Installing and using EaseUS Todo Backup Free


Free backup software to back up your drive or system

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Is a Chinese software vendor CHENGDU YIWO Tech Co., Ltd. Is a backup support app developed byDrive file backup, System backupIt is also possible to schedule backup work and execute it automatically.

From version 2022, the restrictions on the free version have been increased, and disk clones that were available in the previous version need to be upgraded to the paid version.

System requirements

Version 2023 as of

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/11
CPU: x86 series 500 MHz or higher
RAM: 1GB or more

The x86 series 500MHz class CPU is a model such as Pentium III, Celeron, Athlon (K2000) and Duron released around 7.

Where to get the software

EaseUS Todo Backup Free Official Download Page

Use the coupon code to purchase the product EIZ20 Enter 20% OFF.

Install EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The EaseUS Todo Backup Free installer does not include adware or spyware.


Click "Free Download" on the download page.


Registration of e-mail address is optional, so close the window if you do not register.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-070

Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


If you are satisfied with the license agreement and privacy policy, click "Install Now".

The installation destination and language used  Custom installation Can be changed from.


Select "Free installation" to perform the installation.


When the installation is complete, "Start Now".

EaseUS-Todo Backup-066

When the license authentication screen is displayed Free Select or close the screen.


EaseUS Todo Backup Free will be available.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-069

If you see ads in your notifications Will not be displayed in the future Check to close.


EaseUS Todo Backup Free by default Anonymous data transmissionResidency in system tray is enabled, so if you want to deny Configuration Disable with.


From the menu list in the upper right Configuration choose.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-067

If you refuse to send anonymous data Participate in user experience improvement program If you want to stop system tray residency, disable it by unchecking Enable EaseUS Todo Backup Tray Uncheck to disable.

How to use EaseUS Todo Backup Free

The operation of EaseUS Todo Backup is a wizard format, and when you perform a backup by specifying the backup target and save destination, EaseUS Todo Backup's own image file  .pbd backup data is created.


Start EaseUS Todo Backup and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


Click "Create Backup" on the home screen.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-075

What to back up File-disk-System Choose fromFile-disk Specifies the item to back up.

Back up the specified folder / file with the user file backup function.
Back up disks and partitions.
Back up all files on C drive, including unallocated partitions required for Windows to work.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-076

The backup destination is the C drive by default My Backups Since it is a folder, click the PC icon.

It is recommended to save the backup data to a location other than the system drive.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-077

Backup destination Local drive- EaseUS cloud-NAS Specify from

File backuponly Local driveAdd cloud storage service Can be selected,dropbox-Google drive-OneDrive Backup to is available.
EaseUS cloud Is a paid cloud storage service provided by EaseUS, and if you want to use it, create an account and EaseUS Todo Backup Home & Cloud Need to purchase.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-078

After specifying the backup destination, execute the backup with "Backup Now".

Backup data is stored in a folder named after the drive or file you want to back up.

If you want to run the backup task you created on a regular basis Schedule To set.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-079

From the home screen, select the task for which you want to scheduleNext backup Is displayed in There is no schedule Click the link.


Backup timing in the left sidebar every day-Weekly-monthly Select from and set the date and time to execute.

The schedule is executed only when the personal computer is running.
Backup method
Since all files are backed up every time, the backup takes a long time and the free space of the save destination is squeezed, but since it is possible to restore from all the backup files, even if some files are damaged, other files Can be recovered with.
It backs up the change history of the file from the backup file executed in "Complete", and while the backup can be executed in a short time and the file size is small and the most efficient, it is all increments to restore the latest state. A backup file is required, and if a file in the middle is missing, you can only recover from a complete backup to the missing file.
It is a redundant version of "Increment" and backs up all files that have changed from "Complete", so it takes longer to back up than "Increment" and uses disk space, but all backup files are required during recovery. It can be recovered with "complete" and the latest differential backup file.


By default, the backup image file is not deleted and is saved altogether.Image save settingsTheEffectivenessIf set to, files can be deleted automatically according to the set conditions.

Delete backup task

When you perform a backup, the task will be added to the home screen, so delete it if you do not need it.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-080

After selecting the task to be deleted, from the context menu (right-click menu) Delete backup The task is deleted with.

