Installing and using DVDFab 12 Blu-ray Creator


Authoring software that creates original Blu-ray discs that can be played on Blu-ray players from video files

DVDFab Blu-ray CreatorIs a Chinese software vendor DVDFab SoftwareA BD authoring software developed by (formerly Fengtao Software) that allows you to create original Blu-ray discs from video files in a format that can be played on a BD player.

DVDFab Blu-ray Creator is fully functional during the trial period (30 days), but the created BD will have the DVDFab watermark.

System requirements

Version 12. 0 Currently

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
CPU: Pentium II 500 MHz (PC / AT compatible 1 GHz or higher)
RAM: 2 GB or more
HDD: 20GB or more free space

Writable Blu-ray drive

Where to get the software

DVDFab official download page

Install DVDFab 12 Blu-ray Creator

DVDFab Blu-ray Creator DVDFab 12 Because it is a module ofDVDFab 12 All-in-one To install.

See below for installation instructions

Installing and using DVDFab All-in-One

DVDFab's strongest ripping / copying app with DVD / Blu-ray deprotection function DVDFab All-in-One is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao […]]

How to use DVDFab 12 Blu-ray Creator

DVDFab Blu-ray Creator does not have a video editing function, so you can insert titles, cut and trim, add subtitles, etc. for the video that will be the material in advance as needed.  Video editing software Editing work is required.

DVDFab Blu-ray creation will downscale if the material resolution is greater than 1920 x 1080 and upscale if it is smaller, but it is recommended that the resolution be 1920 x 1080 when the material is edited.
If you add multiple video files chapterHowever, since it is not possible to create chapters from a single video file, split the video in advance if chapters are needed.
Videos shot in portrait orientation, such as smartphones, rotate automatically, so if you want to record in portrait orientation, use a letterbox in the video editing app to adjust the resolution.
Importable video formats

DVDFab Blu-ray Creator Is in the tools menu Create Select and top left Mode selectionBlu-ray creation Click


Add a video file by dragging it to the center of the home screen.

You can add multiple videos with different resolutions and file formats.


The loaded source is task It is added as, and you can enable / disable the task with the button on the far right.

The "X" under the task switching button deletes the source, and the "X" under the tool icon in the title deletes the title.
The task becomes invalid when the menu is switched or the output process is completed.


Select the output setting from the drop-down list in the title part.

BD 25: BD-R with one layer on one side (1 GB)
BD 50: BD-R DL (2 GB) with two layers on one side
BD 5: Single-sided single-layer DVD-R (1 GB)
BD 9: Single-sided dual-layer DVD-R DL (2 GB)

BD 9 and BD 5 are DVDs that use the Blu-ray standard."AVCHD DVD You can select the resolution from 1280 x 720 (720p) and 1920 x 1080 (1080p).

Menu settings

The menu is not so flexible as the background and title can be changed based on the template.


The menu is automatically added with a template Menu settings Click to edit.


No menu If you select, the main part will play automatically after the disc is set.


The menu is Home -scene (Chapter) ・ Audio / subtitles In the configuration of, you can switch the edit screen with the arrow icon at the bottom of the menu.


In the initial state  Infinite universeStreaming Templates are available and other templates are downloaded when used.


The control panel cannot be customized, and the font used, such as Kantei style, cannot be changed.


If you want to replace the template background image Click the icon.


The default is Still image Has become reference You can specify any image to be the background with.

Images can be enlarged and rotated for editing BGM You can also add BGM to the menu by specifying the audio file with.
 Applies to all If you check scene , Configuration The background of is also changed.


Image Video Specifies multiple images and makes the background of the menu a slide show, and you can also specify BGM.


Image switching is very fast and the display time cannot be set.


Frame from video Is to cut an image from any video file and use it as the background, and you can also specify BGM.


video Can set a specified range from any video file as the background of the menu.

Because the set video file also reflects the audio BGM If you specify an audio file with, the sound will be heard.


Home , scene Thumbnails can be moved and scaled, and after selecting a thumbnail, at the bottomCustomization By clicking the icon, you can specify the image in the same way as customizing the background.



title  IME switching is turned off and you can input Japanese by copying and pasting Japanese text with another application such as Notepad.Japanese fonts are not reflected in the menu, so it is recommended to use alphabetic characters and alphabetic fonts for the title..


Automatically if there is audio or subtitles  Audio / subtitles Is displayed but can be changed AUDIO-SUBTITLES Font only.


Tasks are added automatically, and those that were interrupted due to an error may be registered, so before executing output processing Current task To confirm.


The number of tasks to perform Task list Since it is displayed in, if unnecessary tasks have been added Task list Click


If unnecessary tasks are registered, enable the check box and click "Delete".


The deleted task is Garbage can Click to display the list in the lower pane, and click the arrow at the right end of the task to restore it.


Archive Tasks that failed to be processed are automatically added to, so select them if you do not need them and click "Delete".

If the task processing fails and the task is saved in the archive, DVDFab will ask you to execute the incomplete task when you start it. If you cancel it, it will be automatically deleted from the task archive.

Write to blank disc

When writing to a disc, DVDFab saves the data in a temporary folder and writes the saved data using the writing function.


Output destination After specifying the optical drive from the list and setting the number of copies, click "Start".


When the copy process is complete, the drive tray will open automatically and a dialog will be displayed asking you to insert a blank disc.

If there is no problem playing it on a Blu-ray player, it is completed.

Output of ISO image file / BD folder

If you want to save the data on your PC with an ISO image file or BD folderOutput destination To the right of ISO image file or sending us a message on folder Select the output format with the icon and specify the save destination.


Click the save format icon, specify the save location, and then click "Start".

How to buy DVDFab Blu-ray Creator

DVDFab Blu-ray Creator has no license expiration date and can be permanently updated Indefinite edition And the license has an expiration dateSubscription version Is provided and the subscription version will be automatically renewed Cancellation procedureIf you do not, you will be billed regularly.

DVDFab Blu-ray Creation Purchase Page


To purchase a license, go to "Buy Now" on the product page.


Click "Buy Now" in the plan you want to purchase to proceed with the purchase procedure.

The indefinite version may be on sale Campaign page confirm.
After paying with a credit card, register as a member of DVDFab and activate the product with the registered email address and password.
Latest sale information and purchasing method ・ Cancellation of subscriptionSee the page below

DVDFab Sale Info Latest Sale Information and How to Buy

DVDFab sale information and purchase procedure ・ Introducing license registration method DVDFab can remove the copy guard developed by DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao Software) in China […]

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