Installing and using Stardock Groupy

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Work efficiency utility software that allows you to group folders and apps and switch between them using tabs.

Groupy Is a US software vendor Stardock Systems Work efficiency utility software that tabs file explorers and applications developed by.

System requirements

Version 1 as of

OS: Windows 7/8.1/10

It can also work on Windows 11.

Where to get the software

Stardock Groupy download page

Install Stardock Groupy

The Groupy installer does not include adware or spyware,Fences There are installation items for our products.


On the download page 30-Day Trial Click the link to download the installer.


When the installer is started and the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


Check the license agreement and if there is no problem I agree to the terms of this license agreements Check the box and click "Next".


Installation of your own products such as Fences is enabled by default, so uncheck it and opt out if you don't need it.


Confirm the installation destination and click "Next".

The installation destination cannot be changed.


The welcome screen will be displayed, so if you want to hide it from the next time Dont's show this agein Check the box and click "Close".


Keep delayed grouping enable When is enabled, there is a delay between dragging the window to the title bar until grouping is enabled.

Select "No" because the grouping delay setting can be changed later.


If you want to try it Start 30-day trial choose.


Enter a receivable email address and click "Continue".

Stardock Groupy-008

In the email you entered Complete Your Groupy Activation I received an email with the title Activate 30-Day Trial Click


When Groupy is authenticated, click "Finish" to complete the setup.


Groupy can be used without problems with the default settings, but it can be customized to an easy-to-use environment such as grouping delay and Word / Excel grouping.


Visuals Of Where should Groupy ptsition the tabs Allows you to select the tab display design.

 Always place above
A Groupy tab appears above the window title bar (default setting)
Combine if possible
The window title bar and Groupy tabs are combined.


How should the tabs lock? Then display on the tab Close Buttons can be set.

Only show a close button on mouseover
A close button is displayed on the tab only when the mouse is over.
Only show a close button on the active tab
Show close button only on active tabs. ( Default configuration )-
Show a close button on all the tabs
Always show close button on all tabs.
Do not show a close button on the tabs ever
Hide the close button.

During setup Keep delayed grouping enable To "No" Settings Of You can prevent accidental grouping by delaying group creation Item is Instantly group windowsTherefore, if unintended grouping occurs frequently, change the setting.

Instantly group windows
Group instantly.
Only group if windows has been held above for at least 1 / 3rd second
Grouped when the window is held for more than 1/3 second.
Only group if windows has been held above for at least 2 / 3rd second
Grouped when the window is held for more than 2/3 second.
OOnly group if windows have been held above for at least 1 second
Grouped when the window is held for more than 1 second.
Use whole window for group target rather than titlebar zone When is enabled, grouping is possible by simply dragging it to the grouped window, so setting it together with the grouping delay makes the grouping operation easier.


ConfigurationThe screen is from the 3-point reader on the tab Settings Can be opened with.

How to use Stardock Groupy

Groupy groups (tabs) the windows of File Explorer and apps by dragging and dropping, and uses the grouped folders and apps by switching between tabs.

Depending on the application, it may not be possible to group, or if grouping, it may interfere with the operation.


When Groupy is installed, File Explorer becomes a tab display, and clicking "+" opens the currently displayed window. New tab Open as.

Because the standard Windows file explorer is just tabbed,Open shell Extensions such as also work without problems.

Stardock Groupy-01

If you want to group applications, drag the application title bar onto the tab and drop it when Groupy recognizes it.

To cancel the grouping, drag the target tab out of the window.
Keep delayed grouping enable Setting is Instantly group windows In the case of, it is recognized at the moment when the tab and the title bar overlap, but if the delay is set, it is necessary to overlap the title bar until Groupy recognizes it.


Located in the tab's 3-point reader add to group You can also select windows and apps to group from.


Files in a folder can be moved / copied between tabs, and when the file to be moved / copied is dragged to the destination tab and the destination folder becomes active Drop if moving,Ctrl + drop to copyTo do.

It is possible to drag files to the grouping apps, but some apps may not work properly.


In the environment where MS Office is installed, Office is also tabbed, and by default, when you open a new tab with "+" New fileExpands.

Save group

Grouped folders and apps can be saved with a name, and when you open the saved group, the folders and apps will be restored to the saved state.


From the 3-point reader on the tab save group choose.


Enter the group name and click "Save".


The saved group is Start menu Of Saved Groups It is stored in a folder, and when selected, the saved folder and application are started in a grouped state.

Unnecessary groups can be deleted from the context menu (right-click menu).

Buy Stardock Groupy

The Stardock Groupy license has no expiration date, and minor updates are a free purchase-out type.

Stardock Groupy purchase page


Stardock Groupy purchase pageClick "Get it Now".


Payment methods can be credit card, PayPal, bank transfer (WIRE TRANSFER), and payment is made by FastSpring, a SaaS company headquartered in the United States.

Bank transfer is to Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation's Global Collect Japan. 


When payment is completed, the product key will be displayed in the browser Receipt for Order # xxxxxx An email with the product key will be sent with the title.


Enter the product key to start it.


Activation is completed with "Finish".

License cancellation

When changing the device used for replacement by purchase, etc. ConfigurationYou can unlock the device from the screen.


Groupy on the deactivate device Configuration Open About から Deactivate license choose.


Pause local terminal You can deactivate by selecting.

If you enter the product key on a new device without deactivating it, a dialog will appear stating that the license is in use, but you can forcibly activate it by continuing the process.

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