Installing and using UnderCoverXP


Convenient free software that allows you to easily print jackets for DVD and CD cases

Under Cover XP The Wicked & Wild Inc It is a free software that can print the image file developed by the company on the jacket size of the case of DVD or CD. Can be printed with a cut line.

Ended development with version 2010 released in the February 2 release.

System requirements

Version 1 (end of development)

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7/8

Confirmed to work on Windows 10/11.

Where to get the software

SnapFiles UnderCoverXP download page

UnderCoverXP official website

UnderCoverXP installation

UnderCoverXP does not include adware or spyware in the installer.

UnderCoverXP --Print CD and DVD Labels -001

From the download site SnapFiles Download UnderCover XP 1.23 Click to download the Zip file.

The download button on the official website is also linked to SnapFiles.


Select the downloaded Zip file and select the context menu (right-click menu). Deploy everything Unzip with.


Start the installer in the unzipped folder, and when the User Account Control dialog is displayed, click "Yes" to allow it.


The setup wizard will start, so click "Next".


If you are not particular about the installation destination, the default setting is "Next".


Add to the start menu with the default "Next".


If you don't need the shortcut icon on your desktop Create a desktop icon Uncheck "Next".


"Install" when the installation is ready.


Setup is completed with "Finish".


When you start UnderCoverXP, a donation request will be displayed. Show this dialog when UnderCoverXP stats Uncheck and click "Close" to close.

Disable version verification

Since UnderCoverXP is no longer in development and support, an error occurs when checking the version at startup.


Checking for the new version The server is down, so an internet connection error dialog is displayed.


On the menu bar Options から Options OpenDisable checking for newer version at boot timeTo

How to use UnderCoverXP

UnderCoverXP automatically adjusts the captured image file to the specified jacket size, so if the aspect ratio of the original image does not match the output size, the aspect ratio of the image will collapse, so when printing a cover such as a movie Print a scanned image of the original jacket.

DVD / CD cover download site
Cover Century
DVD cover
Cover City * Member registration required

UnderCoverXP --Print CD and DVD Labels -010

The basic screen of UnderCoverXP has work spaces on the left and right with a beautiful girl in between, and you can print by displaying different jackets on the left and right.


Print on a single page If you check, only the left pane is displayed and the right pane is hidden.

Change skin

If you like the Moe illustrations of UnderCoverXP Options Of skin から Chub Or Media choose.

UnderCoverXP --Print CD and DVD Labels -011

The default, alternative, Anime, First, and R2000 are Moe illustrations.

Import image file

To import an image, drag the file to the workspace or click the workspace to specify the target file.


Supported image formats

Format selection

UnderCoverXP supports many formats such as CD/DVD slim cases, DVD tall cases and Blu-ray cases.

There are roughly three types of hard cases that can store jackets on CD / DVD / Blu-ray. UnderCoverXP enlarges / reduces the image in the size including the spine.



DVD and Blu-ray tall cases use images with a single front, back, and spine.

When creating an original jacket, make up the front and back covers and back cover of the jacket according to the case to be used.
Tall case size
Standard DVD tall case (Amalay size) 
W 273mm (jacket 129.5mm x 2 + height 14mm) x H 183 mm
Blu-ray case
W 268mm (Jacket 128mm x 2 + Height 12mm) x H 149mm


The gel case is generally divided into a front jacket and a back inlay (back jacket + back cover).

Gel case size
Front size
W121mm x H119.5mm
Back inlay
W 150 mm (jacket 138 mm + height 6 mm x 2) x H 118 mm
The slim case cannot store the back inlay.


When you add an image, UnderCoverXP will recognize the image size and automatically select the format.

DVD box Is a DVD tall case.


If you need to change it, select it from the pull-down menu.

When using the jacket image for the tall case for the slim case, the size of the jacket is adjusted only on the spine. If you use DVD Box printed as Slimline 7mm / 9mm, the jacket will fit neatly.


Use A4 size paper for printing.


The DVD jacket is smaller than A4 size and will be cut out later, soCut / fold line Check to enable printing of cut lines.

If you don't need the cut line, uncheck it.


When you click the print button in the workspace to print, the printer setting screen starts, so specify the printer to use and print.


Cut / fold lineWhen is enabled, the jacket is printed with a cut line.


Cut the output paper and put it in the case to complete.

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