Installing and using CrystalDiskInfo


Free diagnostic tool for SSD / hard disk that also supports RAID

CrystalDiskInfo The hiyo hiyo A free disk diagnostic tool developed by him, the self-diagnosis function installed in SSD / HDD just by booting. SMART You can check the information of.

System requirements

Version 8 Currently

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/11
IE: 8.0 and above (11.0 recommended)
.NET Framework: 2.0 or above (4.8 or above when using email notification)

The installer version is not compatible with Windows XP.

Where to get the software

CrystalDiskInfo official website download page

Installing CrystalDiskInfo

The CrystalDiskInfo installer does not include adware or spyware.


CrystalDiskInfo normal version In addition to the original character was designed Shizuku edition-Kurei Kei EditionAnd the function is the same Shizuku edition-Kurei Kei EditionHas added voices in addition to graphics.

Crystal Disk Info-001

Download the installer by clicking the "Installer" button under your favorite design from the CrystalDiskInfo download page.


Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


If there is no problem with the license agreement, check "I agree" and click "Next".


If you are not particular about the installation destination, click "Next" with the default settings.


Keep the default program group specification and click "Next".


If you don't need the shortcut icon on your desktop, uncheck it and click Next.


Now that you are ready to install, click "Install".


Click "Finish" to complete the installation.

Although it is necessary to replace the ATI AHCI Compatible RAID Controller (AHCI) with the AMD SATA Controller only when using it, the ATI AHCI Compatible RAID Controller (AHCI) is a driver about 10 years ago, so it works almost without problems in the current environment.

Startup settings

If you want to always start CrystalDiskInfo and monitor the storage status, set the startup settings.

Crystal Disk Info-004

On the menu bar Features から Startup When is enabled, CrystalDiskInfo will automatically start from the next PC startup, and Resident If is enabled, it will not be closed even if the main window is closed and will be stored in the task tray.


Resident When is enabled, the temperature of each drive is displayed in the task tray.

CrystalDiskInfo consumes just under 3 MB of memory resources when resident.

Crystal Disk Info-007

The resident CrystalDiskInfo provides SMART information 10 minutes It is updated at intervals, and if you want to change it, you can change it from the menu bar. Features It is in Automatic update Set with.

When selecting a drive to update automatically Target for automatic update Select with.


When CrystalDiskInfo is resident, the temperature icon can be displayed and alarms can be set.


Hide temperature icon If you want to, in the CrystalDiskInfo context menu (right-click menu) in the task tray Collective setting から Hide all temperature icons choose.


Health condition If you want to be warned when the temperature drops or the storage reaches the specified temperature,Collective setting Of Alarm setting Edit.


CrystalDiskInfo allows you to choose themes such as Dark Mode, Flat Square, and Simple City.

Crystal Disk Info-008

To change the theme, use the menu bar Theme Select from.

In green mode, the color at the time of normal judgment is displayed in green instead of blue, and graphics can be selected in Shizuku Edition and Kurei Kei Edition.

How to use CrystalDiskInfo

CrystalDiskInfo reads the SSD / HDD SMART (smart) at boot time and reads it.Resident The information is updated every 10 minutes.

SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is the boundary between normal and abnormal, which is set by the disc manufacturer. Threshold Is used as a criterion. Threshold If it exceeds, it is judged that the disc has deteriorated.

Crystal Disk Info-012

If your PC has multiple drives, under the menu bar for each drive Health condition-temperature-Driver Is displayed, and you can check the detailed information in the lower pane by clicking the drive.

Crystal Disk Info-016

If it is partitioned, each drive letter on the disk will be displayed.

Crystal Disk Info-014

Drives that make up RAID are listed with the same drive letter.

Health condition

SMART information is specialized and generally Health condition Is used as an index.

Health condition Is SMART's Bad Sectors and Bad Sector Reserves Number of sectors that have been replaced-Number of alternate pending sectors-Number of unrecoverable sectors Judging from the three items, it is predicted that the disk will be physically damaged and unusable, or will soon become unusable.
Sectors are fan-shaped constant storage areas unit You can think of it as HDD is 1B per sector.

Crystal Disc Info-011

Health Notes If it is Number of sectors that have been replaced-Number of alternate pending sectors-Number of unrecoverable sectors In any of Threshold It is recommended to back up the data and replace the drive as soon as possible, although it will not fail immediately.


