Installing and using Enpass Password Manager


Highly secure password management software that is essential for securely managing huge numbers of passwords

Enpass Password Manager  Is an Indian software vendor Sinew Software Systems Password management software developed by the company, a strong encryption algorithm 256-bit AES Data is protected using, and basic functions such as saving passwords and filling out forms are available free of charge.

Enpass Password Manager is an independent third-party cybersecurity company in the United States VerSprite Has been audited by the company and has released an investigation report.
VerSprite Enpass Password Manager Apps – Security Assessment PDF


Password management

Password management method and leakage risk With the authentication method using login ID and password, if account information is leaked, there is a high possibility that it will be accessed by a third party, and if it is misused, account hijacking or illegal deposit of docomo account […]

System requirements

Version 6 Currently

OS: Windows 10/11

Where to get the software

Enpass Password Manager official website download page

Enpass password manager for Android

How to use Enpass password manager for Android

Enpass password manager is an easy-to-use password management app that can be synchronized with a computer. Password management software developed by Indian software vendor Sinew Software Systems […]

Install Enpass Password Manager

The Enpass Password Manager installer does not include adware or spyware.


Enpass Password Manager Microsoft Store Windows 10/11 is available on the download page at  desktop It is in Download from Store Click "Windows 10".


The Microsoft Store page opens, so click "Get Microsoft Store apps" and allow it to open in the Microsoft Store.


"Get" because it starts with the Microsoft Store app.


"Open" when the installation is complete.


When Enpass Password Manager starts, select Personal and specify where you want to save the Enpass database.

If you want to sync your Enpass data set up on other devices, select Cloud services where your data is stored.
Enpass Password Manager does not implement a synchronization function by its own server, so if you want to share the database with multiple devices dropbox , OneDrive Use online storage such as, or use a NAS or server that supports WebDAV.

OneDrive business account is not available.


If you select online storage as the storage location, log in and allow access.


When the dialog is displayed Select a programEnpass Password Manager Select "Open Link".


In the browser Authorization Finished!Is displayed, return to Enpass andMaster password To set.

The master password depends on the alphanumericals, symbols, and number of characters used. Very terrible ~ very goodBecause it is evaluated up tovery goodor sending us a message on All rightSet to be.
The master password is used to decrypt the encrypted database, so if you lose it, you will not be able to access Enpass.
If you connect to a destination that already has an Enpass database,Used on other devices Master password Enter "Restore".
After setting the master password as a new user, if you specify an existing online storage in the synchronization settings, the master password will be overwritten and a synchronization error will occur on other devices.


Re-enter the set master password and click "Continue".


If you register your e-mail address, you can use dark mode and create categories, so enter your e-mail address from "Register with e-mail address" and authenticate with a one-time password.


Registration is completed with "Complete".


Quick setup Opens, soAutorun Enable and click "Done".


Browser extension To install Extensions Go to the download page and install the extension for your browser.

"Install" of Enpass's browser extension will display the Microsoft Edge page.

Browser extension Is an alternative to the browser's automatic login feature, which uses Enpass to enter login information into the browser's farm.


When used for the first time, it will be displayed on the login form Click to unlock Enpass Click and you need to authenticate your browser with a one-time password.

security settings

You can change the lock time and the time to hold data in the clipboard according to the usage environment, but if convenience is prioritized, the security risk increases.


The setting is at the top right of the home screen Configuration Click the icon.


Select the item to set from the menu displayed at the bottom.

Time to lock

Enpass is activated with a master password or PIN by default and then Lock after 1 minuteIs done.


If you want to extend the time to lock, please use the menu at the bottom. Security choose.


Changed the system inactivity time when auto-locking.

PIN setting

Enpass Password Manager requires a master password to start and unlock, PIN Unlocking can be performed smoothly by setting.


To set the PIN, use the menu at the bottom. Security choose.


PIN Check the item and set the PIN.

Clipboard save time

If you copy the data from Enpass, the default settings are 30 seconds later The clipboard is cleared.


