Setting up and using UpNote for Android


Easy-to-use multi-functional organizer app ideal for personal use

UpNote is a multi-functional organizer app that supports Japanese, developed by Mr. Thomas Dao ( Dao Xuan Dung ) in Vietnam.

Plan comparison

Basic - free
・Number of memos: Up to 50
・Attachments: No
・Add table/code block : No
・Output : Impossible

Premium – $24.99 (Buy Out)
・Number of memos: unlimited
・Attachment: Yes (Maximum size 20MB) 
・Add table/code block : Yes
・Output: Text format, Markdown, PDF, HTML

You cannot update to the premium version from the Microsoft store.
See below for Windows version

Since the Android version does not have a backup function or a restore function from version history, it is recommended to use it with Windows/Mac.


Installing and using Notesnook for Windows

Notesnook, a zero-knowledge secure note-taking app that is end-to-end encrypted even in the free version, is an open-source, privacy-preserving note-taking app developed by Pakistan-based Streetwriters.

System requirements

Version 6 Currently

OS: Android 5.0 or above

Where to get the software

Google Play Store UpNote

Data collected

  •  crash log

Installing UpNote for Android

Set up after installing the app from the Google Play store.


Install the app from the Play Store.


Sign in to sync your notes Tap.

If you do not need synchronization (use only offline), start with "Start".


Register now Tap.


Enter your email address and password, and if there is no problem with the terms of use and privacy policy, tap "Register" to complete.

An email will be sent to confirm your registered email address. Click the link to verify your email address.

edit lock

UpNote has an edit lock setting by default to protect your notes from accidental edits.



Three dots to enable edit lock Configuration choose.



General から Protect your notes from unwanted edits Enable and tap "Done".


on the toolbar when protection is enabled Edit An icon will be displayed, and you will need to click the icon to edit the memo.

How to use UpNote for Android

UpNote's free version also offers a nearly full-featured editor, with no restrictions on the devices or traffic you can access.


new memo Edit Tap the icon to add.

Memos are automatically saved when you create a new memo.


The first line of the memo defaults to Heading ( H1 ) and is automatically recognized as the memo title,Done Tap to return to Home.

The editor is rich text, but you can use markdown notation,# # #When UpNote recognizes markdown syntax, the code part is hidden and displayed in the editor with the formatting reflected.

To change the format of the first line Configuration Of General It is in New memo first line style Edit with.



Insert image and checklist are available even in the free version, and you can switch between them by sliding the toolbar at the bottom.



To delete a memo, tap the 3 dots on the top right Move to trash or long-tap from the home list to open the menu Move to trash choose.

Notes moved to the Trash are stored in a recoverable state unless the Trash is emptied by the user.

Manage notes

UpNote notes notebookTag , and notebooks can be nested.


With default settings Start A notebook called is selected and Home is Start The memo registered in is displayed.



If you want to change the list displayed on the home, from the hamburger button on the upper left things to do-Uncategorized/Quick AccessOr any notebookchoose.

things to do ( To Do )
View notes with checklists.
View memos that are not sorted into notebooks.
ク イ ッ ク ア ク セ ス
Register frequently used memos.



A notebook is like a folder. When creating a new notebook, set the notebook name and cover from the "+" of the notebook.

If nesting in an existing notebook, specify the parent notebook from the list below the notebook name.


When you set a notebook as your home, new notes are automatically added to the notebook you set as your home, and you can Move or Add at the bottom of the notes.

Notes can be added to multiple notebooks and can be edited using the long-tap menu in the notes list.

UpNote's tags are the same as HTML's anchor tags and can be moved to the place where the tag is inserted.


where you want to add the tag # (tag name) Enter + Create new tags Clicking will add the tag and it will be in the hamburger button menu. TagIs displayed in.

If you put a half-width space between # and the tag name, markdown見 出 し Enter with #tag name.



If you use a lot of tags, the sidebar becomes cluttered, so for infrequently used tags, long-tap the tag to display the menu. Remove from sidebar Hide with.

in the sidebar Tag Tap to display a list of tags including hidden tags.
Pinning/Quick Access

If you pin a memo, you can pin it to the top of the list, and you can register frequently used memos in Quick Access and open them directly.


Open the memo and specify from the 3-point reader, or long tap the memo on the list and select from the menu.

Publishing notes

UpNote notes can be made public by issuing a URL.



To publish a memo, Open the memo you want to make public. Total Tap the icon to issue a link to access the note.


If you want to add attachments to your notes or store more than 50 notes Premium Requires an upgrade, and the premium version also supports importing from other note-taking apps such as Evernote.



Upgrade to Premium from 3 points leader Configuration choose.



Upgrade to Premium Choose a subscription type with monthly billing or a one-time purchase type and pay on the Play Store.

permanent (Lifetime version) can be updated for free, and even if UpNote's plan switches to subscription-only in the future, users who have purchased the Lifetime version will be guaranteed updates and use of all features.
If you upgrade, all UpNotes you use with the same account will be available as premium versions.

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