Installing and using EaseUS RecExperts


Desktop capture to record desktop and webcam footage

EaseUS Rec Experts Is a Chinese software vendor CHENGDU YIWO Tech Co., Ltd. A screen capture app developed by , which allows you to record video chats such as online meetings and classes, as well as video streaming services and webcam images.

The trial version has a 10-minute output limit, includes a watermark, and limits some functions.

System requirements

Version 3 as of

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11

Where to get the software

EaseUS RecExperts Official Download Page

Use the coupon code to purchase the product EIZ20 Enter 20% OFF.

Install EaseUS RecExperts

The EaseUS RecExperts installer does not include adware or spyware.

Not available in VM environments such as VirtualBox.


Click "Free Trial" from the EaseUS RecExperts download page to download the installer.


When the installer is started and the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


If there is no problem with the license agreement and privacy policy, click "Install now".

When changing the installation destination Custom installation Edit from.


The program will be downloaded and the installation will be completed automatically, so start it with "Start Now".

To the download destination of the installer ere_free_easeus The setup file is downloaded, so if you don't need it, delete it including the installer.

Edit destination

EaseUS RecExperts cannot specify where to save the file when recording ends, sovideo If you want to save the file in a location other than a folder, you need to make settings.



on the top right of the screen Configuration Click the icon to open the settings screen, select File Paths on the left sidebar,Destination of output folder で EditClick the icon to specify where to save the file.

Display mouse cursor

With default settings mouse cursor visible If you do not want the cursor to appear in the captured video, change it.


From the left sidebar mouse Select andShow mouse cursor To disable.

Countdown at the start of recording

The default setting is a 3-second countdown before recording starts, so change the setting if you don't need it.


From the left sidebar Recording Select andCountdown before recording starts Uncheck to disable or edit the number of seconds for the countdown.

Output file format

You can also change the video file format and encoding settings.

Supported video file formats


On the left sidebar video Set any file format from .

Since the default is the high image quality setting, there is no need to change it, but if the recording process cannot keep up, lower the image quality and frame rate.

How to use EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts can record desktop and webcam, record system audio and microphone audio, and also implements a game screen recording module.

Screen recording

for desktop recording full screenBusan Area , and Area allows Free Range Selection and Window Selection.


Desktop recording from the left side panel Screen recording , and set the recording range to full screen-Busan AreaSpecified from.


Select the display to record from the list when using full screen in a multi-monitor setup.


Busan Area Is automatically selected when you move the mouse cursor to the window, and drag the mouse to specify an arbitrary range.

Right-click the mouse to deselect a range after selecting an area.


After specifying the recording range, click Record to enable audio.

System sound Is the sound output from the speaker, by default System soundis enabled, so the audio output from the speaker will be recorded.

If System Sound and Microphone are enabled, the audio output from the speaker and the audio input from the microphone will be recorded simultaneously. 


If you want to display the webcam video on the desktop and record it at the same time (wipe) webcam To enable.

Wipe position and size can be adjusted. Microphone Also enable.


After setting the recording, is it the "REC" button? F9 Start recording with the key.


If the toolbar is displayed in the recording area, the toolbar is also recorded.Therefore, it must be minimized when in full screen.

In a multi-display environment, toolbars are displayed on non-recording displays.
If you want to always hide the toolbar and operate from hotkeys or task tray,Configuration Of Recording で Hide floating toolbar To enable.


Annotate When (Annotation) is enabled, the drawing tools will appear and you can write on the recording area.


When you stop recording, the edit screen opens, and you can check the recorded file, cut edits, insert titles (not available in the trial version), etc.

Audio recording

audio records system audio and microphone audio.


from left side panel Audio recording , specify the audio to be recorded, and start recording with "REC".

 Game recording

Game recording can record by specifying a running game app.


After launching the game you want to record, from the left side panel Game recording Select andSelect a game Specify the game to record.

game mode is Manager Select "Restart" when the dialog is displayed because it needs to be executed as


Simultaneous recording of wipes and live commentary with a microphone are also possible.


Information such as recording time is overlaid on the game screen (not recorded). F8 You can switch the display with .

webcam recording

webcam recording can record webcam recording video.


Click ▼ in the left side panel webcam recording choose.


Since the image of the webcam is displayed, start recording with "REC", click "✕" to close the screen,

Recorded at the resolution set by the webcam.

online video recording

EaseUS RecExperts supports recording DRM-protected streaming videos, so you can record titles played on browsers such as Amazon Prime and Netflix.


left side panel online video recording When you select , the icon of the video streaming service will be displayed, but since the link destination of the icon is an overseas site, after logging in to the streaming service with a browser Screen recording to record.

How to buy EaseUS RecExperts

EaseUS RecExperts has a 1-month/1-year subscription type and a purchase type that allows major updates for free, and payment is a German payment agency service with a Japanese subsidiary Clever bridge .

EaseUS RecExperts purchase page

Use the coupon code to purchase the product EIZ20 Enter 20% OFF.

Unable to connect in VPN environment.


Select the plan to purchase.


1 month/1 year subscription type has auto-renewal enabled, so if you want to disable it, click details から Automatically renew license The No change to.


Payment method Credit card-PayPal-Convenience store settlement Can.


After entering the necessary information and completing the payment with "Buy Now", the details of the purchased product and the product key that activates the product will be displayed.


RecExperts hamburger button Activate RecExperts and enter your license code.


Once authenticated, full functionality is available.

Cancellation of subscription

If you wish to cancel an auto-renewal subscription, please follow the instructions in the email text sent when payment is completed Cancellation of subscription Do from.

If you do not cancel your subscription at the time of purchase, be sure to keep it by e-mail.


Cancel subscription Click to cancel the subscription.

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