Installing and using Standard Notes for Windows


End-to-end encrypted security-focused personal workspace

Standard Notes Is a US software vendor Standard Notes is an open-source, zero-knowledge, secure note-taking app that uses the XChaCha20 encryption algorithm to end-to-end encrypt your notes, giving you the same or better protection than a password manager, so you can protect sensitive information like passwords as well. can be saved.

zero knowledge is a method of encrypting and decrypting data on the device of the user (client) side, and since the encrypted data is stored on the server, the service provider cannot view the data.

Memos created with the Standard Notes app are encrypted/decrypted using passwords (account keys) strengthened by the password extension algorithm (Argon2) as keys.However, since the account key cannot be used when accessing from a browser, the use of the app is recommended from the viewpoint of security. 


Standard Notes are not only open source, Trail of Bits-Cure53-Shackle Labs We also publish audit reports from third-party organizations, and our stance is different from companies that claim to be safe in their own department's audits.

Client-side Protocol and Encryption Security Assessment
Full Ecosystem Penetration Test
Cryptography Design Review

Plan comparison

Standard - free
・Only plain text is available
- Manage notes with tags
・Checklists and ToDo lists cannot be used
・Memo version history 30 days
・Automatic email transmission of backup files

Productivity – $63/year
・Plain text, rich text, markdown notation, etc. can be used
・Nesting of tags (subtags) becomes possible
・Checklist/ToDo list available
・Memo version history 1 year
・Automatic email transmission of backup files
・Backup to online storage

Top Professional The plan includes 100 GB of encrypted storage for any file, unlimited note version history, and the ability to create up to 5 accounts.
There is no limit to the number of devices you can access with any plan.
Standard Notes for Android

Setting up and using Standard Notes for Android

End-to-end encrypted security-focused personal workspace Standard Notes is a zero-knowledge secu […]

System requirements

Version 3 as of

OS: Windows

Where to get the software

Standard Notes official page

Installing Standard Notes

Standard Notes installer does not contain adware or spyware.


Click "Dowmload for free" on the official page to download the installer.


When you start the installer, the installation will start automatically and Standard Notes will start.

Create an account

Create an account if you want to sync Standard Notes across devices.

No account required for full offline use.


From the account menu at the bottom of the left sidebar Create free account choose.


Enter your email address and password and click “Next”.


A note about the password will be displayed. Confirm Password Re-enter your password and click "Create account & sign in".

The set password is strengthened with a password extension algorithm and used as an encryption key, for zero knowledge. If you forget your password, you cannot decrypt encrypted notes.


Setting the text type

If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can set the default text type.



Note list From the dropdown menu above NEW NOTE DEFAULTS Of Note Type to select the note type to use.

The note type can be changed even for individual notes.

default title

Standard Notes have a default setting of date and time in the title, and can be changed to note number, no title, or a custom format.



If you want to change the title Note list From the dropdown menu above NEW NOTE DEFAULTS Of title Format Select from the list of.


Custom format If you select , you can also use Variables.

Available variables are Options You can check from the link.

Automatic backup

Standard Notes has an auto-backup feature that emails encrypted backup files, and is also available on the free plan.



Configuration From the left sidebar of backups Select andEmail Backups Select Backup Frequency from the list.


An email with an encrypted backup file will be sent at a set frequency.


If you upgrade to the paid version dropbox-Google Drive-OneDrive to be able to save encrypted backup files.

Backups run automatically every day.
To enable backup, click "Enable" for the service you want to use, log in to the online storage, and allow access to Standard Notes. An authentication code will be displayed on your browser, so enter the text box displayed in Standard Notes. Paste the code into and authenticate with the Enter key.
Restore from backup file

Restoring from backup files Configuration Of backups Do from.


Data Backups Specify the backup file to restore from 'Import backup'.


Enter the password of the account to decrypt the encrypted file and restore with "Submit".


Create one workspace per accountIf you switch between multiple workspaces, you will need as many accounts as the number of workspaces you use.


From your account menu Switch Workspace Of Add another workspace choose.


A new workspace will be added, so if you want to use it online, create a new account and sign in.

Shared Subscription ( Professional )

need to pay Professional Only plans can share subscriptions with up to 5 accounts.


To add the added account to the subscription, open the workspace of the account that purchased the subscription,Configuration From the left sidebar of Account Select Subscription Sharing Click "Invite".


Enter the email address of the account you want to add and register.


An email will be sent to the added account. accept the invitation Click to accept the invitation for full functionality.

Even after sharing the subscription, if the added workspace is still restricted, from the account menu  Sign out workspace Sign out once and add the workspace again.

Offline use

With Standard Notes, you can access and edit memos that are synced to your device even if communication is cut off and you go offline, and you can use it as an encrypted memo app completely offline without creating an account.



If you want to enable note encryption completely offline without creating an account Configuration から Security It is in Passcode Lock Select "Add passcode".


Register a password and "Set Passcode".


You will need to enter the password from the next startup.