Only tasks are deleted, not backup data.
Check the image

The saved backup data is an image file unique to EaseUS Todo Backup.  .pbd  Since it is saved in, it is recommended to check if the image data is damaged after the backup is executed.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-081

At the top right of the home screen tool から Check the image choose.


reference Extension created in .pbd Error checking is performed when the image file of is selected.

復 元

Restoration of backup data is executed from EaseUS Todo Backup, so in case Windows does not start normally, Bootable disc To create.

Creating bootable discs

The data size of the bootable disc (boot disc) is about 500 MB, and CD-R, DVD-R, and USB memory can be used.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-082

After setting the media to be used on the computer, it is in the upper right corner of the home screen. tool から Creating bootable discs choose.


Select the media to use from ISO file, USB drive, and CD / DVD.


A dialog will be displayed, so click "Create" to execute.

The USB drive will be formatted and all data in the drive will be erased.
Win PE (Windows Preinstallation Environment) is a customizable OS that can be run from a CD / DVD or USB stick with minimal Windows functionality, and boot media created with EaseUS Todo Backup can only be run by EaseUS Todo Backup. There is.

If EaseUS Todo Backup fails to create a USB drive or CD / DVD ISOSelect to create an ISO image file and the USB drive will Rufas, CD / DVD BurnAware Free Create using an app that can create boot media such as.

Restore from EaseUS Todo Backup

Restoration File-disk-System Extract the image file created in.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-083

Select the task you want to restore and click "Restore"Restore referrer Specify the image file directly from.


file/folder Performs a restore by specifying the version to restore and the restore destination.


The data to be restored can be overwritten on an existing file, saved in a different location, or restored by specifying a specific folder / file contained in the backup data.


disk For the backup data of, select the version and mode to restore and execute the restore.

Dynamic discOnly dynamic disks can be restored as backup data, and basic disks cannot be specified.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-039

Disk partition mode
Restore by specifying the entire disk or partition.
File mode
Restore by specifying a specific folder / file contained in the backup data.
Even if multiple disks are backed up at the same time, recovery is required one by one at the time of restoration.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-040

Disk partition mode Specifies a disk or partition as the restore destination.

The disk containing the backup data cannot be specified as the restore destination.
Advanced options Used when the restore destination disk is SSD Optimized for SSD , Used when you suspect that the disk has bad sectors Sector by sector restoreCheck if necessary.

EaseUS Todo Backup Free-068

Restoring a disk / partition requires a reboot, which overwrites the disk.


System For the backup data of, select the version to restore and the disk to restore to.

Dynamic discOnly dynamic disks can be restored as backup data, and basic disks cannot be specified.
Restore from boot media

If Windows does not boot due to a problem, you can restore it from backup using the boot media of EaseUS Todo Backup created in advance.


Set the boot media and start the computer.

If you do not want to load the boot media, set the boot option in UEFI / BIOS.


When the bootable media starts, the EaseUS Todo Backup logo is displayed.


After booting, the drive connected to the PC will be searched, and the saved EaseUS Todo Backup image file will be read and displayed, so select the backup data to restore.


The disk is overwritten on reboot.

Upgrade to EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Todo Backup HomeIf you upgrade to, the functions restricted by EaseUS Todo Backup Free will be released.

Features available in Home

Ability to write data directly to disk without saving it as a backup file.
System migration
Ability to create a system drive for a new PC using disk or OS backup files.

Create a portable Windows USB drive
Create a USB drive that can boot Windows by copying the existing system.

Outlook email backup
Ability to back up Microsoft Outlook emails when using Microsoft Office.
-Exclude unnecessary temporary files from backup
・ Improved processing speed

·technical support

clone At runtime, delete the partition of the data migration destination disk UnallocatedIf you copy the system disk to the above state, there is a drive letter problem, so remove all HDDs / SSDs other than the clone disk and start Windows.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-084

EaseUS Todo Backup Home has a monthly/yearly subscription and a perpetual license plan with free upgrades to new versions.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home purchase page

Use the coupon code to purchase the product EIZ20 Enter 20% OFF.

Unable to connect in VPN environment.

EaseUS Backup-home004

The payment service is a payment agency service founded in Germany, and there is also a Japanese corporation. Clever bridge And the payment method is Credit card - PayPal -Convenience store settlement Is available.

EaseUS-Todo Backup-042

EaseUS Todo Backup Free In the upper right of Cart icon Open the license authentication screen from and enter the license code that will be sent by email after the payment is completed. Activation Then EaseUS Todo Backup Home Becomes available.

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