Installing and using Google Chrome for Windows


Multi-functional tab browser developed by Google based on open source Chromium

VPN extensions for Google Chrome The  Google An open-source Chromium-based web browser developed by , with the concept of speed, simplicity, and security, it has maintained the No.

with Google account gmail- Google calendar -Google Docs It is highly convenient because it can be linked with cloud services provided by Google, but on the other hand, it has been criticized for collecting excessive personal information.

System requirements

Version 109 Currently

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or later processor (SSE3 compatible)

Where to get the software

Google Chrome for Windows Stable Official Download Page

Google Chrome Beta Official Download Page

Install Chrome for Windows

The Chrome installation has no configuration items and is automatically set up when you start the installer.


before download Google terms of serviceChrome and Chrome OS Additional Terms of Service If there is no problem, click "Download Chrome" to download the installer.

Sending trial statistics data is enabled, so if you want to refuse it, uncheck it to disable it.


Start the installer and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.


The installation will be automatically executed, so when Chrome starts up, set "Bookmarks", Background, Default browser, etc. from "Start".


Google account If you want to log in with , select "Continue" and log in. If you want to use it with a guest account, select "No".

If you log in with a Google account, you can sync your Chrome bookmarks, extensions, saved passwords, and browsing calendar -Google drive Services provided by Google can be used seamlessly.


When you log in, the synchronization setting screen appears, and synchronization starts with "Enable".

If you want to individually set the items to be synchronized, edit in "Settings".


If you skipped logging in, you can log in with "Enable Sync" from the account icon in the upper right.


It also supports guest mode and multiple accounts.

Guest mode
When you use Guest, your browsing history and cookies are deleted when you close your browser.

You can register multiple Google accounts and start Chrome in different environments at the same time.

Page to display at startup

Chrome defaults to Open a new tab page , a new page opens with a Google search bar.


If you want to change the page displayed at startup, go to the address bar chrome://settings/onStartup or from the three dots on the top right Configuration in the left sidebar At startup Select to specify the page to display at startup.

Search engine changes

Chrome's search engine defaults to Google, but you can change it to DuckDuckGo or Yahoo.


To change the search engine, in the address bar chrome://settings/search OrConfiguration From the left sidebar of Search engine Select andSearch engine used in the address bar Specified from the list of.

Filter bubble problem

Google's search engine employs an algorithm that displays search results that are presumed to be searched by the user, such as from the search history, when an ambiguous word is entered, and the search result that the user intended is obtained. This is convenient, but on the other hand, the information obtained by the user is filtered, and it is easy to create a dangerous situation where confirmation bias is likely to occur.Filter bubble problem Is concerned as.


Chrome comes with standard protections enabled by default, blocking sites deemed dangerous, such as those containing malware.


To change Safe Browsing settings, in the address bar chrome://settings/security Or Configuration From the left sidebar of Privacy and security Select andSecurityEnhanced protection , no protection Can be changed to.

PC cleanup

Chrome implements the ability to scan your computer for malware detection and removal, much like a security app.


in the address bar to run the scan chrome: // settings / cleanup Or Configuration From the left sidebar of reset and cleanup Select and PC cleanup to "Search".

Save password

By default, Chrome saves login information and auto-login is enabled, which makes it easy to use, but saved account information can be easily retrieved by opening the browser.

If you value security, don't store passwords in your browser Password manager Recommended to use.


Change password settings in the address bar chrome :/ / settings / passwords OrConfiguration From the left sidebar ofAutofill Select Password manager Edit with.


Below the Google search bar that appears in new tabs is Shortcut is displayed and by default is selected by the userShortcuts are displayed.


The shortcut to display is Add Shortcut Register by entering the display name and URL from .


Registered shortcuts can be edited and deleted from the 3-point reader menu that appears when you hover over them.


bottom right Customize Chrome Shortcut from Frequently visited sites or change toHide shortcut can also be

Default custom shortcut is synced with your Google account.

How to use Google Chrome

Chrome is a multi-functional tabbed browser, but with a simple user interface, browsing websites can be intuitively operated.


Enter the keyword or URL you want to search for in the address bar and use it.


Chrome tabs operate independently, so even if an error occurs on the page you are browsing, closing the tab will not affect other tabs. Memory consumption increases by the number of tabs you have.


Accidentally closed tabs Ctrl + Shift + T or open the context menu on a blank part of the tab bar open closed tab to restore.

Fixed tab

Tab Fixed Then the startup settings Open a new tab page Even if it is set to , it will be displayed when Chrome is started.


To pin a tab, open the page you want to pin and use the tab's context menu (right-click menu). Fixed choose.

Unpinning is done from the context menu of the pinned tab Release the lock .


Pinned tabs only show the site icon.

Tab grouping

グループ Kaze is a function that organizes tabs, and you can prevent it from becoming complicated by opening many tabs.


Create a new grrule from the context menu of the grouping tab Add tab to new group choose.


Set the group name.


Add to the created group from the context menu of the tab Add tabs to groups Specify the group to add with.


You can hide the tabs that belong to the group by clicking the group name.

Fixed tabs cannot be added to groups, and if you want to display the group created at the next startup, set the startup settings. Open the previously opened page Need to be changed.


To add the page you are viewing to your bookmarks, click the ☆ mark displayed in the address bar.


Click the ☆ mark to open the bookmark edit screen. Specify the display name of the web page and the bookmark addition destination, and click "Finish".

Bookmark management

Organize bookmarks and set bookmark bar display settings in the menu list. Bookmarks Done in.


Displayed when opening a new tab Bookmark bar If you want to always display , from the 3-point reader Bookmarks Select Show bookmark bar To enable.


Bookmark bar From the context menu of Create a folder You can add a folder to the bookmark bar with, and you can move the added bookmark by dragging.

Reading list

Reading list is a function to register interesting articles.


Open the website you want to add to your reading list and from the tab's context menu Add a tab to your reading list choose.


The added page Side panel Of Reading list It can be accessed from.


Extensions are additional features that you install in Chrome,chrome web store Install from.


chrome web store is a shortcut on the home screen or in the address bar chrome: // apps Enter Web store choose.


chrome web store will open, so install any extension with "Add to Chrome".


The extension will request access rights to Chrome, so check the content and add it.


Installed extensions are on the left of the account menu Extension It will be added to the list and will appear next to the address bar when you click Pin to enable it.

App or Application or Sakurabook App

Progressive Web Apps Sites that support (PWA) can be installed as an app.


On sites that support PWA, an install icon is displayed next to the ☆ mark of the bookmark, and a shortcut icon is created on the desktop when installed.


In the address bar chrome: // apps You can access the list of installed apps by typing.


You can also add the App List page to your bookmarks.


To uninstall an added app, open the app and tap from the 3-dot reader. Uninstall Select orApp listOpen the context menu of the app you want to remove from Remove from Chrome You can uninstall it with.


Printing the page displayed in the browser Ctrl + P or from the 3-dot leader on the top right Print choose.


The print settings screen opens and the default printer is Destination is displayed and the destination is Save to PDF If you change to , you can save the displayed page as a PDF file.

If you have registered multiple printers View more Select from.
Default printing paper A4 If you want to change it because it is Advanced Setting Of size of paper Specified by.

secret window

secret window When you close the window Browsing history-Cookie-Form data Etc. User activity is deleted.


If you use an incognito window Ctrl + Shift + N or from the 3-point leader new incognito window choose.


Incognito mode simply deletes your activity on your device. Communication is not anonymizedTherefore, access logs remain on the ISP's DNS server and connection destination server.

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