Leawo Prof. DRM installation and usage

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Multi-DRM removal app with iTunes, Kindle, Kobo, Spotofy support

Leawo Prof. DRM Is a Chinese software vendor Leawo software (In China Shenzhen Moyea Software ) is a multi-DRM removal app that can remove the protection of iTunes Store/Apple Music content, Amazon Kindle/Kobo e-books, and songs distributed on Spotify.

Leawo Prof. DRM Is free to download and install, with a trial period of 5 minutes for video, 3 minutes for audio files, and a 20% output limit for ebooks.

In Japan, under copyright law Avoiding technical safeguards is prohibited and removing the protection of DRM-protected content violates copyright laws.
Copyright law and illegal activities

System requirements

Version 3. 2 Currently

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8/10/11
CPU: 1 GHz or higher (Intel / AMD recommended)
RAM: 512 MB (1GB or more recommended)
iTunes: –

A 32-bit environment PC using onboard graphics requires QuickTime to be installed.
ITunes version 12.12.4 or later and iTunes provided by the Microsoft Store are not available.   

Where to get the software

Leawo Prof. DRM download page

Leawo Prof. DRM installation

The Leawo Prof. DRM installer does not include adware or spyware.


Click "Download" on the download page to download the installer.


Start the installer and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


Accept the license agreement Click the up arrow to the right of to check the license agreement, and if there are no problemsAccept the license agreement Check the box and click "Install".


Click Finish to launch Leawo Prof. DRM.

Since drag and drop of files cannot be used in the state where it is started immediately after installation, the started Leawo Prof. DRM should be closed and then restarted.

Setting administrator privileges

Start Leawo Prof. DRM with administrator privileges to avoid connection errors between Leawo Prof. DRM and iTunes.


Select the Prof. DRM shortcut icon created on your desktop from the context menu (right-click menu). Property Opencompatibility On the tab Run this program as an administrator To enable.


When run as an administrator, the User Account Control dialog will be displayed at startup.

iTunes settings

Leawo Prof. DRM is an unauthorized copy protection encryption technology HDCP Because it skips, you can handle full-size HD videos.

iTunes icon

Installing and using iTunes

Apple's multi-functional multimedia player iTunes is a multi-functional multimedia player developed by Apple that can play media files, Padcasts, Internet radio, and iT […]


Full size HD downloads are disabled by default, so in the menu bar Edit から Environmental setting open.


Download ある Download full size HD video To enable.


If the HDCP environment is not met, a dialog will be displayed, so click "OK".

Download content

Download content rented / purchased from the iTunes Store and Apple Music songs before using Leawo Prof. DRM.


Click the download icon displayed on the purchased / rented content to download.


Download Apple Music songs as well.


Downloaded content is by default Music In the folder iTunesMedia Saved in a folderEnvironmental setting Of Details ある iTunes media folder location Can be changed with.

Kindle settings

If you want to unprotect your Kindle ebooks Amazon Kindle for PC Install and download books.

Amazon Kindle for PC (Windows)

Epubor Ultimate 014

For the desktop version of Amazon Kindle, purchase Amazon for free and install it on your computer.


Download books purchased from Amazon's Kindle store.

Kindle unlimited , Prime Reading, and free books for a limited time are also available.

Kobo settings

Rakuten Kobo also installs a desktop app.

Rakuten Kobo desktop app

Epubor Ultimate 031

download page Download the installer from and install the Rakuten Kobo desktop app on your computer.


Kobo will automatically download the purchased books Library Is displayed in.

Adobe Digital Editions settings

Google Play Books & Manga For ebooks that use Adobe's DRM,Adobe Digital Editions Install on your computer to remove DRM Download the title.

Adobe Digital Editions download page


download page Download the Adobe Digital Editions installer from and install it on your computer.

At the time of installation Norton Product Installer There is an installation selection screen for third-party apps, so opt out.

Epubor Ultimate-021

Because the authentication of the personal computer to be used is required,HELP  Of Authenticate computer Use your Adobe ID orAuthenticate computer without ID Check the box and click "Authentication".

Epubor Ultimate-022

Google Play Books & Manga After purchasing a book at, from the book's 3-point reader export choose.

Titles provided free of charge (rental) are not available.


For protected titles, a dialog will be displayed. Export in ACSM format (for EPUB) Click


downloaded ACSM Drop the file into Adobe Digital Editions or in the menu bar File It is inAdd to library Download the e-book when you import it with.

Spotify settings

Spotify also installs the desktop app and logs in.

Spotify desktop app


Spotify removes DRM while streaming, so you don't need to download songs.

How to use Leawo Prof. DRM

Leawo Prof. DRM Video & Music-eBook-Audible-Spotify There are modules in, and select the module to use.


Video & Music Converter
DRM removal is possible for content sold and rented in the iTunes store and songs from Apple Music.
eBook Converter
Amazon Kindle, Rakuten Kobo, Adobe ebooks can be DRM-removed and file format converted.
Audible Converter
You can remove DRM and convert file formats for audiobooks purchased from the iTunes store.
Spotify Converter
Remove DRM from music distribution service Spotify and convert it to unprotected MP3 files.

