Install and use EaseUS Partition Master v16.5


Free disk management app that allows you to change partitions and optimize disks

EASEUS Partition Master Is a Chinese software vendor CHENGDU YIWO Tech Co., Ltd. A storage management app developed by the company that can handle partition resizing, which normally requires formatting, in a wizard format while preserving data.

The free version of EaseUS Partition Master Free does not allow you to use dynamic disk related features, but it allows you to resize and maintain basic partitions.

System requirements

Version 16

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10 (32bit / 64bit)
CPU: x86 series 500MHz or higher
RAM: 512MB or more

Support device

IDE (Parallel ATA) / Serial ATA (SATA) / SCSI / IEEE1394 / USB etc.

Support file system


Where to get the software

EaseUS Partition Master Free Official Download Page

Download the latest version of EaseUS Partition Master for non-Windows XP/Vista and virtual machine environment.

Installing and using EaseUS Partition Master Free

EaseUS Partition Master, a free disk management app that allows you to change partitions and optimize disks, is being developed by Chinese software vendor CHENGDU YIWO Tech Co., Ltd. […]

Install EASEUS Partition Master v16.5

EaseUS Partition Master v16.5 installer does not contain adware or spyware.


Click "Free Download" on the download page.


Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


If there is no problem with the license agreement and privacy policy, click "Install now".

The installation destination and language used  Custom installation Can be changed from.


When the installation is complete, "Start Now".



displayed at startup disc guide is a function available in the paid version, so if you use the free version, don't show again and close the screen.


Migrate OS ・ Restore partition ・ WinPE Creator Is a paid Professional feature and is not available in the free version.

clone The Partition mode Only available.
Participation in user experience improvement program

EaseUS Partition Master Free is enabled to participate in the user experience improvement program that sends usage information anonymously, so if you refuse, disable it.


From the hamburger button Configuration choose.


Participation in user experience improvement program Uncheck to disable.

How to use EaseUS Partition Master v16.5

EaseUS Partition Master v16.5 can perform basic partition operations on basic disks, even with chipset RAID configured storage.

When running EaseUS Partition Master, close other applications and make sure to back up before running.


For the operation target diskpartition Set the task to be executed after selecting the operation target.

RAID drives configured with dynamic disks need to be upgraded to EaseUS Partition Master Professional.


The set task will be in a state where the processing is reflected on EaseUS Partition Master. Reserved Because it is added as, continuous processing such as formatting and then splitting is possible, and the icon menu ○ Perform one operation Click to execute the tasks in the order in which they were added.


The added task is NEW Cleared with.


○ Perform individual operations You can check the added task by hovering the mouse over the part of.


○ Perform individual operations Click and select "Apply" in the confirmation dialog  Reserved Processing of the task that is set to is started.

Operations available on "disks"

・Adjustment of disk layout
Change partition size in disk.
Duplicate disk data to another disk.
・Delete all

Delete the partition on the disk to make it "unallocated".
·erase data
Theoretically destroy data by overwriting the disk.
・ MBR reconstruction
Attempt recovery by rebuilding a corrupted master boot record.
・MBR/GPT conversion
Convert the partition format of the data disk to MBR ⇔ GPT.

・ Convert to dynamic disk
Convert from basic disc to dynamic disc
・ Surface test
Check for bad sectors on the disk
・ 4K alignment
Optimize the disk by correcting the gap between the sector and the cluster

・ Properties
・Check details such as the number of sectors, cylinders, and heads of the disk

・System disk clone is not available in the free version
・The dynamic disk menu cannot be used in the free version.

・Conversion from dynamic disk to basic disk is not available in the free version
・Since the free version cannot create boot media, rebuilding the MBR of the system disk cannot be used.


disk To select, click the target disk from the upper or lower pane.


disk Select from the context menu (right-click menu) after selecting the target disk.

on the right sidebar Disk usage You can also select from
Disk clone

Not only can the copy of the disk be divided into partitions of the same size as the copy source, but the partition size can be adjusted as desired.