Using Standard Notes

Standard Notes implements functions such as note editing lock and password setting, and even the free version can be restored from the version history for 30 days.

Since Standard Notes does not have a printing function, it is not possible to print notes.


Menu in the left sidebar, center pane for the selected menu in the left sidebar List , select in the list in the right pane Contents of the note Is displayed, and you can edit the note in the right pane.


New Note in the left sidebar Notes Select andList Added with "+".

Files is available in the top Pro plan.


Enter a title and text.

Since the free plan can only use plain text, formatting such as changing the text color and font size is not possible.


If you upgrade to a paid plan, you can use rich text and markdown notation.

Available Japanese fonts are the default Segoe UI, System UI, and Yahei.

Prohibition of editing, password protection

Standard Notes has a function to prohibit editing/updating of notes and a function to protect reading of notes.



Prohibit note editing To do so, open your notebook and click the 3 dots on the top right Prevent editing enable thePassword protect your notesIf you do Password protect To enable.

 Prevent editing Disable to enable editing.


Password protect When enabled, you will be required to enter a password to open the note, and you can also specify the time during which access is permitted (viewable without a password).

Show Preview

of the notebook Show Preview When enabled, the content will be displayed under the title in the note list.


Show Preview Notes with enabled will show the beginning of the note under the title, and with disabled, the list will only show the title and creation date.

Change note type

In the paid plan, in addition to plain text, you can use rich text, markdown notation, checklist, code, spreadsheet, and you can change the note type used for each note.



change note type of the tool icon Change note type Select the note type to use from Ctrl + Shfit + /


Standard Notes manages notes with tags, and if you upgrade to a paid plan, you can nest tags.

Upgrading to a paid plan doesn't mean you can use Folders and Tags.


Tags are in the left sidebar Tags/ Folders Added with "+".




From the 3-point reader of the tag Icon You can change the tag icon by selecting , and upgrade to a paid plan to  Add subtag becomes selectable, and subtags are nested in parent tags, so you can use tags like folders.


To add a tag to your note, enter the tag name under Title.


Since there is a suggestion function, a list is displayed with the first character, so select the tag to add.

Multiple tags can be added.


Untagged (loose from management) notes are in the left sidebar Untagged can be listed with .

Smart Views – Dynamic Filters

Paid plan SmartView syntax can be used as the tag name to create an original filter.

![“filter name”, “search target”, “comparison operator”, “value”]

For information on creating Smart Views Refer to the help on the official website.


Paste the Smart View syntax into the new tag.


views with the specified filter name.


The default storage location for notes is Notes In addition to the ArchivedTrash (trash can).


Notes Notes registered in can be managed with tags,ArchivedTrashIf you move to , it will be removed from the list when selecting a tag.



ArchivedTrashTo move to, select from the 3-dot leader of the note, or select from the context menu (right-click menu) of the note you want to move in the note list.

Move unused notes that cannot be deleted.

Move unnecessary notes.

Trashfrom the list's context menu Delete permanently Or Empty Trash The note will not be deleted until you run .

Restore from version control

30 days for the free plan,Productivity 1 year on the plan,Professional The plan is indefinite and can be restored from the note history.



Open the note you want to restore and from the 3-dot reader Note history choose.


Select the version to restore.


Select Restore version to replace the existing note with the selected version, or select Restore as a copy to add the selected version of the note.

Image/video/document file

Since Standard Notes saves notes by encrypting them, currently it is not possible to embed images and videos in notes (embedding in notes is planned), files are separately encrypted and uploaded to storage, and will be attached as a link, and saving the file will be Professional Only available for plans.


If you click the Insert Image/Video icon in rich text, etc. and specify a local file, an error dialog is currently displayed.


on the left sidebar to attach a file to the note. Files Select and upload the file to be attached from "+".

Uploaded files are encrypted in the same way as notes.


Copy the uploaded file name.

The current version has a bug that uploaded files are counted as notes.


If you paste it in the same place as the tag, the file will be Linksattached as

How to buy Standard Notes

Standard Notes paid plan cannot save files Productivity and 100 GB file storage Professional , and the Professional plan allows you to create up to 5 accounts.


 Purchase page Select a plan from

Discounts apply depending on the region you are accessing, Professional available in Japan for $84.
The plan is a 1-year subscription type with auto-renewal enabled.


To upgrade an existing account Sign in instead Sign in from or "Create account" to create a new account.


You can use credit cards and PayPal as payment methods, so enter your payment information and make a payment.

payment is in the US Stripe, Inc Payments cannot be made unless the region being accessed and the country issuing the credit card match.


When the payment is completed, a welcome email and a receipt will be sent, and the purchased plan will be available.

Cancellation of subscription

Standard Notes subscriptions auto-renew, so cancel your subscription if you no longer want to use it.


Web App and from the account menu Account settings choose.


Account of the menu Subscription Select "Manage subscription" from


Cancel the subscription from "Cancel subscription".

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