Installing and using Movavi Video Editor Plus


Movavi Video Editor Plus is Movavi Video Editor 2023 because it was upgraded to Not downloadable.


Install and use Movavi Video Editor 2023

Movavi Video Editor, a multifunctional video editing software that is easy to operate and can edit the timeline, is a video that can be edited on the timeline developed by Movavi Software, a software vendor in Cyprus […]

System requirements

Version 22. 4. 1 Currently

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
CPU: Intel / AMD dual core processor 1.5 GHz or higher
RAM: 2 GB or more
HDD: 800MB free space
Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 2000/ GeForce Quadro FX 4800/ AMD Radeon HD 4330 or later

Movavi Video Editor Plus Can operate with specifications below the middle range model, and it operates very stably when using a high-spec PC.

Where to get the software

Movavi Video Editor Plus is not downloadable

Lower version of Movavi Video Editor Plus Movavi Video Editor is no longer available in version 15.

Install Movavi Video Editor Plus

The Movavi Video Editor Plus installer does not include adware or spyware.

Access to the Yandex Toolbar detected in previous versions has been fixed in the current version.


Click "Free Download" on the download page to download the installer.


Start the downloaded installer, and if there is no problem with the license agreement I accept the license agreement Check the box.


If you are not particular about the installation destination, "Install".

If you want to change the installation destination Installation settings Changed from.
Movavi Video Editor Plus is a hidden folder AppData In the folder roaming Installed in a folder.


"Start" when the installation is complete.

Environmental setting

Movavi Video Editor Plus is by default Anonymous usage statistics transmission Is enabled, so if you don't need it Environmental setting Disable with.


On the menu bar Configuration から Environmental setting Open全 般 Uncheck the item on the tab.

File save destination

Files saved by Movavi Video Editor Plus include project files for saving production contents, created video files, recorded audio files, stabilized video files, and temporary work files, and each file has a different save destination. There is.


If you want to change the save destination of the file Environmental setting Of File Edit with tabs.

Where to save the temporary file Acceleration Can be changed on the tab.

How to use Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi Video Editor Plus places material on the timeline to create a video.

Video files that support input
Video files that support output


Movavi Video Editor Plus is in the upper left pane Material selection, The upper right pane preview, The lower paneTimelineIt has become.

Import – Add Material

The materials such as videos, images, and sounds used in the videos to be produced are import Add to.


The materials such as videos, images, and sounds used are import Drag to or specify from "Add File".


The added item is Media vault Will be added to.


Items can be manipulated from the context menu (right-click menu).

Save project

Save your work as a project file.

Movavi Video Editor Plus has an auto save function, and the work contents are temporarily saved, so if you forcibly terminate it, you can restore it with the previous save point, but if Movavi Video Editor Plus exits normally, the temporary file will be deleted. Saving the project is mandatory.


Save Ctrl + S Or on the menu bar File から Save project .

The saved project file only holds the information with the link to the added media file, soMedia vault Data is lost when moving / deleting the original file added to.

Timeline Panel-Edit

Editing work such as cutting and combining videos is done on the timeline.


Video or image files Media vault From on the timeline Video track Drag to add.


On the timeline title-video-サ ウ ン ド Since there is a track of, and it is a layer, it is possible to superimpose and synthesize images and sound sources.


Specify the position of the video by sliding the ruler (playback position mark) on the timeline or the ruler of the preview.

The buttons before and after the play button Every frame Can be moved.


The timeline scale is at the bottom ス ケ ー ル It can be adjusted with, and can be adjusted in increments of up to 1 millisecond (1000/1 second).


Specify the resolution and aspect ratio of the created video in the preview menu.

By default, it has an aspect ratio of 16: 9 and a resolution of 1920 x 1080, if you want to change it. x: y Select and edit on the setting screen.
Display time adjustment

You can adjust the display time by dragging the added video and image clips.


Image files can be displayed at any time, but videos cannot be stretched beyond their original length.

Black solid placement

The added videos and images (clips) can be replaced on the timeline, but the materials cannot be placed apart, so between the clips. Black solid If you want to place, add a background image.


import In the menu of back ground から black After adding between clips, operate the track to adjust the display time.

Cut edit

If the display time cannot be adjusted, use the ruler on the timeline to divide the display time.


After selecting a clip, adjust the scale of the timeline and use the ruler and preview frame move buttons to determine where to cut and the tool icon. segmentation  Or from the context menu segmentation choose.


The divided clips can be edited as independent clips.


Transition Is a visual effect for smooth transitions between clips. You can add individual transitions for each clip, or you can use the Transition Wizard to set them for all clips at once.


If you want to add transitions individually, select a clip and then in the left sidebar Transition Drag any style from to the clip.


Clips with transitions will have a transition mark on the far right.

Select to delete transitions Fwd Key.


You can adjust the display time by double-clicking the transition mark.


Select the Transition Wizard from the tool icon.


Set the transition to use and the clip to apply.


textIn addition to decorated text, you can select styles such as speech bubbles, subtitles, and telops.


On the left sidebar title Choose any style from Text track Drag to.


Clip editing The screen will open, so set the text and format to be displayed and confirm with "Apply".


If the text clip is selected, you can edit it directly on the preview screen.


The text is  Text track You can overlay multiple styles within.


filterTo the clip Sepia , Old movie It adds special effects such as, and the effect is applied to the entire clip.


After selecting a clip, in the left sidebar filter Drag any filter from to the target clip.

