Installing and using EaseUS OS2Go


Create a portable USB drive from your desktop environment with one click

EaseUS OS2GO Is a Chinese software vendor CHENGDU YIWO Tech A tool developed by to copy an existing OS to a USB drive, and copy the desktop environment you are currently using to a USB drive along with the installed apps.  Create Windows Portable USB Drive Create modules and installation media for Windows 10/11 Create Windows boot USB drive It has a module.

The OS can be copied to an SSD/HDD connected via USB, and Windows is copied with the license activated.portable usb not only Clone system disk Can also be used.
Create Windows installation media Windows boot drive creation is available free of charge.
Windows To Go

For Windows10 Enterprise / Education, copy the Windows disk image to a Microsoft-certified USB drive Windows To Go Was provided, but it was discontinued in Windows 10, version 1903, and Windows To Go functionality was removed in version 2004.

EaseUS OS2GO The Windows To Go It is functionally the same as Windows To Go, but there is no limitation on USB drives that can be used like Windows To Go, and it can also be used with Windows Home Edition.

System requirements

Version 3 as of

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Where to get the software

EaseUS OS2GO official download page

Use the coupon code to purchase the product EIZ20 Enter 20% OFF.

Unable to connect in VPN environment.

Installation of EaseUS OS2GO

The EaseUS OS2GO installer does not include adware or spyware.

The installation specifications have changed since version 4, and after starting the installer, if you allow the change in User Account Control, the program will automatically start. AppData In the folder TempSince it is written to the folder and the uninstall function cannot be used,Revo Uninstaller It is recommended to install via an uninstall support application such as. 


EaseUS OS2GO Click "Free Trial" on the download page to download the installer.

OS2Go 4.0 001

Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.

OS2Go 4.0 002


The installation will be automatically executed, and when OS2Go starts, the license authentication screen will be displayed. If you want to use the trial version, close the license authentication screen.

Requires activation to create portable Windows.

OS2Go 4.0 003

in the top right menu list Language Specify the language to use.


Since version 4 copies necessary programs to a temporary folder instead of a normal installation, the App list is not displayed inConfiguration Of installed apps I can't even uninstall it from (Apps & Features).

OS2Go 4.0 005

Since the folder where OS2Go is installed is a hidden folder, in the address bar of File Explorer, % Temp% Enter Enter Open with key.

OS2Go 4.0 006

AppDataOf the folder Location In the folder Temp folder will open,EaseUsOS2Go You can uninstall by deleting the folder and deleting the desktop shortcut icon.

OS2Go 4.0 007

At the time of installation Revo Uninstaller When I install using "Install a program via Revo" withProgram tracking In addition to OS2Go in the Temp folder, added registries can also be deleted.

How to use EaseUS OS2GO

EaseUS OS2GO comes in the form of a setup wizard that allows you to copy your current desktop environment to a USB drive in just a few clicks.

OS2GO starts from the shortcut icon on the desktop, so if you delete the shortcut % Temp% Directly access the OS2Go folder withbin In the folder EaseUS OS2Go.exe To start.


Select the menu you want to use from the home screen.

Create a Windows boot drive
Create installation media for Windows 8.1 / 10 / 11.
WinToGo Creator (new install)
Copy the clean install environment to a USB drive. 

WinToGo Creator (from applicable PC)

Copy the current desktop environment to a USB drive. 


After inserting the USB drive into the PC No compatible USB drive detected Click

SATA-USB conversion cable , SSD M.2 caseIt is also possible to connect the internal SSD/HDD using such as.


USB drive is recognized.

USB drive

 When creating a portable Windows USB memory C drive  と Reserved by system Since the size that matches the used capacity of is required and the used capacity increases due to file storage etc., use a size that has enough free space.

 USB 3.0 or higher is recommended for the USB memory used.
When using an SSD/HDD, delete all partitions on the disk and format it as a single volume in advance.

WinToGo Creator (from applicable PC)

WinToGo Creator (from applicable PC) creates a Windows portable USB by copying your current desktop environment to a USB drive.

Drive cleanup

Before deploying an image of the system drive, delete unnecessary files that have accumulated on the drive to reduce the amount of space used.


From the context menu (right-click menu) of the C drive Property OpenDisk cleanup Click


System file cleanup choose.


