Installing and using the Passware Kit


A cryptanalysis app that recovers passwords for password-protected Microsoft Office files, ZIP files, etc.

Passware Kit Is a software vendor specializing in cryptanalysis / information disclosure Passware Is a cryptanalysis app developed byDictionary attack ・ Brute force (brute force) attack ・ Xieve attack ・ Mask attack ・ Known password partial attack Law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, US Department of Defense, US Department of Land Security, Europol, and Metropolitan Police Department can also perform digital forensics (data analysis to find legal evidence). I am using it as a tool.

The password restored in the demo version is the first three characters, and there are restrictions on the attack method and attack time.
Home use / SOHO use

Passware Kit Basic
50 types including different versions such as MS Office, OpenOffice, iWork, etc. are targeted.
Passware Kit Standard
7 types including Acrobat PDF, Zip, 80z, RAR, etc. in Passware Kit Basic.
Passware Kit Standard Plus
PasswareKit Standard covers 1 species, including password managers such as 130Password, KeePass, and LastPass.

For business use Passware Kit Business/ Passware Kit Forensic Basic knowledge of digital forensics is required to use.

System requirements

Version 2023 Currently

OS: Windows 8.1 / 10/11
CPU: 2.4 GHz or higher recommended
RAM: 4 GB or more
Storage: 1 GB or more free

Where to get the software

Passware Kit DEMO download page

Passware Kit installation

The Passware Kit installer does not include adware or spyware.


Click "Try Free" on the download page.


Click "Windows Download" to download the installer.

The demo version is common to Basic, Standard, and Standard Plus.


When you start the downloaded installer, the setup wizard will start. Click "Next".


Check the license agreement and if there is no problem I accept the terms in the License Agreement Check the box and click "Next".


If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Next".


Enter the product key for the product version.

The Demo version does not display the product key input screen.


Click "Install".


When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.


Setup is completed with "Finish".

How to use Passware Kit

Passware Kit  Basic / Standard / Standard Plus So let's import the password-protected file into the Passware Kit. Decryption To execute.

Even with proper settingsPassword decryption success rate is up to 70% Therefore, the processing time for dictionary attacks and brute force attacks used for decryption greatly depends on the specifications of the personal computer.

The Passware Kit can use NVIDIA/AMD GPUs for decryption processing, and by implementing high-performance GPUs, processing time can be greatly reduced.


Add the files to decrypt to the Passware Kit by dragging.


Use Predefined Settings ・ Run Wizard ・ Customize Settings Select the method to search for the password from.


Set the attack method to be executed and execute with "RECOVER".

Predefined Settings

Predefined Settings Is an attack set based on the most frequently used password patterns,Old password, dictionary, brute force, Xieve, join It is included.

Dictionary: Dictionary:
Uppercase and lowercase English words 1 – 15 characters
1 – 4 characters including lowercase / uppercase / number / symbol / space
Numbers only 5-8 letters
5-7 characters with a combination of lowercase letters and numbers
5-9 lowercase letters that look like English words
5-9 letters that look like English words but are not common
Lowercase letters that look like English words 10-11 characters
Joined: Joined:
4 – 1 characters containing up to 13 digits or symbols after a dictionary word
Two dictionary words with a total length of up to 9 characters
Passwords with 5 or more characters including lowercase letters, uppercase letters, numbers, symbols, and spaces, passwords with 3 or more English words concatenated, etc. Passwords that exceed the set conditions cannot be decrypted.

password123 When decrypting the password of Joined Attack Of 4 – 1 characters containing up to 13 digits or symbols after a dictionary word If you know the nature and combination of passwords in advance, customize the settings and decrypt them.

Run Wizard

Run Wizard The Pattern-Language-Symbol set / Length Set elements such as in a wizard format.


Select the basic pattern to set and click "NEXT".

・ One English word
・ Multiple English words
· One or two English words followed by a number or symbol
・ Character strings like English words that are not English words
・ No clue about password


Select the dictionary language to use.


Set the number of characters in the password and the number of words used.

Depending on the pattern selected Parts Settings You can set the number of characters, the characters included in the password, and uppercase / lowercase letters.
Customize Settings

Customize Settings Can customize attack settings.


Predefined Settings To change the settings of, click the setting icon on the far right.


Set the number of characters, language, uppercase / lowercase letters, symbols, numbers, etc.


If you want to set the attack to be executed from the beginning, use "All" to delete all the existing settings.


Click the "+" icon.


Select the type of attack to be executed from the left sidebar, set the number of characters etc. in the right pane, and add with "ADD ATTACK".

When combining dictionary attacks and brute force attacks, Join Attacks After setting the number of characters etc. with and adding, set dictionary attack and brute force attack as nesting of added Join Attacks.
processing time

The Passware Kit shows the running attacks in real time and also shows the estimated time to end the attack.


ESTIMATED TIME The time displayed in is the time when the currently running attack ends.

Skip attack

Predefined Settings You can shorten the processing time by skipping attacks that you think are unnecessary during execution.


Skip Attack Stops the current attack and starts the next attack type.

Password decryption

Once the password is cracked, it will be displayed on the Passware Kit.


Click the displayed password to copy it to the clipboard.


"DONE" finishes the process and returns to the home screen.


The decrypted file is on the home screen RECENT FILES Is displayed and click to display the decrypted password.

How to purchase Passware Kit

Passware Kit Basic / Standard / Standard Plus Is a buy-out type, so regular payments do not occur, but major version upgrades are not supported,Present product key, order number, etc. to supportThen you can buy the latest version at half price.

Even if you purchase the product, you cannot upgrade from the demo version, so uninstall the demo version before installing the product version.

Passware Kit Standard purchase page

Passware Kit Standard Plus purchase page


Click "Buy Now" on the purchase page.


Check the purchase price.


Since the purchase amount displayed in Japanese yen does not reflect the exchange rate, it is possible to change the currency and settle.


The payment service is a payment agency service founded in Germany, and there is also a Japanese corporation. Clever bridge And the payment method is Credit cardPayPalIs available.

Enter the required items such as your name and email address, select the payment method, and settle.


When the payment is completed, the details of the purchased product and the product key to activate the product will be displayed. Click the download link of the installer displayed above the product key to download the product.

Save the downloaded installer in case you need to reinstall it.

Download link and product key  Passware Kit xxxxxx order details It is also described in the email.

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