I tried using Oculus Go.


Standalone HMD Oculus Go Review

Oculus Go is a stand-alone HMD that does not use a smartphone, but the setting requires a smartphone with Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or later or iOS 10 or later, and pairing with the "Oculus" app that is also used in Grea VR is required.

Purchased on the official Oculus website

The 64 GB version of Oculus Go on Amazon is priced at JPY 31,104 (as of March 2019), but it's priced at JPY 3 on the official Oculus website.

Oculus Go official purchase page

Oculus Go002

Since Oculus is a Taiwanese manufacturer, it only does not include consumption tax, but since there is no customs duty on electronic devices, I bet that it could be obtained for 29,800 yen and ordered it on the official website.

oculus go-buy001

The purchase form supports Japanese, so if you "add to cart" and pay with PayPal, you will receive an email titled "Order to Oculus".

oculus go-buy008

The Oculus Go ordered around 10am will be shipped at 18pm on the day and shipping is free.
Since the order was made on Friday, the goods arrived on Monday after Saturday and Sunday when the customs did not move, and the delivery was by Japan Post without the consumption tax being collected, and it was available for 29,800 yen as planned.


SoCSnapdragon 821
storage32 / 64GB
display2560 x 1440
Motion tracking3DoF
External SD cardincompatible
重 さ470g
OSAndroid 7.1.2

The SoC "Snapdragon 821" used is the successor model of the "Snapdragon 820" and was released in 2016.
At that time, it was used in high-end models, but now the benchmark value is lower than the entry model "Snapdragon 450", so-called "out of shape".
In addition, both RAM and battery capacity are at the same level as entry-level smartphones.

I tried using Oculus Go. 008

Compared to the usability of "Gear VR + Galaxy S8", the overall processing such as launching apps and switching menus is moody, and it feels like the price is appropriate.
Gear VR has a control function on the headset itself, but Oculus Go requires a controller.
Also, the Oculus Go doesn't have a "focus adjustment" dial, which makes it very difficult to focus, probably because of poor eyesight.

Since motion tracking is also "3DoF", it is a little unsuitable for specs to use VR games as the main, so it is a model suitable for watching videos on a large screen or watching VR videos, but as mentioned above, " Since "focus adjustment" is not possible, it feels harsh if it is out of focus.

Set up

The instruction manual that comes with Oculus Go only describes how to use the strap and the parts included in Oculus Go, and only the URL for the setup.

To set up Oculus Go, first install the "Oculus" app on your Android 6.0 or higher smartphone.

Google Play Store

To use the Oculus app, you need to log in with your "Oculus account" or "Facebook account".

I tried using Oculus Go. 002

The login screen emphasizes the use of a "Facebook account" before you know it, but you can also create an Oculus-specific account.

If you log in with your Facebook account, you will be able to live stream to Facebook, upload images, and search for Facebook friends in the "Share" section of Oculus Go, but of course personal information will be collected firmly. , It may be better to weigh that area and decide on an account to log in.

I tried using Oculus Go. 003

Even if you tap "Create Oculus account", you will be relentlessly prompted to log in with your Facebook account, so tap "Create account using email address" at the bottom and "Email address" "Password" Enter your "nickname," "name," and "password."

An email "Welcome to Oculus" will be sent to the registered email address. Tap "Authenticate email address" in the text to activate your account.

I tried using Oculus Go. 001

After logging in, open "Pair new headset" in "Settings" and specify "Oculus Go".

I tried using Oculus Go. 004

The Oculus Go setup wizard starts.

The setup is very straightforward, and if you follow the instructions provided, it will pair with your headset, configure your controller, and update your headset.

I tried using Oculus Go. 005

When the message "Updating the headset" appears, tap "OK" to move to "Store" etc. and there is no problem.

It takes about 10 minutes from login to completion of setup including updates.

I tried using Oculus Go. 006

You can also install the app from the Oculus app, so if you install multiple apps after setup, it may be easier to operate from your smartphone.

I tried using Oculus Go. 007

Smartphones with the Oculus app installed automatically detect that the paired Oculus Go is within the connection range and connect, but you can check the connection status in "Settings".

Watch video

Oculus Go does not have focus adjustment, so there are some painful parts, but unlike Gear VR, there is no need to set a smartphone or headphones, so there is a big advantage that you can see it immediately when you want to see it.

Personally, I like watching movies (although I have a hard time focusing on subtitles), and I can watch them in a theater chartered state.

The sound is played directly from the headset, but it's surprisingly convenient to hear outside sounds as it is realistic enough without turning up the volume too much.

The easiest is a streaming service such as Netflix.
Recommended because you can watch it on a fairly large screen.

If you want to play your own video file, you can either save it directly to Oculus Go or play it over the network.

I tried using Oculus Go. 010

When you connect Oculus Go to your computer, the message "Access permission" will appear on Oculus Go, so select "Allow" on the controller.
When you open the "VR-Headset" recognized by your computer, "Internal shared storage" is displayed and you can access the storage area of ​​Oculus Go.

However, copying video files directly to Oculus Go is troublesome and there is little free space, so if you copy 5 Blu-ray rip movies, the capacity will be full and you will not feel well.

I tried using Oculus Go. 011

Aiming for an "environment where you can see immediately when you want to see it," first install the free media player "SKYBOX VR PLAYER" that can stream and play files on the network.

I also tried the paid version of "Pigsus", but the usability is overwhelmingly good with "SKYBOX VR PLAYER".

I tried using Oculus Go. 012

Since the PC currently connected to the network is displayed in "Network" of "SKYBOX VR PLAYER", you can access it from "SKYBOX VR PLAYER" by sharing the folder where the video files are saved on the PC side. Become.

Oculus Go-setup009

If you can clear the sharing settings, all you have to do is play it.

However, "SKYBOX VR PLAYER" cannot display the subtitles stored in MP4, so the subtitles can only be displayed by printing.

Also, because the battery capacity of Oculus Go is small, a movie of about 2 hours on a full charge is the limit, and depending on the movie showing time, it is difficult to watch while charging, but now it is used more than Gear VR The frequency is high.


About half a year after using Oculus Go, I suddenly went to sleep.
Many users are suffering from the same symptoms when searching, so it seems that there are some problems.

  • The infrared sensor on the forehead that detects HDM wearing is dirty
  • Sleep function defaults to 15 seconds

The causes are mainly the above two items, and the countermeasures are often "clean the infrared sensor" and "change the sleep setting".

Oculus Go has auto sleep enabled by default, with an auto sleep time of 15 seconds.
Unless you're just starting out and find it inconvenient to auto-sleep, if something you've been using normally suddenly goes into sleep mode, it's obviously something wrong and you sleep. Changing the set time of does not solve the problem.

Regarding the cause of the problem, the auto sleep is limited to a specific application such as a media player in the usage environment, and it does not occur in the browser etc., so it is doubtful about the update of the application, but uninstall the application The only solution is to "initialize" the device, as it has no effect.


Since Oculus Go is registered on the smartphone at the time of setup, even if the HMD main unit is initialized, if you pair it with the smartphone again, all the account information etc. will be reflected, and the installed application is in the "not installed" item of the library. You can check it.

To initialize the device, tap the connected Oculus Go from the Oculus app on your smartphone and click "Other settings".

oculus go-002

The HMD itself will be initialized by "Reset to factory settings", so if you set it up again after initialization, the sleep problem should have been resolved.

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