How to set up and get Windows 7


How to get Windows 7 ISO file and setup

Windows 7 will end extended support on January 2020, 1 and will be on January 14, 2023 Malicious Software Removal Tool – v5.109 ( KB890830 ) Although support for Windows 7 was completely terminated at the end of the distribution ofStart counter According to the data, as of December 2022, it maintains a 12% share of Windows operating in Japan (5% worldwide).

How to get Windows 7

Previously Microsoft Download Center I was able to download the ISO file by entering the Windows 7 product key, but due to the end of support, the corresponding page was redirected to the Windows 7 life cycle page and can not be downloaded now.

Using Rufus

USB boot drive creator app Rufus has a function to download Windows and create installation media, and if it is English version of Windows 7, you can create installation media.


Installing and using Rufus

Free software to create a USB memory boot drive Rufus is an open source USB boot drive creation software developed by Pete Batard, which is an OS disk image file (.iso […]].


Selectable languages ​​are English only.

Obtained from the Internet Archive

Ignore issues such as ethics, terms of use, copyright, security risks, etc., but the ISO files of the Japanese version of Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate are Internet Archive Available from

Windows 7 SP1 All In One x64 Japanese Version

Windows 7 SP1 All In One x86 Japanese Version

A valid product key is required for installation.


On the right side of the download page DOWNLOAD OPTIONS Of ISO IMAGE Click to download the ISO file.

Creating installation media

If you downloaded the ISO file from the Internet Archive Rufus , Burnware Create installation media using

 When using a USB memory

Installing and using Rufus

Free software to create a USB memory boot drive Rufus is an open source USB boot drive creation software developed by Pete Batard, which is an OS disk image file (.iso […]].


Writing stagnates at around 95%, but processing continues, so wait until the end.

When using blank DVD discs

Install and use BurnAware Free

BurnAware Free is a free writing application that burns CDs, DVDs, and BDs. It is a free writing software developed by Spanish software vendor BurnAware.


Installing and using ImgBurn

Free writing software ImgBurn that can write to CD / DVD / Blu-ray and output ISO files is a free writing software developed by LIGHTNING UK!


When using BurnAware Burn ISO Write the downloaded ISO file.

Get KB3138612

Windows 7 SP1 installation media contains Windows 7 updates KB3138612 Is not installed Error 8007000E or 80072EFE when running Windows Update but Windows 7 implements IE 8 Since the current website cannot be accessed in Windows Update Catalog から KB3138612 Download.


Windows Update Catalog から KB3138612 Download it and move it to a USB memory etc.

The 32-bit version is Windows7 update (kb3138612) , 64bit version Update for Windows7 for x64-Based System (kb3138612) download.

Windows 7 installation

USB 7 driver for Windows 3.0 xHCI is not included, so it can be installed smoothly on a PC equipped with a CPU released before 6, such as Intel 2015th generation (Skylake) / AMD FX series, but in the environment after 2016 DVD drive with PS/2 port and SATA connection requiredCheck if a driver for Windows 7 that can be installed in your environment is provided.


Install Windows 7 on Ryzen PC

Use Windows 10 on AMD Ryzen PCs that only support Windows 7 Microsoft 7th Generation Intel, 7th AMD AMD, Qualcomm “8996 ″ and above […]

VirtualBox can be used to install Windows 10 in a virtual environment on a PC running Windows 11/7.


Boot Windows 7 from installation media (ISO file in virtual environment).


Click "Install Now".


Internet Archive downloaded from Windows 7 SP1 All In One If you are using , all editions will be displayed, so select the edition for which you have a product key, agree to the license terms, and install.

Windows Update

After installing Windows 7 SP1 KB3138612 and run Windows Update.


Start the downloaded program, install it, and then restart your PC according to the instructions.


Windows Update When you check for updates with, the updates are recognized normally, so execute "Install Updates".


Check the license agreement, and if there are no problems, check "I agree" and click "Finish" to start the Windows Update update process.


A program update error occurs, so if you repeat the restart and check for updates several times KB4493132-KB4516065-KB4535102 cannot be installed and an error occurs.


It's on IE 11 so open your browser Microsoft Catalog から 2019-03 Windows 64 Servicing Stack Update for ×7-based Systems (KB4490628) Install, restart your PC, and run Windows Update again.


After the updates have been successfully installed, reboot and run Windows Update again.


Browser updated from IE11 to Edge.


No critical updates available completed when is displayed.

KB4539601 If the installation of Microsoft Catalog から KB4524157 download and install.

After applying the update file and restarting, even if the Windows 7 flag is displayed and it seems to be blacked out, it will start after a few minutes.


KB4493132 is installed on boot Your Windows 7 is no longer supportedwill be displayed.


After Windows Update is complete Activation I do.


Computer Of Property open or コ ン ト ロ ー ル パ ネ ル Of System and security から System OpenWindows activation Click the link to activate your license.


Once the license is authenticated, setup is complete.

Windows 7 can be activated with the product key of the preinstalled OS, but reusing the product key of the preinstalled OS is a violation of the terms of use.

Windows Terms of Service [Software pre-installed on the device]

If you obtain the Software pre-installed on your device (and upgrade from the Software pre-installed on your device), you license another user to use the Software only with the licensed device. You can transfer it directly.You must transfer the software and, if provided with the device, including the genuine Windows label containing the product key.

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