Video & Music Converter

Video & Music Converter Removes DRM from videos / songs downloaded to iTunes.

Content that does not play properly in iTunes after downloading is not available.


Video & Music ConverterWhen you select, a dialog is displayed, so click "OK".

An iTunes process starts in the background to perform internal processing.


 + Add Click

Addition by drag is not possible in Windows 11.


Content to add video-Music Choose from NEWClick the icon.


Select the title for which you want to remove DRM.


Of the selected title EditBy clicking the icon, you can change the audio and subtitles to be copied for videos.

The default setting is that all audio and subtitles contained in the file are selected, with the subtitle version of the content. 字幕 If is not checked, the subtitles are rendered (written) in the main part.


In the case of music, the encoding setting screen will be displayed, soSample rate-bit rateThe set.

The format is mp3 Only CBR (Constant Bitrate) is used as the encode mode, so if you want to output Apple Music songs in high quality Channel: 2, Sample rate: 44.1 MHz, Bit rate: 320 kbps Set with.
The album is Applies to all If you select, you can output the imported file with the same settings.


Once set Destination Specify the output destination with and start the process with "Convert".

eBook Converter

eBook Converter Removes DRM from downloaded ebooks and converts the file format.


 + Add Click


Kindle-Adobe-Kobo Select the ebook you want to use from NEWClick the icon.


Select a title and select "Select".


Kindle Right-bound ebooks such as manga and novels EPUB When converted to , it becomes left binding, soEditformat from icon azw3 And the output azw3 file is Caliber Convert to ePUB using.

There is no problem converting Kobo and Adobe ebooks to ePUB.


Once set Destination Specify the output destination with and start the process with "Convert".

Audible Converter

Audible Converter Removes DRM from audiobooks downloaded to iTunes and converts the file format.

Amazon Audibles Is not available because the Windows application is no longer available and the specifications have been changed to streaming playback on the browser.


 + Add Click


Audible OfNEWClick the button to display the downloaded audiobooks in iTunes. Select a title and click "Select".


Of the selected title EditClick the icon to display the encoding setting screen.Sample rate-bit rateThe set.

 Sample rate: 22050Hz, channel: 1, bit rate: 128kbps is a common setting.


Once set Destination Specify the output destination with and start the process with "Convert".

Spotify Converter

Spotify Converter Converts music from music distribution service Spotify to unprotected MP3 files.

Also available on Spotify's free plan.


Spotify ConverterWhen you select, a dialog is displayed, so click "OK".


The Spotify desktop app will launch, so add albums and songs to Spotify Converter by dragging.


After importing the music EditClick the iconSample rate-bit rateThe set.

If you set the highest sound quality in Spotify's Premium plan, it will be delivered at the Ogg Vorbis bit rate of 320kbps, so set the conversion bit rate to 320kbps as well.
The free plan uses an Ogg Vorbis bitrate of 160kbps, so it doesn't make much sense to increase the bitrate in the encoding settings.


Once set Destination Specify the output destination with and start the process with "Convert".


A dialog will be displayed to prevent you from operating Spotify, but playback on other media players as well as Spotify is strictly prohibited as it may cause an error during the conversion process.

If a conversion error occurs due to communication conditions, etc., the process will be retried if "Conversion" is executed again.

Leawo Prof. DRM purchase procedure

Leawo Prof. DRM To Perpetual license version と Subscription version (1 year) is offered and the subscription version can cancel the auto-renewal at the time of purchase.

Leawo Prof. DRM purchase page

Video & Music Converter The Prof. DRM Video ConverterProf. DRM Music Converter It is divided into


By default all modules are set Prof. DRM Of Year Is selected, so if you want to select a module by itself, use Prof. DRM. Year Click to turn it off.


Enter your payment method and click Next.

Settlement is a global settlement agency service 2Checkout Made inCredit card-Convenience payment-Bank Transfer Can be used, and the transfer destination of the bank transfer is the storage agency Global Collect Japan  Of Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation Hydrangea Branch .
PayPal cannot be used.


After completing the entry, click "Confirm your order" and enter the order number on the 2Checkout site after payment by credit card or bank transfer to obtain the license code.

The subscription version will display the Auto-renew subscription option above the Confirm order button, so make sure it is unchecked if you want to disable auto-renewal.

To the registered email address when payment is authenticated 2Checkout supportThe URL to get the license key from Order confirmation emailYou will receive a license key by clicking the link in the message.
Display the order completion screen until you receive the order confirmation email, or make a note of the order number.
Please refer to the following page for the detailed purchase method and the flow after purchase such as license authentication.

How to purchase a Leawo product and register a license code

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License code registration

Once you get the license code Leawo Prof. DRM And click the lock icon at the top.


Product registration code Enter the license code in and confirm it, then the purchased module Status trial version から Registration Switch to.

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