Typically The maximum temperature of HDDs that are guaranteed to operate is 55 ° C. Usually Less than 45 ℃ is a guideIf the high temperature of around 45 ℃ continues, the life of the HDD will be shortened significantly.

Crystal Disc Info-017

If the HDD is hot, it is highly possible that the inside of the PC is not cooled normally, and cleaning the inside of the PC is often the solution.


Maintenance Basics-Cleaning the inside of your computer

Unexpectedly important physical maintenance of a personal computer, which is related to the life of a personal computer. Many parts of a personal computer generate heat. Is damaged […]

SMART value

For SMART Present value-Worst value-Threshold-Raw value There is no such thing as an indicator because the values ​​that are set vary depending on the disc manufacturer.

Current value (Value)
Current value derived from raw value
Worst value (Worst)
The lowest (bad) value in the current value
Vendor-set limits
Raw value (Data / Raw value)
Actual value

Crystal Disc Info-018

Typically Present value Threshold Below, it is considered that there is a problem with the disk.

Present value-Worst value-Threshold Is displayed as a decimal number,Raw value Only hexadecimal is displayed.

Crystal Disc Info-019

On the menu bar Features から Advanced features It is in Raw value The 16 [HEX] から 10 [DEC] If you change it toRaw value Can be displayed in decimal, but Present value Since it is not normalized as in, the notation may differ depending on the manufacturer.

Main items of SMART

Items related to disk defects, lifespan, and usage.

01-Read error rate
The percentage of errors that occurred before reading the data. If the value is bad, there is a high possibility that there is something wrong with the disk.
05-Number of alternative processed sectors
The number of sectors reallocated by bad sectors.

07-Seek error rate
There may be a physical problem with the hard disk at the rate at which the magnetic head fails to move (seek).

0C-Power-on count
The number of times the hard disk is turned on and off.

The current temperature of the hard disk.

C5-Number of sectors pending alternative processing
The number of sectors that are being considered for bad sector in the bad sector standby rate.

C6-Number of unrecoverable sectors
The number of unrecoverable sectors found by offline scanning.

03-Spin-up time
The time required to complete the motor start (reaching the specified rotation speed).

04-Start / Stop Count
The number of motor starts.
09-Usage time
Cumulative hard disk operating time from factory default.
0A-Number of spin-up retries
The number of times the spin-up failed.
0B-Number of calibration retries
The number of times the calibration (a function that automatically corrects the off-track phenomenon due to heat) is retried.
C1-Load / unload cycle speed
The total number of times the magnetic head retracted from the surface of the magnetic disk to the evacuation site and returned to the surface of the magnetic disk again.
C4-Number of times sector substitution processing occurs
The number of times sector substitution processing has occurred.
Number of C7-UltraDMA CRC errors
The number of CRC errors that occurred during data transfer in DMA mode.
C8-write error rate
Percentage of data write failures.

Threshold setting

CrystalDiskInfo depends on the user Threshold Can be set.

Crystal Disc Info-020

On the menu bar Features から Advanced features Of Health setting Open, select the disk you want to set, and edit the value.

Crystal Disc Info-021

Notes The judgment disc is SMART's Number of sectors that have been replaced-Number of alternate pending sectors-Number of unrecoverable sectors Move the slider of the item that is yellow in theRaw value Changing to a value one larger than 正常 Because it returns to, the health condition will be restored again in a short period of time. Notes If it becomes, it can be judged that the situation is likely to cause an abnormality in the disk.

AAM / APM settings

AAM (Automatic noise management) APM Disks that support the (Power Management) setting can be set in CrystalDiskInfo.

Crystal Disc Info-022

AAM / APM The setting of is in the menu bar Features から Advanced features Of AAM / APM settings Open and select a disk from the list.

For discs that support AAM / APM  AAM / APM There is a notation of.

Crystal Disc Info-023

AAM In the case of Quiet (80h) ~ Performance (FEh)It can be changed between, and if it is made quiet, the seek sound of the HDD will be reduced.

Crystal Disc Info-024

APM Also select a compatible disk Power saving (01h) ~ performance Set between (FEh).

Crystal Disc Info-025

AAM / APM If set, the disk settings may be reset when the PC is shut down, so the menu bar Features から Advanced features Of Automatically apply AAM / APM settings Check the boxStartup Is enabled.

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