Install and use DVDFab 12 Video Converter


Easy-to-use encoder with support for major video file formats

DVDFab 12 Video Converter Is a Chinese software vendor  DVDFab SoftwareAn encoder developed by (formerly Fengtao Software) that allows you to convert video files to file formats, as well as perform simple editing such as file merging, cropping, trimming, and image quality adjustment.

Free version restrictions

・ 265K video files using H.4 / HEVC as the video codec are not supported.
-Only MKV Passthrough and MP4.Free profiles can be used.
・ Up to 2 audio channels
-The maximum resolution of the output video file is 720p.
-Hardware acceleration is not available

System requirements

Version 12. 0 Currently

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
CPU: Pentium II 500 MHz (PC / AT compatible 1 GHz or higher)
RAM: 512 MB (2 GB or more)
HDD: 20 GB or more free space

Where to get the software

DVDFab official download page

Install DVDFab 12 Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter DVDFab 12 Because it is a module ofDVDFab 12 All-in-one To install.

See below for installation instructions

Installing and using DVDFab All-in-One

DVDFab's strongest ripping / copying app with DVD / Blu-ray deprotection function DVDFab All-in-One is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao […]]

Profile settings

The profile registers the ripping settings that are used regularly.

The profile setting screen is DVDFab Video Converter Is displayed at the first startup ofCommon setting Of プ ロ フ ァ イ ル から Set conversion profile Can be changed with.


Of the profile Mobile deviceHome theater Since the display is only separated for convenience, set two types of file formats that are commonly used.

If you are not particular about it, use it by default.


You can change the format by clicking Change next to the default profile.


Home theater In the profile of file formatOutput video codec If you select HD video4K video Profile is set.

If DVDFab analyzes the video file (source) to be converted and the resolution is 4K 4K video, Files other than 4K HD video The profile set in is displayed.


Specify the profile to be used by default and confirm with "Yes" to complete the setting.


For devices, profiles are prepared for each manufacturer's model, and the settings are changed according to the resolution of the specified device.

The default settings, although there are subtle differences H.264 It was used MP4 There is no big difference.


If the video playback environment is fixed device Select the manufacturer name of the model to be used from the left sidebar of, and specify the model to be used in the right pane.

WEB optimization

Web optimization Is a profile linked to uploading to YouTube.


If you sign in to YouTube, you can upload videos seamlessly, and you can upload videos. title-Description-Tag-Publishing Settings Etc. can also be specified.


Expansion packages may need to be installed depending on the environment.


Audio extracts audio from the source and outputs it in the specified file format.


When outputting only audio from a video file audio Select any audio codec from.

Enlarger AI

Enlarger AI is Google's open source software that supports deep learning. TensorFlow A module that uses artificial intelligence to scale (upscale) FHD image quality at a resolution of 1920 x 1080 to a resolution of 4 x 3840 for 2160K UHD Blu-ray.

Enlarger AI is upscaled by one chapter when you try it with a paid module.


Enlarger AI has its own profile.

To use Enlarger AI, you need an NVIDIA graphics card that supports CUDA, so be sure to check your computer's graphics card when considering purchasing.

Installing and using DVDFab Enlarger AI

DVDFab Enlarger AI, a module that realizes sharp upscaling by deep learning, is a Chinese software vendor DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao Software) […]

Meta information settings

By default, DVDFab is set to match the disc title information against the DVDFab server and download the relevant metadata.


If you don't need the meta information  Common setting  Of General から メ タ Select I want to use meta information Uncheck.

How to use DVDFab 12 Video Converter

DVDFab 12 Video Converter can not only convert file formats, but also edit such as cutting and trimming.

DVDFab Video Converter Upscaling module using artificial intelligence, although it can only be downscaled by itself Enlarger AI Upscaling becomes possible by introducing.
Supported input formats
Supported output formats


DVDFab Video Converter When using from the icon menu at the top conversion choose.


Drag the video file to the center of the home screen or + Add local source Specify the video file from and add it.

You can add multiple files, but you cannot add folders.

DVDFab Video Converter-004

The loaded source is task Added as, with the button on the far right to enable / disable the task, X You can delete the source with.


App for smartphone DVDFab Remote With, + Add from mobile device  It is also possible to directly import videos stored on mobile devices on the network from.

Meta information

The original video file does not need meta information, but in the case of movies and TV dramas, it may be possible to obtain meta information.