In the mode for migrating only data, even if the copy destination disk size is smaller than the copy source disk size, copying is possible if the amount of data to be transferred is smaller than the disk size.
The free version cannot copy the system disk on which Windows is installed.


Select the target disk to clone to and with Next confirm the dialog with Continue.


Select a disk layout and click "Run".

Auto adjust disc
In a mode that replicates with the same partition configuration as the clone source disk, if the replication destination disk size is smaller than the replication source disk, the partition size is automatically adjusted according to the data size saved in the partition.
clone as source
It will be copied with the same partition size as the source disk, so there will be unallocated space if the destination disk is larger than the source disk.

clone as source is displayed when the disk size of the clone destination is the same as or larger than the clone source.

Delete all

Delete all Deletes the partition and saved data on the disk to make it unallocated.


Delete all The disk that executed Unallocated It becomes the state of.

Conversion to GPT / MBR

Perform partition format conversion while preserving the data saved on the disk.

4K alignment

Performs partition alignment in the drive.

Partition alignment can be thought of as partition optimization, starting with specific numbers such as physical boundaries (cylinder boundaries, track boundaries, etc.), NVM block boundaries, and 1 MB boundaries.
Erase data

Erase data Overwrites the disk and theoretically erases the data.

Data stored on SSD, HDD, etc. Delete do itEmpty the trash Even so, the area where the data is stored is only released and it is not actually erased from the disk, so if you want to dispose of the PC or discard the HDD or SSDCompletely erase data It is desirable to either do it or physically destroy it to make it inaccessible.


Set the number of times to remove disk data Specify the number of overwrites with.

The data recovery rate decreases in proportion to the number of overwrites, but it takes time for processing.
Rebuild MBR

It is a function to try to repair the MBR that stores information such as partitions, and it can be used on disks other than the system disk in the free version.

Operations available on "partitions"

Create a new partition in the “Unallocated” space.
・ Size adjustment / movement

Resize the entire partition.
Resize selected partition.
Merge adjacent partitions while preserving data.

Delete the partition to make it "Unallocated".
Format the partition
・ Erase data
Overwrite the selected partition to theoretically erase the data
-Change the volume label
Create to change the label of a partition
-Change the drive character
Change the drive letter of the partition
・ Hide
Cancel and hide the drive letter of the partition
・ Advance
You can convert the file system (FAT ⇔ NTFS) and change the cluster size. 

・Space allocation is not available in the free version
・Partition division is not available in the free version
・Clone is not available in the free version
・Merge is not available in the free version


partition After selecting the target partition, select from the context menu (right-click menu).


Create partition creates a new partition in unallocated space.


The partition to create is by default Extended partition Because it is Primary partition If you want to change to Advance Set from.

Size adjustment / move

Moving / resizing a partition resizes an existing partition while preserving the saved data.


Do you move the bar to resize? Partition size Enter a number in to specify the size of the partition.

In the bar for resizing, the used area where data is saved is displayed darkly, and you can freely resize the unallocated area adjacent to the free area.

Select partition Unallocated To


Format the existing partition.

Erase data

Overwrites the selected partition and theoretically erases the data.

How to purchase EaseUS Partition Master Professional

Creating bootable discs- MBR and GPT format conversion of system disk-Dynamic disk management And so on EaseUS Partition Master Professional , you can upgrade to a new version for free in addition to a monthly renewal subscription Permanent license for free upgrade And major upgrades are charged General license There is.

EaseUS Partition Master Professional purchase page

If you open the app from the purchase button, the old version may be in the cart, so purchase from the purchase page.


Select the plan to purchase.


Your subscription is auto-renewal enabled, so if you don't want to renew, details to stop automatic updates from


Payment method Credit card-PayPal -Convenience store settlementCan.

Settlement is a payment agency service founded in Germany and has a Japanese subsidiary Clever bridge Done in.


For credit card/convenience store payment, enter the required information and click "Buy Now". For PayPal, make payment after logging in.

When the payment is completed, the details of the purchased product and the product key to activate the product will be displayed.

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