Remote desktop


Installing and using Chrome Remote Desktop

Google Chrome extension that enables remote control of PC Chrome Remote Desktop is a Google Chrome extension developed by Google, Chrome Remote Desktop […]


Installing and using AnyDesk for Windows

AnyDesk, a free remote desktop app that allows remote support, remote operation of unmanned PCs, and collaboration, is a multi-platform developed by German software vendor AnyDesk Software GmbH […]


Installing and using AirDroid for Windows

AirDroid, a remote app that allows you to remotely control Android devices in your local network and receive push notifications, is being developed by Singapore-based software vendor SAND STUDIO […].


Installing and using Splashtop Personal

Simple and easy-to-use remote desktop app Splashtop Personal is a remote access app developed by US software vendor SPLASHTOP INC.

File sync


Installing and using Microsoft RichCopy

Microsoft's free file synchronization app for backup Microsoft RichCopy is a Robocopy gra […] that was created by Mr. Tamaru of Microsoft in 2001 and is implemented as standard on Windows.


Syncthing for Windows – Install and use SyncTrayzor

SyncTrayzor, an open source file synchronization app that does not go through a server, is Syncthing's GUI for Windows developed by Antony Male in the UK in open source, and is a complex network […].


Installing and using Resilio Sync Home for Windows

Resilio Sync, a fast and secure P2P-type file sync tool using BitTorrent, is a P2P-type file sync developed by US-based software vendor Resilio Inc […]


Installing and using Dimio Software DSynchronize

DSynchronize is a free file sync app developed by Dimitrios Coutsoumbas of Italy that can be automatically executed by registering with a Windows service. Local […]


Installing and using GoodSync

GoodSync is a reasonable freemium file synchronization app that supports local folders, online storage, NAS on local networks, and P2P synchronization. GoodSync is a US software vendor Siber […]

FTP client


Installing and using Cyberduck for Windows

Cyberduck, an open source free cloud storage browser with access to major cloud storages, is an open source cloud store developed by Swiss software vendor iterateGmbH […]


Installing and using FileZilla Client

FileZilla Client, an open source free FTP client software that accesses a web server to send and receive files, is an open source FTP developed by Tim Kosse's team in Germany […]

Software KVM


Installing and using Stardock Multiplicity KVM

Multiplicity, a utility app that allows you to share a pair of mouse and keyboard across multiple PCs and drag and drop between PCs, is being developed by US software vendor Stardock […]


Installing and using Barrier

Barrier, an open source free KVM software that allows multiple PCs to share a mouse and keyboard, is an open source software developed by US software consultant Povilas Kanapickas.


‍Installing and using Symless Synergy

Synergy is a utility app that allows you to share a pair of mice and keyboards across multiple PCs. Synergy is a UK software vendor developed by Symless that allows you to share multiple PCs with a pair of mice and keyboards […].


Installing and using Synergy 3 Beta

Synergy 1, a utility application that allows you to share one set of mouse and keyboard among multiple PCs, is developed by British software vendor ‍Symless.

Network tools


Installing and using Aquila WakeOnLAN

WakeOnLAN, an open source multi-functional Wake On Lan app for Windows, is a free computer developed by Basildane in open source to remotely boot a PC with Wake on LAN […]


Installing and using Splashtop Wired XDisplay

Splashtop Wired XDisplay, a utility app that allows you to use your tablet or smartphone as a sub-display on your PC, is a tablet developed by US software vendor SPLASHTOP INC […]