Installing and using the Easy Context menu


A handy tool that allows you to easily edit the context menu without modifying the registry

Easy Context menu Is in Germany Sordum Team It is a context menu (right-click menu) editing tool developed by , which allows you to add commands prepared in the Easy Context menu and add any application to the context menu.

System requirements

Version 1 as of

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10/11

Where to get the software

Sordum Easy Context menu Official Download Page

Install Easy Context menu

The Easy Context menu is provided as a Zip file and does not include adware or spyware.


Click the Download button below the checksum on the Easy Context menu page to download the Zip file.


Select the downloaded Zip file from the context menu (right-click menu) Expand all Unzip with.


In the unzipped folder ECMenu_x64 / ECMenu Check the checksum of the app against the value listed on the download page to see if the app has been tampered with.

Checksum 7-Zip , Folder Size Explorer You can check it with.


If the checksums match EcMenu_v1.6 Save the folder to any location.


64bit environment EcMenu_x64 Start.


When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.

How to use Easy Context menu

The Easy Context menu allows you to add registered commands and apps.


The commands provided depend on where the context menu is displayed. desktop-My computer-drive-folder-File-Executable fileThere is.


With default settings desktop-My computerIn the context menu tool-System tools There are subfolders such as, and the subfolders are added to the context menu.

The subfolder for registering commands and the context menu to be displayed can be edited in the settings.
In Windows 11  tool-System tools in the context menu Show other options Will be added to.

Add and remove commands

Check the commands registered in the Easy Context menu. Apply changes Is added to the context menu with.


Check in the context menu to display the command, and select the icon menu.Apply changes Reflected in.

To delete the added command from the context menu, uncheck the command to be deleted and select the icon menu.Apply changes Reflected in.


The added context menu is the icon menu Uninstall all You can delete all at once with.

Command editing and configuration

In addition to editing the location where commands are displayed and subfolders, registering apps List editing Set with.


From the icon menu List editing choose.


To move the command registered in the subfolder, select the command to move.


Target context menu Specify the destination from the list of Save changes Then,List editingClose.


Since the command is moving, enable it and select the icon menuApply changes Reflected in.


The command appears in the context menu of the destination.

If you add it to the context menu of My Computer, there is a bug that Explorer does not work properly, so if you want to add it Official page See Windows 10 BUG section.
App registration

In the context menu when selecting a file Open with ○○ If you want to add App pathSet parametersTo do.


File context menu Select and click "Add New".


File Explorer opens, so select the program to register.


Because the app will be added title Renamed to appear in the context menu Save changes Confirm with.

The parameters are “% 1” Open the file with.


When added to the context menu, it is displayed in the context menu when a file is selected.

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