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Suspended application

Installing and using Movavi Video Editor Plus

Install and use Movavi Video Editor Plus, a multifunctional video editing software that allows you to easily edit high-quality videos with abundant templates such as filters, transitions, and stickers.
Software KVM

Installing and using Stardock Multiplicity KVM

Illustrates how to install and use Stardock Multiplicity KVM, a utility app that allows you to share a pair of mouse and keyboard across multiple PCs, share the clipboard, and drag and drop between PCs.
Password management

Installing and using RoboForm

Illustrates how to install and use RoboForm, a secure, high-performance password manager developed by US software vendor Siber Systems, which balances security, ease of use, and price.
image editing

Installing and using Deep Art Effects

Illustrated how to install and use Deep Art Effects, an image editing software that uses AI that allows you to create works that look like they were made by a professional even if you have zero knowledge of photo retouching, as the filters are adjusted according to the image using deep learning.
Web mail

Setting up and using Proton Mail for PC

Illustrated how to set up and use Proton Mail for PC, a free, secure, open-source, anonymous email with zero-access architecture and enhanced security and privacy protection, including no logging or tracking.

Installing and using Revo Uninstaller

Illustrates how to install and use Revo Uninstaller, an uninstall support app that implements the uninstall function of Windows Store Apps, in addition to detecting and deleting the files that remain after uninstalling the app.
Blu-ray ripping

Installing and using VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate

Illustrates how to install and use VSO Blu-ray Converter Ultimate, a beginner-friendly ripping software developed by VSO Software that converts Blu-ray content to video files and BD folders.

Installing and using AOMEI Backupper Standard

Illustrates how to install and use AOMEI Backupper Standard, a multifunctional backup software that allows you to use the main backup functions such as system backup and restore, data file backup and restore, and file synchronization for free.

How to use mondly Languages ​​Learning

You can learn 41 languages ​​including English, and you can use the microphone to have a pseudo-conversation with a chatbot (a program that allows you to talk) and check the pronunciation. How to use mondly Languages ​​Learning, a free basic play language learning app.
System tools

Installing and using Stardock Groupy

Illustrates how to install and use Stardock Groupy, a work efficiency utility software developed by US software vendor Stardock that allows you to group files and slightly apps and switch between them with tabs.
VPN connection

Installing and using ProtonVPN for Windows

Even with the free plan, kill switch and DNS leak countermeasures are applied, and the installation and usage of ProtonVPN for Windows, a VPN service that enables the highest level of secure communication with an emphasis on privacy, and how to upgrade to a paid plan are illustrated.