Windows 11 executes the deletion with "OK".

In Windows 10, in addition to the items enabled by default, Windows Update -Windows upgrade log file-Memory dump Delete files such as
Creating portable windows

Creating a portable Windows is almost automatic in a wizard format.

Close the running application before executing the process.


WinToGo Creator If you select, the total size used by Windows and the capacity of the USB memory will be displayed. Check it and click "Next".

It cannot be created unless the free space of the USB memory is larger than the total used size.


A dialog about data deletion will be displayed, so click "Continue".


The status of Source Disk and Target Disk is displayed, but the default setting is Automatic disc adjustment Is enabled, so click "Run" to start the cloning process.


The cloning process depends on the used capacity of the C drive and the transfer speed of the USB drive, but it takes about 3 to 4 hours.

Processing is Copy of source partition It stays for a long time, but it is not abnormal.


When the cloning process is completed, click "Finish" to return to the home screen, so exit EaseUS OS2GO.

Booting portable Windows

When using the created portable Windows, boot the computer from the USB memory.

Chromebook is basically unusable because booting from a USB memory is only for recovery media,boot bootable usb If Bootable USB usage conditions A device that satisfies the requirements and requires a firmware update.


calling UEFI USB.Partition 1 as the 1st Boot and save the settings.

Restore the boot settings when you finish using the portable USB.
Windows automatically configures drivers and other settings because the configuration of the device is different when booting from a USB drive.


Since Windows is running on the USB drive, the drive letter of the computer's C drive has been changed and can be accessed as a data drive.

Portable Windows can also be used as a boot drive, so it is possible to boot a PC that does not start Windows normally from the portable Windows and access the inside of the PC.


You can use installed applications, butLicensing is disabled for licenses that are tied to the hardware of the device..

When MS Office 365 is installed, it consumes a license for a device using Portable Windows with the same device name.
If UNDI, PXE-2.1 is displayed

After using the portable USBUNDI, PXE-2.1is displayed,UEFIThe startup settings for network boot Because it isCtrl + Alt + Del Reboot to change UEFI boot settings.

Devices that do not boot portable Windows

Portable Windows can be used by changing 1st Boot to a USB drive in the boot settings, but the BIOS/UEFI customized by PC manufacturers Unexpected I / O error or the device cannot be accessed, and portable Windows may not start.

WinToGo Creator (new install)

WinToGo Creator (new install) is a module that cleanly installs your current Windows onto a USB drive.


Select the OS you are currently using and change the language to Japanese.

Win2Go is UUP dump and the downloaded image file is of the largest partition of the system disk (usually C drive) Win11Builder Saved in a folder.


Specify the installation destination USB drive and execute with "Install".


A dialog about data deletion will be displayed, so click "Continue".


After successful installation, click “Finish”.

Windows boot drive

Windows boot drive create Windows 8.1/10/11 USB installation media.

Requires a USB drive of 8 GB or larger.


Select the OS version and language to create from the list.

For Windows 8.1 / 10, also specify architecture 64 / 32 bit.


If you have an unformatted USB drive inserted, a dialog about deleting data will be displayed.


Since the file is written after downloading, the processing time varies depending on the download speed and the version of the USB drive, but it takes about 3.1 to 15 minutes using the USB 20 drive.

How to purchase EaseUS OS2GO

EaseUS OS2GO There is a 1 month / 1 year subscription type and a purchase type that allows major updates for free.

EaseUS OS2GO purchase page

Use the coupon code to purchase the product EIZ20 Enter 20% OFF.

Unable to connect in VPN environment.


Select the plan to purchase.

The 1 month / 1 year subscription type is auto-renewal, so you will be charged regularly if you do not stop the renewal.


Payment method Credit card-PayPal-Convenience store settlement Can.

Settlement is a global payment service 2Checkout processed by


For credit card/convenience store payment, enter the required information and click "Buy Now". For PayPal, make payment after logging in.

When the payment is completed, the details of the purchased product and the product key to activate the product will be displayed.

Cancellation of subscription

Cancellation of a subscription that is automatically renewed is in the body of the email sent when payment is completed. Cancellation of subscription Do from.

If you do not cancel your subscription at the time of purchase, be sure to keep it by e-mail.


Cancel subscription Click to cancel the subscription.

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