How to use the online image editing service FotoJet


A free online service that makes it easy to create posters, flyers, and collage images

FotoJet Is a Chinese software vendor  Pearl Mountain Technologyis a free online image editing service that allows you to customize templates to create posters, collages, and more.

In the free version, you cannot save your work in progress or save the created design, and there are restrictions such as only basic templates that can be used.

Templates and graphic designs available on FotoJet are from a Chinese software vendor. Pearl Mountain Limited and is licensed for personal and non-commercial use only.

System requirements

Browser: Google Chrome/ Firefox/ safari

WEB site

FotoJet official website

How to use FotoJet

FotoJet has Design-コ ラ ー ジ ュ-Edit There is an independent module of , and the editing screen is different, but the basic operation of selecting and editing a template is the same.In the free version, it is not possible to save the project in progress or save the work..

When using the free version, there is no benefit to creating an account.


Select the module to use from the link on the top page of FotoJet.


Select from the list to move from the module edit screen.

VIDEO EDITOR The XNUMX features you Website opens.


After selecting the module to use Settings Of LanguageJapanese Specify.

Japanese fonts do not appear in the text font list unless Japanese is selected.

Design – Design

Design You can create posters, flyers, business cards, etc. using templates.

Designing with charts and graphs is the same as FotoJet Design CapIt is possible with.


Templates are categorized, so select the base design.

The template size (aspect ratio) cannot be changed in the free version.


Upgrade is required to use the template with the crown icon.


Replace template images and text.


If you want to use the original image Library Of add photo Uploaded by.


Images can be replaced by dragging.


Image position adjustment and enlargement are performed by trimming, and image overlap (layer) is Floor Adjust with.


Effect You can adjust the opacity and color.


at the top to add text Add Heading-Add subheading-Add Body Text Select from.

Text can be edited by double-clicking on the bounding box that appears when selected.


Japanese fonts are Source Han Serif and other 5 free fonts only.


You can also change the background color.


The created design can be "printed" in addition to "downloaded".


To download, specify the file format and size and click "Download".

The file format that can be downloaded is JPG / PNG, and the free version is limited to small / medium size only.


Download starts with "Save for free now".


if you want to print Advanced SettingOptions Of header and footer Uncheck.

The paper size depends on the template you use.

Collage – Collage

コ ラ ー ジ ュ The photo gridDesign template There,Design template are categorized.


コ ラ ー ジ ュ 's design template cannot be resized in the free version,photo grid is changeable.


photo gridYou can also adjust spacing and roundness.

You can adjust the position of the image only when enlarging it, so depending on the composition of the image, you may need to edit it before uploading.



Edit You can easily crop images, adjust color and contrast, and apply filters, frames, and overlay effects such as sepia and old photos.


Edit Open to open the Quick Start Screen, click any effect or press "X" to close the window.

Even if you select an effect, you can change it later.


From "Open" at the top computer Select to specify the image to edit and upload.


For trimming and resizing, click on the left icon menu. Edit Do from.


lomography camera Effect as if shot with Lomo can be applied with one click.


overlay You can also use multiple overlays by moving the display position by dragging and confirming with "Apply".


If you use a frame, the downloaded image will be larger in height and width by the frame than the original image.

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How to use the online image editing service FotoJet

A free online service that makes it easy to create posters, flyers, and collage images. FotoJet is a free online image service developed by Chinese software vendor Pearl Mountain Technology.