Installing and using Stardock Fences 4


Work efficiency utility software that can easily organize the desktop that tends to be cluttered

Fences 4 Is a US software vendor Stardock Systems on the desktop developed by enclosure Create a work efficiency utility software that allows you to group the ever-increasing number of application shortcuts and files on your desktop.

Fences 4 is free to try for 30 days.

System requirements

Version 4. 0 Currently

OS: Windows 10/11

Where to get the software

Stardock Fences 4 download page

Installing Fences 4

Fences installer does not contain adware or spyware.


If you want to try it, go to the download page Try free for 30-days Click to download the installer.


Launch the downloaded installer, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


If there is no problem with the license agreement I agree to the terms of this license agreements Check the box and click "Next".


Confirm the installation destination and click "Next".

The installation destination cannot be changed.


Start 30-day trial choose.


Enter a receivable email address and click "Continue".


A confirmation email has been sent to the email you entered. Activate 30-Day Trial Click


Close the setup wizard with "Finish".


Start using Fences If you select , the files on your desktop will be Program-folder-File Automatically create Fences according to the Fences initial settings,I'll create fences on my own is selected according to the environment because Fences are not automatically created.


Start using Fences The selection is automatically sorted, but you can edit the name of the fence etc. later.

Customizing fences

Adjust fence coloring etc. according to the desktop background.


Open the context menu (right-click menu) on the desktop,display から Fence settings choose.


From the left sidebar Color & appearance choose.


Display settings for fence titles.

Always : always display
Never : hidden
On Mouseover : Display only when mouseover


Adjust the fence background color.


Font, font size, and color settings for the title.

How to use Fences 4

Fences can also create fences on your desktop and automatically sort them by file type, file name, etc.


To create a new fence, drag a rectangle on the desktop and select Create Fence here choose.


Enter the fence title.


Drag to the fence.


Create Folder Portal here can add a specified folder or drive as a fence.

Alt You can also add a folder as a fence by holding down the key and dragging a folder to the desktop, and the Create Folder Portal here will show a hint dialog when creating a fence.


Folders and drives created as fences are the same as when they are opened in File Explorer, and file/folder operations are also possible.


Delete the created fence or change the title from the hamburger button on the upper left.


display , you can edit the transparency of the fence, etc.


fence lock will fix all fences in their current display position and hide the hamburger button.

If you want to unlock it, on the fence, from the context menu Show fence lock To disable.


display から Roll-up fence When enabled, fences will expand on hover over the title.


Double-click the desktop to show/hide all icons, including fences.


Fences can create multiple screens like a smartphone, and screens are added by dragging fences to the edge of the screen.


Drag the edge of the added screen sideways to switch.

automatic sorting

New icons added to the desktop can be automatically sorted by setting conditions such as type, name, and time.


If you want to set the condition Fence settings から Sorting & Organizing choose.


If you want to move new icons added to the desktop to the fence,By default Of the general desktop Click to specify the fence to move.

Only fences can be specified,Folder Portal Is not possible.


Type-based rules will sort the enabled icon types to the specified fence.

By defaultis set to Type-based rules Distribution is executed under the following conditions.


You can also set conditions such as icon name and time specification, and if the conditions overlap, it will be sorted into one of the fences.

How to buy Fences 4

The Stardock Fences license has no expiration date, and minor updates are a free purchase type.

Stardock Fences 4 purchase page


Stardock Fences 4 purchase page Click "Get it Now".


Payment methods can be credit card, PayPal, bank transfer (WIRE TRANSFER), and payment is made by FastSpring, a SaaS company headquartered in the United States.

Bank transfer is to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation's Global Collect Japan. 


When payment is completed, the product key will be displayed in the browser Receipt for Order # xxxxxx An email with the product key will be sent with the title.


Enter the product key to start it.

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