Windows basics and settings

Basic knowledge of Windows


Email settings and basic knowledge

Differences between POP3/SMTP/IMAP and how to set them up Currently, webmail has become mainstream and settings have been simplified, but email settings that require receiving/sending servers and port settings, etc. Bigina […]


Windows version and build list

List of Windows 10/11 versions, builds, and support end dates Windows 10/11 Home and Pro are covered by Microsoft's Modern Lifecycle Policy, and Windows […]


Basic knowledge of fonts and search for similar fonts

About typefaces (fonts) used on personal computers Fonts are typefaces that use "Meiryo" in Windows Vista and Windows 7 and "Yu Gothic" in Windows 10 as system fonts […]


Dynamic disk and RAID

Dynamic disk, a Windows-specific disk management that enables span volumes and software RAID, was announced to be discontinued in May 2020, and with future updates, dynamic disk will be replaced by Storage Spaces […]


Basic disks and partitions

Windows standard disk management About basic disks and partitions Basic disk is a Windows standard disk management method that manages the SSD/HDD connected to the computer individually and […]


Basic knowledge of RAID

Disk configuration that enhances stability and processing speed Current hard disks (HDD) have dramatically improved stability and speed, but aging deterioration of physical drives is unavoidable, and it depends on the usage environment, but at the earliest 3 ~ Note in 5 years […]

Windows settings


How to display Quick Launch in Windows 10/11

How to display Quick Launch (Quick Launch) that was hidden from Windows 7 Quick Launch (Quick Launch) was able to be displayed on the taskbar up to Windows Vista Windows implemented […]


Windows Store App Removal and Repair

Uninstalling and repairing unwanted store apps The standard apps implemented by Windows 10/11 were developed on the Universal Windows Platform (UWP), and some apps were uninstalled […]


Get a Microsoft account and an offline account

Procedure for creating a Microsoft account and switching to an offline account Starting with Windows 10 (1909), Home edition requires you to register a Microsoft account during setup […]


Wake On Lan (WOL) settings for Windows10 / Windows11

Wake On LAN setting for remotely starting Windows Wake On LAN (WOL) is a function implemented by the network adapter (NIC), and a signal called a magic packet is sent to the NIC […].


Windows backup settings and restore method

Differences in the backup functions implemented by Windows and how to set them Windows has a practical backup function that can roll back system and user files in preparation for unforeseen circumstances, and repair and initialization to eliminate problems […]


How to uninstall and stop Cortana

Disabling / Uninstalling Cortana, the Windows Personal Assistant Microsoft disconnected Cortana from Windows in February 2020, and Office 2 A […]


How to boot into safe mode on Windows 10/11

How to boot into safe mode in Windows 10/11 and delete folders that cannot be deleted due to access denial Since Windows 8 introduced fast boot, the safe mode selection screen is shown in the table […] when you press the F8 key repeatedly during conventional booting.


Windows 11 customization

Customize the changed Windows 11 UI to the familiar classic style Microsoft made a major change in Windows 8 again to the UI that received a total scan in Windows 11. […]


How to rename user folder in Windows 10/11

How to change the user folder name automatically set in Windows 10/Windows 11 Windows 10 Home can no longer use local accounts from version 1809, and the user folder name is Mic […]


Access and restore WindowsApps folder

How to access the WindowsApps folder and restore it to the initial state The WindowsApps folder is for apps that are pre-installed in Windows or installed from the Microsoft store […].


License migration for Windows 10/11

Windows 10/11 installed PC after hardware replacement Windows 7, which has been upgraded free of charge from Windows 8/10, uses a generic product key, and the PC […]


Windows 10/11 lock screen setting and disabling

Windows 10/11 lock screen image change and non-display setting The Windows 10 lock screen is inherited in Windows 11 and is displayed at startup, wake-up from sleep, and manual lock. Windows 1 […]

Trouble shooting


How to force delete a folder that says item not found

How to delete a folder that cannot be deleted because "item not found" is displayed When a specific file or folder cannot be renamed or deleted, it is often the case that the system or file explorer is locked and safe mode […]


How to fix a folder that says location is not available

The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.How to fix it when it is displayed The Windows location is not available error is caused by file system corruption, bad sectors, registry corruption, etc. […]

Operation System

How to deal with GRUB errors

Boot loader GRUB error handling GRUB is a high-performance boot loader that is often installed when installing Linux, and is stored in the MBR (Master Boot Record) […].


Causes and remedies for unidentified networks

Unidentified network ・ What to do if there is no default gateway If you cannot connect to the Internet, it is often the case that the unidentified network is displayed on the network icon in the system tray!Is displayed. Wi […]