that prioritizes privacy protection, is developed by Brave Software, which is based in San Francisco, USA. Privacy protection […]


Installing and using Mozilla Firefox for Windows

Privacy-focused open source multi-functional web browser Firefox is being developed in open source by Mozilla Corporation. Privacy-focused multi-functional tab browser […]


Installing and using Google Chrome for Windows

A multifunctional tabbed browser developed by Google based on the open source Chromium Google Chrome is a web browser based on the open source Chromium developed by Google […]


Installing and using Tor Browser

A browser that can access the dark web with a focus on privacy protection Tor Browser is an open source web browser developed by the non-profit organization Tor Project based on Firefox, and communication is always T […]

Email client


Installing and using standard Windows mail

Windows standard mail app that can centrally manage web mail and POP mail Mail pre-installed on Windows 10/11 is a mail client app developed by Microsoft […]


Installing and configuring Mozilla Thunderbird

Mozilla Thunderbird is a wholly owned subsidiary of Mozilla Foundation MZLA Technologies Corpora […]

Web mail


Setting up and using Tutanota

Tutanota, a free email service that protects your email with end-to-end automatic encryption, is an open-source, secure, anonymous email service provided by Tutao GmbH in Germany.


Add your own Proton Mail domain

Send and receive email with your own domain with Proton Mail Proton Mail allows you to add your own domain with a paid plan and send and receive email with your own domain with the encrypted Proton Mail mail server […]


Installing and configuring Proton Mail Bridge for Windows

Proton Mail Bridge for Windows, an extension tool that allows you to send and receive Proton Mail with your email client app, is available to users who have a paid Proton Mail plan […]


Using Outlook / Yahoo Mail with Gmail Gmailify

Send and receive from Gmail by associating Yahoo Mail and Hotmail / Gmailify enters Yahoo! Mail and Hotmail / login information […]


Gmail delegation settings "proxy function"

Delegation function to grant access to Gmail Gmail has a delegation function to grant access rights to one's own email account. […]


Installing and using Dropbox for Gmail

Gmail extension Dropbox for Gmail is an add-on for Gmail provided by Dropbox, and Gmail […]

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Proton account password reset and data recovery

Password reset and data recovery procedures used with Proton Mail and ProtonVPN The password set in your Proton account recovers encrypted and stored data such as messages and contacts […].


Setting up and using Proton Mail for PC

End-to-End Encryptable Open Source Anonymous Email Proton Mail is a free and available anonymous email service provided by Swiss email / VPN provider Proton AG […].


Gmail POP mail reception settings

Gmail can also move Receive POP mail and set additional sending account Gmail implements Google Mail Fetcher that can receive POP mail, enable POP mail and send a message […]


Setting up and using Gmail for PC

A free multi-functional email service with antivirus and anti-spam measures Gmail is a free webmail service provided by Google.


How to use Proton Easy Switch

Import emails to Proton Mail from providers that can use the IMAP protocol, such as Gmail and Outlook Proton Easy Switch supports IMAP protocols such as Gmail and Outlook.

Remote desktop


Installing and using Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome extension that enables remote control of PC Chrome Remote Desktop is a Google Chrome extension developed by Google, Chrome Remote Desktop […]


Installing and using AnyDesk for Windows

AnyDesk, a free remote desktop app that allows remote support, remote operation of unmanned PCs, and collaboration, is a multi-platform developed by German software vendor AnyDesk Software GmbH […]


Installing and using AirDroid for Windows

AirDroid, a remote app that allows you to remotely control Android devices in your local network and receive push notifications, is being developed by Singapore-based software vendor SAND STUDIO […].


Installing and using Splashtop Personal

Simple and easy-to-use remote desktop app Splashtop Personal is a remote access app developed by US software vendor SPLASHTOP INC.


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Installing and using Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager, a multi-functional download acceleration app that also supports BitTorrent and YouTube video downloads, is the FDM Team (digitally signed by Russian Softde […]


Installing and using the Xtreme Download Manager

Multifunctional downloader that improves download speed up to 5 times Xtreme Download Manager is an open source multifunctional downloader developed by Mr. Subhra Das Gupta of India.


Installing and using Internet Download Manager

The multi-functional downloader Internet Download Manager (IDM), which increases the download speed up to 5 times and has a grabber function, is developed by the US software vendor Tonec Inc […]

Video downloader


Installing and using StreamFab YouTube Downloader

Video Downloader that supports over 1000 video sites such as YouTube StreamFab YouTube Downloader is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Feng […]


Installing and using VSO Downloader

Just watch your browser and play the video to add it to your download list Media Downloader VSO Downloader is a video downloader developed by French software vendor VSO Software […]


Install and use CleverGet Video Download

Video Downloader CleverGet Video Downloader, which allows you to download videos and livestreams from over 1000 video sites such as YouTube, has been opened by Chinese software vendor Moyea Software […]


Installing and using ExplorerFab

DVDFab's free tool ExplorerFab, which implements a virtual drive, burning, ISO file creation, and video downloader, is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao […]


Installing and using VDownloader

A free video downloader with a browser function VDownloader is a video downloader with a browser function developed by Belize-based software vendor Vitzo Ltd. YouTube […]


Installing and using Freemake Video Downloader

Freemake Video Downloader, a video downloader that allows you to download content from video sites such as YouTube and FC2 videos, is a video download provided by Mixbyte Inc in the United States […]


Installation and usage of VSO Downloader ver.5.0

High-speed video downloader VSO Downloader that automatically downloads by monitoring the browser and playing the video has been upgraded to a major version, and videos of SSL-enabled sites such as YouTube are also downloaded with the free version […]