Setting up and using Simplenote for Android


A memo app that supports markdown notation and can be used free of charge for synchronization, sharing, and backup

Simplenotote is a decentralized company based in the United States Automattic An open source free memo app developed by , which supports markdown notation and can be used in a multi-device environment.

See below for Windows version

Installing and using Simplenote for Windows

Simplenote, which supports Markdown notation and can be used to synchronize, share, and back up notes for free, is an open-source free memo app developed by Automattic, a decentralized company based in the United States.

System requirements

Version 2 as of

OS: Android 6.0 or above

Where to get the software

Google Play Store Simplenote

Data collected

  •  Email address and User ID
  • Information about operating the app

Installing Simplenote for Android

Set up after installing the app from the Google Play store.


Install the app from the Play Store.


If you have a Simplenote account Login , "Registered" if not yet acquired.


Enter your email address and click "Register".


A confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address, so click the link.


Set a password and "Sign up".


Simplenote becomes available.

How to use Simplenote for Android

Simplenote has automatic backups enabled by default, and your data is synced when you log in on other devices.

Simplenote's communication is encrypted, but the data stored on the server is in plain text, so it can be leaked even on the official website. It is recommended not to store sensitive informationHas been done.


To create a new note, tap the edit icon on the home screen.


The text you enter on the first line is automatically bolded and recognized as the title of the note.



The default is a text format that cannot be formatted, and if you use the markdown notation, click the three-dot leader at the top right of the note Markdown To enable.

File attachment is not allowed.


Enabling markdown notation EditpreviewA tab will appear and selecting preview will put the note into reading mode.

In edit mode, the first line is bold and the font size is large, but見 出 し If you want to # is not reflected in the preview.

For markdown syntax Simplenote help See.



From the 3-dot reader to delete a note Garbage can to move it to the Trash.

Garbage can

Notes moved to the Trash are stored in a recoverable state unless the Trash is emptied by the user.



To display the trash can, click the hamburger button on the upper left Garbage can choose.



Open the notebook and from the 3-point reader 復 元 to recover,Delete Completely delete with .


in the trash can Garbage can Tap the icon to permanently delete the notes in the Trash.


Simplenote does not have notebooks or folders, and created notes are managed with tags.


The tag is at the bottom of the note Add tag Click to add.



The added tag can be selected from the hamburger button to extract the note,Edit You can add/delete tags from .

untagged notes Select to extract notes without tags.
Fixed on top

Pin a note to pin it to the top of the list.



From the notebook's three-dot leader pin is pinned when enabled.


Notes can be published by issuing a URL.



from 3 point leader Release Enable Copy link to get the URL.

To unpublish a published note Release To disable.

You can access the note with the acquired URL, but it may not be displayed in a VPN environment.


Share notes between Simplenote users Co-editing You can



from 3 point leader Collaborator choose.



If you tap "+" and add the email address used in the Simplenote account of the user you want to share the note with, the note will be displayed in the added user's Simplenote.

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