Installing and using Kinoppy for Windows


An ebook app that allows you to sync and share your library between devices

Kinoppy for Windows Is a domestic software vendor INFO CITY Developed by Kinokuniya BookstoreThe e-book reader released by Kinokuniya implements a viewer that can correctly display Japanese-specific books such as vertical writing and right-binding, and content other than e-books sold at Kinokuniya Bookstore can also be stored on a local drive. dropbox Can be imported from.

System requirements

Version 3 Currently

OS: Windows 8.1/10/11
CPU: Core 2 Duo (1.60 GHz) or higher
RAM: 2 GB or more
Browser : IE11/Firefox 4 or above

OpenGL 1.5 or higher recommended

Where to get the app

Kinokuniya Bookstore Kinoppy for Windows Official Download Page

Kinokuniya Bookstore


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Install Kinoppy for Windows

The Kinoppy for Windows installer does not include adware or spyware.

Kinoppy for Windows-001

Check the terms of use and if there are no problems, click "I agree to the terms of use and download for free".


Launch the downloaded installer and click "Options" to change the installation destination and association, or click "Setup" if no changes are required.

By default, ePUB files are associated with Kinoppy.


When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.


Installation is executed and "Close" is completed.


The terms of use will be displayed at the first startup, so if there is no problem with the contents, "Agree".


If you have a Kinokuniya Web Store account, enter your login information to log in. If you want to use Kinoppy without logging in, select "Register later".

Kinoppy for Windows can be used without registering as a member of Kinokuniya Bookstore, but if you register as a member, you can share the library (bookshelf) between multiple devices with your login ID.
To link Kinoppy for Windows with Dropbox, you need to register as a member of Kinokuniya Bookstore.


Since the update information screen is displayed Will not be displayed from the next time Check to close.


Kinoppy for Windows will be available.

Save destination settings

Ebooks downloaded or imported to Kinoppy for Windows  C drive Of User folder It is in Documents 内 の Kinoppy Saved in a folder.


If you want to change the save destination, you can find it in the left sidebar of Kinoppy for Windows. Environmental setting Unfold Other settings choose.


Library Of Folder to save ebooks It is in Change Specify any location from.

How to use Kinoppy for Windows

Kinoppy for Windows is an ebook Bookshelf It can be managed by, and can display ebooks purchased from Kinokuniya Bookstore Web Store, as well as files such as .epub that are not protected by DRM.

Supported file formats
.approx Is a DRM-protected ebook extension purchased from the Kinokuniya Web Store.


Click a book on the shelf to launch the viewer.


To change the font size, display font, etc., use the tool icon displayed by mouse over on the left edge of the viewer. Character settings Edit with.


コ ン ト ラ ス トYou can change the background color of the page.


Style settings Then. Binding direction-Page turning-Page magnification Can be changed.

Caliber The vertical ePUB file converted in is also displayed without any problem.


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Import ebooks

Kinoppy for Windows can import ebooks stored on your computer or Dropbox.

Kinokuniya Bookstore supports only e-books purchased from Kinokuniya Bookstore Web Store, and imported content is not supported.
Local content

Content saved on your computer can be imported even if you are not logged in to the Kinokuniya website.


If you are not logged in with your Kinokuniya web account import In the item of Local content Is displayed, and the notation is displayed when you are logged in. Dropbox / Local content become.

Kinoppy for Windows-021

On the left sidebar Local content Select and select the file to import from "Import local file" at the bottom left to execute the import process.

Kinoppy for Windows-024

When you return to the bookshelf, the file will be added as a new book.

Cooperation with Dropbox

You can upload imported local content to Dropbox and share your bookshelf with other devices by logging in with your Kinokuniya web account.

A separate Dropbox account is required to use Dropbox.

Online storage with sharing function such as Dropbox Automatic duplication equipment There is a judicial precedent that this applies to, and uploading a copyrighted work may violate Article 30 of the Copyright Act (reproduction for private use) even for private use.
Illegal use of online storage of copyrighted works


To use Dropbox from Kinoppy, log in to Kinokuniya Bookstore Web.

If you are using Kinoppy without logging in, the left sidebar Environmental setting から Login Click

Kinoppy eBook Reader 010

On the left sidebar import から Dropbox / Local content Select and click "Set Dropbox Linkage".


Configuration Because the screen opens Dropbox integration Turn on.


A browser will open, so enter your Dropbox login information and "Allow" access.


Displayed authentication codeIn the input box of Kinoppy.


When the integration with Dropbox is enabled, click "Return to Bookshelf" to restart Kinoppy.


On the left sidebar Dropbox / Local content When you select, Dropbox is displayed and the centerArrow iconUpload / download with.

Uploading to Dropbox simply copies the files to the Dropbox folder, so it's okay to copy / move the books you want to share to Dropbox without using Kinoppy, but downloading requires operation from Kinoppy.

Bookshelves and shelves

Kinoppy has an ebook Bookshelfshelf Manage with.

Kinoppy for Windows-007

Bookshelf If you want to add Bookshelf Click "+" in.


New bookshelf Is added.


For the added bookshelf, double-click the bookshelf name or select the bookshelf from the context menu (right-click menu). Change the bookshelf name Can be changed with.

Main bookshelf The bookshelf name cannot be changed.

Kinoppy for Windows-010

Double-click the name of the shelf or expand the context menu on the shelf you want to rename Change the shelf nameCan be edited with.


Books and shelves can be moved by dragging.


To move a book to another shelf, select the content you want to move (multiple selections are possible), and click "Move" in the right pane.


Specify the bookshelf and shelf to move to.


If you frequently perform downloads in cooperation with Dropbox, Problems such as the downloaded books not being displayed or some books on the bookshelf disappearing may occur.For Content backup required.

When sharing a bookshelf causes a device to malfunction and the contents of the bookshelf are changed, the changes are reflected in other devices as well, so the risk of malfunction increases in proportion to the number of shared devices. ..

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Installing and using Kinoppy for Windows

Kinoppy for Windows, an e-book app that allows you to synchronize and share libraries between devices, is an e-book reader developed by domestic software vendor INFOCITY and released by Kinokuniya Bookstore.