Clean install of Windows 11

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Windows 11 Clean Install and Activation Instructions

Windows 11 Like Windows 10, there are digital activation and traditional product key authentication,Activated by digital license authentication that links computer hardware and Windows 11Therefore, if the computer has been installed/upgraded to Windows 11 once, the Windows license will be activated unless the hardware is replaced, but if parts such as the motherboard, power supply unit, SSD/HDD, etc. may be rejected and not authenticated.

Generic product key used for digital activation of Windows 11

Generic product key is common with Windows 10.

Windows 11 Home generic product key
Windows 11 Pro generic product key
Windows 11 Home generic OEM product key

Windows 11 Pro generic OEM product key

Activation cannot be obtained with a general-purpose product key alone.

Windows 11 initialization

Windows 11 Windows initialization It implements a clean installation function that does not require the installation media.

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Windows 10/11 reset (initialization)

Windows initialization that can be done from Windows 10/11 settings Windows 10/11 has the ability to remove all third party apps and reset Windows to the initial state, SSD / […]

Microsoft account

When performing a clean installation on a PC that has been upgraded free of charge using installation media, check the Microsoft account management screen before performing a clean installation in case digital license authentication does not pass.

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スタート から Configuration Open and under your account name Microsoft account Sign in to your Microsoft account from the link at.

Configuration If you don't see your account name at the top ofAccount Open User information Of Microsoft account management open.

Win10-Clean Install-024

Of the management screen device Check if the computer you are using is registered in the item.

OEM versions of Windows from PC vendors or Windows authenticated using OEM version product keys are in violation of the terms of use if they are transferred to another PC using a Microsoft account.

System requirements

CPU: 2-bit compatible processor with 1 cores 64 GHz or higher
Memory: 4 GB
Storage: 64GB or more free
System Firmware: UEFI with Secure Boot Support
TPM: Version 2.0
Graphics: DirectX 12 and above

Creating installation media

Create a USB boot drive Rufus Create Windows 11 installation media using


Installing and using Rufus

Free software to create a USB memory boot drive Rufus is an open source USB boot drive creation software developed by Pete Batard, which is an OS disk image file (.iso […]].

Rufus allows you to remove system checks so you can create installation media that can be installed on computers that do not support Windows 11.



Rufus official websiteDownload the app from8GB or more USB memoryis set, select the "Select" list. Download , and click Download.


versionWindows 11 Select 'Continue'.


Select the build you want to download and 'Continue'.


Select an edition and click "Continue".


The architecture is x64 Since it is only, click "Download" and specify the save destination.



When the download is complete, the image file will be loaded, so click "Start".


A dialog for customization appears, and by default Secure boot-TPM2.0Microsoft account inputbypass is enabled.

Bypassing Secure Boot/TPM2.0 allows Windows 11 to be installed even on computers that do not meet the system requirements for Windows 11.

If you bypass the Microsoft account input, setup with a local account is also possible, but you need to disconnect the network during setup.

 Microsoft's Windows 11 download page Customizable even with ISO files downloaded directly from .


A dialog regarding the format of the USB memory will be displayed. Click "OK".


Progress bar is now 100% Ready Is displayed, click "Close" to close Rufus, remove the USB memory, and exit.

Clean install of Windows 11

Install Windows 11 using the installation media you created.


Insert the installation media into the computer, turn on the power, open the Boot menu before Windows starts, and select the installation media from the list or change the settings of the 1st Boot drive in BIOS / UEFI.

Since the specifications of BIOS / UEFI differ depending on the manufacturer, refer to the instruction manual attached to the PC or motherboard.

Win11-Clean Install-003

If the startup settings are correct, Windows setup will start.


Click "Install Now".


You will be prompted to enter the product key for activation, so if you upgraded from Windows 10 No product key Click

It is also possible to activate by entering the product key of Windows 7/8.1.

Win11-Clean Install-004

Select the OS to install.

If you are upgrading, you must select the same edition or an error will occur during activation.


License terms If there is no problem with, check "I agree" and click "Next".

The system check is not run because Rufas is configured to bypass it. 


Custom: Install Windows only choose.


Since existing partitions are displayed Partition where Windows is installed-system partition-Recovery partition delete and select Unallocated space and click Next.

All the data saved when the partition was deleted will be lost.


Windows installation has started.

VirtualBox-Windows 11-021

The installation is all automatic, and Windows 11 setup starts after the computer restarts several times after the installation is completed.


On a computer with changed hardware configuration No product key , select the device registered to your account and click Restore.

There is a limit to the number of times a digital license can be restoredTherefore, if you update the device frequently, the license will not be activated.
If you have changed the BIOS/UEFI boot settings, after Windows 10 setup is complete, start BIOS/UEFI and specify the drive where Windows is installed as the 1st boot.


Installation is complete when Windows 11 starts.

Confirmation of activation

Once the clean installation is complete Activation To confirm.

Win11-Clean Install-005

スタート Of Configuration から System  Of Activation open.

Win11-Clean Install-006

activation status ActiveIf it is, installation is complete.

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