To change the clipboard save time, use the menu at the bottom. Security choose.


Clipboard Set the time until deletion with.


bold (Safe) is a database that stores passwords and has a primary vault created by default.


If you want to share only some login information,Add a new vault You can also create a new vault from and sync with your cloud service.

The added vault is SecondaryThe password set for the secondary vault is stored in the primary vault, so unlocking the primary vault with the master password automatically unlocks the secondary vault.

How to use Enpass Password Manager

The Enpass password manager automatically recognizes the login information input form and allows you to enter login information seamlessly if you have the browser extension installed.


When you register with Enpass, the title will be displayed on the form, and when you click the login information you want to use, it will be reflected on the form.

Add items and log in

Enpass Password Manager Login, credit card, name, memo, password, finance, license, travel, computer, etc. Categories and formats are available.

All the categories of common services that you usually use, such as web services such as Google and Microsoft, and online shops such as Amazon and Rakuten. Login become.


If your browser extension is enabled, you can fill out a form that is not registered with Enpass and Enpass will recognize it and display the registration form. + Add to Enpass Click


If you have not entered the password, enter it in the password field from "Show more" and click "Save".

Save form

If the registration form is not displayed when entering special login forms such as Internet banking or login information, save the login form.


On the login form After entering your login information, Click the hamburger button from the browser extension Enpass,Save Webform choose.


The item addition form will be displayed, so register with "Save".

Manual registration

Register information such as credit cards and bank accounts directly with Enapss.


To add an item, click "+" to register it.Categories choose.


A template is prepared for login, so select the corresponding service from the list if it is not in the list, if it is not in the list default Select.


The basic items of login information are Username, email address, password, website So, even if you do not enter the URL of the website, it will be automatically entered when you log in for the first time.

User name  と Email Address If is entered, Enpass will use the item above as the login ID when logging in, so Items not required for login are blankTo.
User nameEmail Address If you want to save items at the same time, drag the hamburger button at the right end of the item to remove items that are not needed for login. Password It can also be handled by moving it below.

If you switch to Enpass from another password management app, you can import it into the file Enpass exported from the password management app.

 It can also be imported if login information such as Excel can be output to a CSV file.


To import the file, click the hamburger button on the upper right. File から import choose.


Select the file to import.

Files such as Excel and text Format to the specified formatAnd at the bottom of the list Formatted CSV choose.
The specified format differs depending on the category, so a format sample ( Login   /  Credit card  /  Notes  /  Others ) And prepare the data by referring to the sample.
In format Only alphanumeric characters can be usedso,All unnecessary items are blankTo


The file format is suitable for the selected app, soSelect a folder Specify the folder where the file to import the item is saved in and click "Continue".

If the file is imported normally, the number will be displayed, and clicking "Continue" will complete the import.

Create Password

Enpass can create random passwords with conditions such as the number of characters and the characters used.


From browser extensions etc. Password generation Click the icon.


After adjusting the number of characters with the slide bar, specify the password conditions and click "Enter" to enter the password form, or click the copy icon at the top to copy it to the clipboard.


The generated password is from the 3-point reader in the upper right corner. History You can check it from.

Password leakage check

Enpass can also check for leaks of the login information you are using.


On the left sidebar audit It is in At riskSelect and click "Continue".


Check for password leaks is an account information leak confirmation site operated by security researcher Troy Hunt. Have I Been Pwned (HIBP) "Continue" to connect to.

When the check is completed At riskItems with leaked login information are listed in the item.


When Enpass purchases and upgrades a subscription, the restrictions on the number of items that can be used on mobile devices and the number of devices that can be used are lifted.

Enapss subscription purchase page


Payment is a SaaS company headquartered in the United States  Fast Spring Is acting on your behalf, in addition to credit cards PayPal You can also pay by.

Cancellation of subscription  Fast Spring OfManagement page You can log in with the email address you registered at the time of purchase and use the order history of Enapss.

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