The filter can apply multiple effects.


When you apply a filter, a ☆ mark is added to the clip, and clicking the ☆ mark opens the clip properties so that you can set or delete it.


sticker Can add registered illustrations and figures to videos.


On the left sidebar sticker Choose any style from Text track Drag to.

Like text, stickers can be displayed in multiple styles.


If the sticker clip is selected, you can edit it directly on the preview screen.

Other tools

Other tools Now you can use video editing features such as trimming and animation, and audio editing features such as noise reduction.

Other tools Is also marked with a star, and can be set or deleted in the clip properties.

With the function to cut out the specified range, the left sidebar Other tools から Trimming and rotation choose.


Operate the bounding box of the preview to specify the range to be trimmed.

The trimmed area is If it does not fit the aspect ratio AutomaticallyLetter box If (black belt) is included and the output resolution is not reached UpscalingIs done.
Color adjustment

Color adjustment Is a function to adjust the contrast, saturation, white balance, color tone, etc. of images and videos, and can be set manually in addition to automatic adjustment.


To adjust the color tone automatically, select the target clip and then click the tool icon to select ".Color adjustment Click and drag any filter to the clip.


Magic Enhance Emphasizes colors to adjust contrast and white balance, soAutomatic contrast , Automatic white balanceIt looks more natural and looks better than applying.


Details Manual adjustment is possible.

Pan and zoom

Bread (Pan) is a technique for moving the viewpoint in the horizontal direction.


On the left sidebar Other tools から Pan and zoom Select and drag any style to the clip.


Two circles indicating the start point and end point are displayed on the clip, so adjust the scale of the timeline so that you can click it, and drag the circle to set the movement start position and end point of the viewpoint.


Click the start point ○ to transform the bounding box on the preview screen and specify the display range at the start, then select the end point ○ to specify the range to be displayed after moving the viewpoint.

movavi video editor-gif1

Zoom is also applied automatically depending on the size of the bounding box.

サ ウ ン ド

In addition to processing the audio included in the video, free material for BGM and sound is also available.

Video and audio processing

If you want to use only a part of the audio contained in the video, separate the audio from the video and process it.

Movavi-Video Editor-048

Select a clip from the context menu Disconnect audio choose.

Movavi-Video Editor-049

The separated voice soundtrack Move to.

To set the volume, playback speed, fade, etc., double-click the sound clip or select the clip and then use the tool icon. Clip properties Edit with.
Add sound

You can also use free materials registered in Movavi Video Editor for BGM and sound effects.

Movavi-Video Editor-051

import Of サ ウ ン ド Is an environmental sound or sound effect,Music Is a song that can be used as BGM, and is used by adding it to the soundtrack.


Movavi Video Editor Pro implements recording and recording capabilities, allowing you to add voice narration to your audio track or add webcam images to your video track for editing.

Movavi-Video Editor-052

When recording, adjust the ruler to the start position where you want to insert the audio, and then click the tool icon. Audio recording, When recording webcam video Video recording Click

Movavi-Video Editor-053

For recording, select the microphone to use and click "Start Recording" to record the sound of the microphone and add it to the audio track in real time during recording.

Play video during recording When is enabled, you can apply narration while watching the video in the preview.

Movavi-Video Editor-054

Video recording When you select a capture device, the video of the device is displayed, "Start capture" records, "Stop capture" automatically saves the file, and the recorded video is Media vault Will be added to.


When the production of the video is completed, output it to a file.

Movavi-Video Editor-055

Click "Export" to output the edited contents as a media file.

Movavi-Video Editor-056

For export Video / audio / device / TV / sharing And usually Movie Select a file format from the menu Destination-file name-品質 Specify and "Start".

If you don't know the settings MovieMP4 Select to output with the default settings.
devicetv set Is output with a profile suitable for the selected device.

Movavi-Video Editor-057

Details Click Video codec-resolution-bit rate Etc. can be set.

movavi video editor 059

Play back the output file and complete if there is no problem.

How to purchase Movavi Video Editor Plus

Movavi is a global payment agency service 2Checkout I am using a credit card or PayPal In addition, domestic bank transfer (Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation) and convenience store payments are also possible.

Movavi Video Editor Plus not available for purchase.

Movavi Video Editor 2023 Buy Page


Movavi Video Editor Pro 1 year subscription typeBuy-out type There is a one-time purchase type, the license has no expiration date, and updates within the version are free.


Download Guarantee Service You can download the installer within 2 years of purchase, when you purchase the product. No need if you download and save the installer.


Subscription type has auto-renewal enabled by default, so if you want to disable it, Show details Edit from

Movavi-Video Editor-059

Bank transfer or PayPalIs " Other payment methods Select from.

See below for 2Checkout payment methods

2Checkout Payment payment method and suspension of subscription

Global payment service 2 How to stop payment and subscription (subscription) with Checkout 2Checkout is a group that provides a general e-commerce system that is often used in payment services for overseas applications […]

Movavi-Video Editor-060

Once you have the license code, you can find it in the menu bar of Movavi Video Editor Plus. HELP から Activation choose.


After pasting the copied product key on the activation key and activating the license, it can be used as a product version.

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Install and use Movavi Video Editor 2023

Movavi Video Editor, a multifunctional video editing software that is easy to operate and can edit the timeline, is a video that can be edited on the timeline developed by Movavi Software, a software vendor in Cyprus […]