Installing and using Mozilla Firefox for Windows


Privacy-focused open source multifunctional web browser

Firefox The Mozilla Corporation A multi-functional tab browser with an emphasis on privacy protection, which is being developed in open source by.

Web rendering engine launched in November 2017 Gecko Newly developed from Quantum It has been changed to, and by using multi-core efficiently, it achieves twice the speed of the conventional one.
While the design has been improved and usability has improved dramatically, some add-ons that were previously provided have become non-compliant due to a drastic change in the system itself.

System requirements

Version 109 as of

OS: Windows 7/8/10/11
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 or later processor (SSE2 compatible)
RAM: 512 MB or more (64bit is 2 GB or more)
Storage: 200MB or more free space

Where to get the software

Mozilla Firefox official website

Installing Mozilla Firefox

The Firefox installer does not include adware or spyware.


Click "Download Firefox" on the official website to download the installer.


Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


The program will be downloaded and installed.


When the installation is completed, the welcome screen will open, soSet as default browser Or skip this step choose.


Passwords and bookmarks stored in other browsers import Or skip this step choose.



When the sync screen appears skip this step Proceed with "Start browsing" to complete the setup.

Login – Firefox Sync

Firefox Sync Can create accounts to sync bookmarks, passwords, etc. across multiple devices.


Firefox Sync To enable, click the hamburger button on the upper right Save data in sync Select "Login".


If you have a Firefox account, enter the registered email address, and if you want to acquire a new account, enter the registered email address.


To create a new account, enter your password and age, select the data you want to sync, and click "Create Account".


A confirmation email has arrived at the registered email address, so enter the 6-digit code provided in the email and click "Confirm".

Mozilla Firefox for Windows-009

You will be logged in with your Firefox account.

Home display settings

New tabYou can customize the display items on the home page that are displayed when you open.


By default, under the search bar, such as ads and visited sites Shortcut Is displayed.


The content settings to be displayed in the home are set in the address bar. about: preferences # home Or of the hamburger button Configuration から Home Select Firefox Home content Specified in the item of.

Home In the upper right of Configuration It can also be changed from the icon.


Advertising shortcuts If you disable, the shortcut ads will be hidden.


Recent activities You can also enable to increase the number of display items.


Amazon and Google are pinned to shortcuts by default, so if you want to unlock them, start with a 3-point reader. Remove the pin choose.


Choose from a 3-point reader to pin to shortcuts as well.

Close You can remove it from the shortcut by selecting.

Search engine settings

Firefox's search engine is set to Google by default, but you can change it to DuckDuckGo, Yahoo, Bing, Amazon, Rakuten, Wiki, and more.


For temporary use, enter a keyword in the address bar Search engine to use only now Specify the search engine to use from.


If you want to change the default search engine, go to the address bar about: search preferences # Or of the hamburger button Configuration から Search Products Select,Existing search engine Specify from the list of.

Specifying an alternative search engine

Search engine to use only now The search engine to display in Search shortcut Specify with.


Uncheck the search engine you want to hide.

Search suggestions to display in the address bar

Search suggestions displayed in the address bar Browsing history-Bookmarks-Open tabs-Shortcut-Search engine Is set by default, and if the shortcut is fixed, the top candidates will be the same.


Display items are in the address bar about: preferences # privacy Or of the hamburger button Configuration から Privacy and security Select and Address bar Specify the display candidate in the item of.

Bookmark toolbar display settings

The bookmark you added is Bookmark toolbar Is displayed in.


Bookmark toolbar Is the default setting New tab Is displayed when you open.


Bookmark toolbar Display settings can be set from the context menu (right-click menu) on the bookmark toolbar. Bookmark toolbar Can be changed with.

The bookmark toolbar allows you to add folders to organize your bookmarks.
Bookmark import

Bookmark import Bookmark toolbar Of Import bookmarks It can be operated from.


Displayed when opening a new tab Bookmark toolbar  Of Import bookmarks Click Configuration migration wizard Starts.

Ctrl+Shift+OBrowsing library  Call,Import and backup Of Import data from other browsers It can also be executed from.

security settings

By default, Firefox has a security setting that blocks mining of trackers and cryptocurrencies, so you don't need to change it for general use.


Security level is the default M Is selected,strict-Custom It is also possible to change to.

Change the security level, delete the cookie cache, etc. in the address bar about: preferences # privacy Or of the hamburger button Configuration から Privacy and security Select and edit.

add on

Add-ons are additional features that you install in Firefox ExtensionTheme There is.


If you want to add an extension Firefox ADD-ONS Access to.

uBlock Origin , Ad Blocker Ultimate Ad blocking such as Web page translation Is a classic extension.


Installed extensions in the address bar about: addons OrCtrl + Shift + AAdd-ons and themes, you can set add-ons, enable/disable them, delete them, etc.


Firefox is uninstalled AppData Since the data remains in the folder, the previous environment can be restored when reinstalling.


If you want to remove it completely, after uninstalling Firefox, in the address bar of File Explorer % Appdata% Enter roaming Open the folder.


roaming In the folder Mozilla Delete folder.

Thunderbird If you are using other Mozilla apps such as Mozilla In the folder Firefox Delete folder only.


AppData select a folder Location Also delete the Mozilla folder in the folder and restart your PC.

How to use Mozilla Firefox

Firefox's privacy protection and security are among the highest in any web browser, and are functionally comparable to Chromium-based browsers such as Google Chrome.


Firefox tabs operate independently, and if an error occurs on the page you are browsing, closing the tab will not affect the other tabs, but the memory consumption will increase by the number of tabs.

Tab pinning

Tab Pinned Then it will be displayed when Firefox starts.


To pin a tab, open the page you want to pin and from the tab's context menu (right-click menu) Pin tabs choose.


Pinned tabs show only the site icon.

Private window

Private window Is when the browser is closed 検 索 履 歴Browsing history Ability to automatically erase.

Private windows are not anonymized. 


Private window The Ctrl + Shift + P Call with or from the hamburger button New private window choose.


Pocket Is the website article that Firefox implements by default Read later This service saves the article itself without advertisements, and you can also manage the saved article by attaching tags and stars.

To use Pocket, you need a Firefox account or a Google / Apple account.


Adding articles to Pocket is in the extension Pocket Click the icon.


Articles saved in Pocket Pocket My List It can be accessed from.

Screenshot with specified resolution

Firefox can take screenshots at any resolution Responsive design mode Is implemented.


Responsive design mode The Ctrl + Shift + M Call with or on the hamburger button Other tools から Responsive design mode choose.


Responsive Select a registered device from the drop-down menu of, specify the resolution, or drag the display area to change the resolution, and it is in the upper right. カメラ Click the icon to perform the capture.

DPR Is the magnification of the specified resolution, with a resolution of 300 x 600 DPR2 If you specify, it will be captured at a resolution of 600 x 1200.


Responsive design mode only changes the display area, so the web page works normally.

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