How to use the online logo maker DesignEvo


A web service that makes it easy to create logos and emblems

Design Evo Is a Chinese software vendor  Pearl Mountain Technologyis an online logo creation service that allows you to create original logos and emblems by combining over 10,000 base designs.

You need to create an account to save your work, and if you use it for free, the logo you can download will be a 300 x 300px PNG / JPG file with a non-transparent background.
About logo copyright

Because Pearl Mountain Technology owns the copyright for the designs that are based on DesignEvo, and Pearl Mountain Technology also owns the copyright for derivative works created using the base design.In order to get the copyright of the created logo, it is necessary to use the paid plus plan that Pearl Mountain Technology grants the copyright of the derivative work to the user..

For paid plans Plus plan In addition to the Basic plan However, the basic plan does not have the copyright of the derivative work.

WEB site

DesignEvo Japanese page

DesignEvo has also released apps for Windows and Android, but since updates have stopped in 2018, we recommend using the online version.

Create an account

Create an account to save projects and productions under construction.


DesignEvo home page top right Registration Click


Enter your email address and password and click "Register".


Answer the questions and click "Confirm Now".


When you log in, your avatar will be displayed in the lower right corner.

How to use DesignEvo

DesignEvo customizes the template to create your own logo.


Click "Create a logo for free" from the top page of DesignEvo.


Templates are categorized by image andemblem You can also search by keywords such as.


Once you have decided on the template to base on, click "Customize".

"Similar" narrows down and displays templates with similar designs.


The selected template is displayed.


The logo you create defaults to 500 x 500px, so if you want to use the paid version, change the resolution to any number.

The free version can be downloaded up to 300 x 300px, so no changes are required.


LOGO NAME Click to display the bounding box, double-click to edit the string,Delete With the key LOGO NAME Can also be deleted.

The font used can be changed from the left The ART If you switch to, you can also select the processed font.
The ones that can be used are published as free fonts, and there are few types of Japanese fonts.


The font is Size / color / opacity / outline / shadow / text alignment Etc. can be set in the menu at the top.

The character alignment menu also has settings for adjusting the character spacing and curving the character string.


Move the cursor to the corner of the bounding box to change the color of the point, and drag it to enlarge or reduce it.


You can rotate the characters as you like by dragging the rotation icon displayed in the center of the bounding box.


You can also zoom in and out by selecting all objects (Ctrl + A).


If the object is moved due to scaling or rotation, dragging the bounding box will display the center line, which can be used as a guide for placement.


To return the operation, select the top menu Undo or sending us a message on Ctrl+z .


You can change or add icons used in the template in the left sidebar. iconfrom Search does not support JapaneseIt will be conducted in English for


To change the template icon, click the icon you want to change to display the bounding box, and then click any icon from the left sidebar.

To add an icon, click any icon from the left sidebar.


The icon can also be enlarged / reduced and rotated.


If you want to align the objects Shift Hold down the key and select the object to align and select from the top icon menu.


icon-Shape You can change the color of the from the tool icon at the top, and you can also use gradation.


Single color and gradation can be edited with "+".


back ground Of Transparent background When is enabled, the background color is transparent, but only the paid version is available.

When you download the transparent background in the free version, the background color becomes white.

Save logo

You will need to create an account to save the logo you are creating.


If you want to save the logo, go to the top right saveClick


To access the saved data, after logging in from the avatar menu My logochoose.


The saved data is displayed,Edit Click to display the edit screen.


Select the paid version or the free version when downloading the created data.


When the logo is complete, click "Download" in the upper right.


If you want to download it for free Download low resolution free logo Click the link.

Basic (copyright not granted)
In addition to the original logo, a PNG file with a transparent background at 5000px is downloaded.
Plus (copyright of derivative works granted)
In addition to the basic conditions, the vector image file and the font file used are downloaded.


The free download is conditional on sharing on SNS, but even if you do not share it, you can click "Agree and download" to start the download.


When the Basic Plus plan is selected, the screen will move to the payment screen.

Payment methods include credit card payment PayPalIs available.


Once the payment is complete, "Download Now" will start downloading the file.

If the download did not complete successfully,My logo To the data paid in plus/ basic Because it is written asEdit Click to download again.


plus In the plan, vector images are provided in SVG and PDF, so they can be edited later with an illustrator, etc., and can be used for full-scale printing.

Start with scratch

Start with scratch creates a completely original logo using registered icons and shapes without using templates.


At the top right of the screen to select a template Start with scratchClick


A blank canvas is displayed.


Create a logo by adding registered objects.

Depending on the template Start with scratch Some things cannot be reproduced.

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