‍Installing and using Symless Synergy


A utility app that allows you to share a pair of mouse and keyboard across multiple PCs

Synergy Is a British software vendor ‍SymlessA utility app developed by the company that allows you to operate multiple PCs with a single mouse and keyboard. The Basic plan has a limit of 1 devices that can be operated, and the Ultimate plan can connect up to 15 devices. It also supports copy and paste between devices.

Previously, we were soliciting donations from free software, but we changed to a fee from around 2013 because of the speed of development.

Synergy had a major version upgrade in November 2017, but Synergy 11 had many bugs and was pulled back to Beta version on May 2, 2018. Announcement.
The official release of Synergy 3 is scheduled for 2023.


Installing and using Synergy 3 Beta

Synergy 1, a utility application that allows you to share one set of mouse and keyboard among multiple PCs, is developed by British software vendor ‍Symless.

System requirements

Version 1 Currently

OS: Windows 10/11

An environment in which all PCs used are connected to a LAN regardless of whether they are wired or wireless.

Where to get the software

Synergy is downloaded from the account management screen after purchasing the license.

Symless – Synergy Official Website

Older versions of Synergy that were available for legacy operating systems that are no longer supported can no longer be downloaded and cannot be tried, but for 30 days after purchasing the license. Dedicated formRefunds are possible from.

How to buy Synergy

Synergy is a buy-out type, not a subscription type, but it has a limited update and support period.

Synergy will introduce Account Status in July 2022, where existing users will be set as Early Adopters and guaranteed future updates, but new users who sign up after July 7th will have an expiration date on product updates and support. was set.


Select a plan and click "Buy now".

There are 3 devices available and the app update support period is 1 year.
Synergy Ultimate
There are 15 devices available and the app update support period is 5 year.
Copy and paste between devices is also possible.
Synergy You can only switch between mouse and keyboard, and you can use multiple devices as if you were using multiple displays. Synergy Ultimate.

Symless-Synergy 1-029

After entering your name and email address, select the country you live in and pay with your credit card or PayPal.

Symless-Synergy 1-030

Set the login password for the management screen.

Symless-Synergy 1-031

After setting the password, the upper right Account Click

Symless-Synergy 1-032

Log in with your registered email address and password.

Symless-Synergy 1-033

Since the purchased Synergy is displayed on the management screen Download Click the link.

Symless-Synergy 1-035

Download the installer from the download page according to your Windows architecture (32 / 64bit).

Symless-Synergy 1-034

Of the browser Go back Go back to the admin page and copy the serial key.

Synergy installation and setup

The Synergy installer does not include adware or spyware.

Synergy uses a PC that has a mouse and keyboard connected to it. Server & Hosting (Use this computer's keyboard and mouse), PC operated by Server mouse and keyboard service Must be set as (Use another computer's keyboard and mouse)Server & Hosting Set up from the device that becomes.

1 unit Server & HostingTo multiple service Because the server is connected and operates, the Client cannot be operated unless the Server is started, and the Server cannot be operated with the Server.


When you start the downloaded installer, the setup wizard will start, so click "Next".


If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Next".


Now that you are ready to install, click "Install".


When the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow.


"Finish" when the installation is complete.


Synergy setup will start computer name Confirm and click "Apply".

computer name Is the device name entered by default, so if you want to change it, set it to a unique alphanumerical name with no spaces.


You will be prompted for a serial key, so enter the serial key you copied on the administration page to activate Synergy 1.


To display dialogs in Japanese, use the menu bar Edit から Preference Open Advanced Of User interface language The Japanese Then "Save".

Even if it is changed to Japanese, it is displayed in English in the main part.


Server & Hosting The Use this computer's keyboard and mouse ), service The Use another computer's keyboard and mouse choose.


Server & Hosting Of Synergy set to This computer's name Check the computer name with.


Install Synergy on the client device andServer IP address or name Enter the computer name confirmed by Server in.


service Of Synergy set to This computer's name Check the computer name with.


Server & Hosting Click "Configure server" of Synergy set to.


Click "Add computer".


computer nameTo service Enter the computer name of the device set to "Save".


Since the client device is added, drag it to the position of the client as seen from the server and click "OK" to close the screen.


Server & Hosting Click "Start" of Synergy set to.


service Confirm that the device automatically recognizes the Server and issues a fingerprint (device fingerprint).


Server TLS / SSL active Of view Click to display the fingerprint of the client you are currently trying to connect to, so check that they match.


If the fingerprints match, click Yes in the Client dialog.


When the connection completion dialog is displayed on the Server / Client, click "OK" to close the dialog.

After setting the client, if the server does not recognize the client and cannot connect, temporarily set Synergy on the server side. Stop after Start Then I almost recognize it.
If the connection does not connect even after stopping → starting, check the settings and restart both the server and client..


Once connected, on the menu bar Window から Hide Select to hide Synergy.

How to use Synergy

Synergy starts automatically when the PC starts and runs in the background, so no operation is required after setting.

If you need to reconfigure Program list Start from.


The mouse shared by Synergy moves freely between PCs as in multi-display, and the PC on which the mouse cursor is displayed becomes active, so when typing on the keyboard, move the mouse cursor to activate the PC to input. To.

Synergy Ultimate Allows you to paste the data copied to the clipboard on the active PC to another PC.
On the server and client  Synergy 1  You can share your mouse and keyboard even if you have different versions of.

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