If you have not obtained the meta information, the cover art is not displayed, so click "Search for movies / TV programs".


Disc type After selecting the content type with, title Enter the title in the item of Years Leaves blank Search Products Click, select the relevant title from the search results, click "Confirm", and meta information such as cover art will be displayed, so reflect it in "Output".

Output settings

After loading the file, set the profile, audio, and subtitles.


Select the profile you want to use from the list.

Only MP4 Free and MKV Passthrough can be selected for the free version.


If the file has audio, you can select it from the drop-down list.

Although the file size is large, MP4 and MKV can store multiple audio data.
"▶" in front of the audio check box is the default audio, so specify it in consideration of the combination with subtitles.
To change it, click the beginning of the audio specified as the default.


Specify the subtitles to output.

DVDFab Video Converter-0111

Profiles other than lossless have better image quality High quality- M-high speed Select from.

The video bitrate varies depending on the resolution of the source, and the video codec H.264 / CVA When using M Target bit rate is SD 480 Mbps at (1.5p),FHD (1080p) is 7.5 Mbps, 4K Only at a constant bit rate of 15 Mbps.

DVDFab Video Converter-014

Advanced Setting You can also adjust parameters such as video codec and frame rate / bit rate by opening (gear icon).


Tasks are added automatically, and those that were interrupted due to an error may be registered, so before executing output processing Current task To confirm.


The number of tasks to perform Task list Since it is displayed in, if unnecessary tasks have been added Task list Click


If unnecessary tasks are registered, enable the check box and click "Delete".


The deleted task is Garbage can Click to display the list in the lower pane, and click the arrow at the right end of the task to restore it.


Archive Tasks that failed to be processed are automatically added to, so select them if you do not need them and click "Delete".

If the task processing fails and the task is saved in the archive, DVDFab will ask you to execute the incomplete task when you start it. If you cancel it, it will be automatically deleted from the task archive.

Editing function

DVDFab Video Converter also implements editing functions such as cropping, cropping and inserting images.


To edit, use the tool icon in the title Movie editing Click

Credit title

You can insert a title before the start of the video and a credit template after the end.Material libraryClick on any design from to add it.


Of the template  opener Is the title before the start, End Credit after the end.


You can insert titles and watermarks directly in the video.

It is not possible to specify the display time or display timing.


+ SUB You can also import external subtitle files.


Music is not added as multiplex audio, but is synthesized with the source audio and the original audio and the added audio are played back at the same time.


You can specify any file for the image, but you cannot specify the display time or display timing.

Image quality adjustment / crop / trim

Image quality adjustment, cropping, and trim are set by clicking the icon above the timeline.


Film The icon is Brightness / contrast / saturation Can be adjusted.


Crop The range to be cropped is displayed on the preview, and the specified range is confirmed by clicking the check mark on the preview.


trim The Cut (delete) the specified rangeThe function can move the start and end points of the trim displayed on the timeline, or Start timeAnd enter the end time.

If you want to set only the specified range as the output range Invert trim Click

The added text, image, crop, trim, etc. are added to the timeline in the lower pane, and can be displayed / hidden with the eye icon.


You can remove unwanted filters by selecting them and clicking the trash can icon at the top.

Specify save destination and output

After setting the output, specify the save destination and execute the ripping process.


At the bottom of the main window Output destination To the right of folder Specify the save destination from the icon, and click "Start" to start the ripping process.


If the GPU supports encoding processing, hardware acceleration is automatically enabled, and the task queue manager shows the processing progress and CPU / GPU utilization.

How to buy DVDFab Video Converter

DVDFab Video Converter License does not expire and can be permanently updated Indefinite edition And the license has an expiration dateSubscription version Is provided and the subscription version will be automatically renewed Cancellation procedureIf you do not, you will be billed regularly.

DVDFab Video Converter Purchase Page


To purchase a license, go to "Buy Now" on the product page.


Click "Buy Now" in the plan you want to purchase to proceed with the purchase procedure.

The indefinite version may be on sale Campaign page confirm.
After paying with a credit card, register as a member of DVDFab and activate the product with the registered email address and password.
Latest sale information and purchasing method ・ Cancellation of subscriptionSee the page below

DVDFab Sale Info Latest Sale Information and How to Buy

DVDFab sale information and purchase procedure ・ Introducing license registration method DVDFab can remove the copy guard developed by DVDFab Software (formerly Fengtao Software) in China […]

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